If you are interested in purchasing a Healing Angel or a Healing
Knight please contact me at:     Click on name below.....

             Special retail price through the DN site is $75.
                    Normally the selling  price is $95.
DNHS 1968's
If you would like to donate money to go to the Healing Angels Fund
please click on the PayPal donation button below.

We will use the money to send either a Healing Angel Sterling
Silver Pearl pendant or a key ring featuring a Sterling Silver Knight
wrapped with Angel wings.

These pieces will be at Gloria's cost to make it affordable for the
class to send.

We will send them to classmates that are experiencing health
issues so that they are reminded that the entire class has them in
their prayers and  thoughts.

The recipient will remain anonymous.....unless they choose to
mention that they received one of the angels.
Healing Angel Pearl Pendant

Each Biwa pearl has a unique shape as shown in the
following photo
Healing Angel key ring
featuring a DN Knight
wrapped with Angel Wings
Those who have supported the

Healing Angels

Janie Bryant Banes
Gloria Simpson Stewart
Maureen Mosier Thoendel
Debbie Sanchez Hudnall
Fritz Blake
Peggy Matlock Allewell
Liz Gurule Evertsen
John Sweeney
Kathy Grady Brown
Deona Andreson Bluestein
Pam Carlson Ozment
Kim Zahm
Kurt Ehlert
Mary Trottier Towns
Erma Sanchez ( Debbie's mother)
John Sweeney
Tom Harrington
Cindy McGuire
Linda Evans
Peggy Sue Matlock Allewell
Marty Peralta