This photo of me was taken in Nakhon Phanom (NKP) Thailand, approximately 10 miles from the Laotian border.  I am
Combat-Ready, wearing my flak vest and holding my ballistic helmet at the age of 24.  The plane is an OV-10A Bronco, built
by Rockwell.  It could sustain 9 Gs, but the AF restricted it to 6.5!  There was even a provision for wearing a G-suit, but
usually most of our pull outs were only around 4 Gs.  In this assignment, I was a Forward Air Controller or FAC.  Basically,
we ran the air war.  We would find targets of opportunity, validate the target, call in an air strike, mark the target, give
directions to the fighters and report bomb damage assessment back to higher headquarters.  We listened to seven radios
simultaneously.  It was a very rewarding job as a 1st lieutenant.  The ejection seats were first generation 0-0 seats, which
means ejection is survivable at zero airspeed while still on the ground.  By today's standards, that does not sound very
impressive, but when I tell people you could be 180'  AGL (Above Ground Level) inverted , and have a full chute at 50' AGL,
it waters their eyes!  This was my best assignment in the Air Force.  Unfortunately, I contracted viral A hepatitis two months
before my overseas assignment ended and did not fly for the next five months.  
   I served in the USAF for 20 years and
retired a Major.  I flew the T-41, T-37, T-38, OV-10A and C-5A/B models.  I am a Vietnam Era, Persian Gulf War and Disabled
(20%) Veteran.  Most of my AF career was spent as an Instructor Pilot or a Flight Examiner in the T-37 and C-5.  My favorite
assignment was as a Forward Air Controller (FAC) in the OV-10, where I was based in Nakhon Phanon, Thailand.

                                          Thanks for recognizing the military veterans of our class.  --Milt
Milt Brewer
John Brown
US Navy
November 1968 to November 1972
Jeff Smith
Check his virtual wall Click on link below

ON THE WALL:        Panel W15 Line 44
Home of Record        Albuquerque, NM
Date of birth:        03/03/1949
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Service:        United States Navy
Grade at loss:        E3
Rank/Rate:        Hospitalman
ID No:        xxxxx2563
MOS/RATING:        HN: Hospitalman
Length Service:        02
Start Tour:        Not Recorded
Incident Date:        12/09/1969
Casualty Date:        12/09/1969
Age at Loss:        20
Location:        Offshore, South Vietnam
Remains:        Body recovered
Casualty Type:        Non-hostile, died of illness or injury
Casualty Reason:        Casualty at sea
Casualty Detail:        Malaria
URL: www.VirtualWall.org/ds/SmithJN02a.htm

Glen Richardson  US Army 1968-1971.  Majority of that, 28 months in Germany as a
helicopter crew chief/mechanic        glenrr99@hotmail.com

John Dalby   US Navy (Surface line is might fine) 1972-1980 after 4 years of NROTC
at UNM. Two Vietnam Service/ campaign medals for   WESTPAC deployments in 1971
(as a NROTC Midshipman and 1973 (as a "boot" Ensign).      jfdalby@q.com

Doug Denney   USMC from 1969-1973.  After I was discharged went to Cal Poly on GI
bill, and graduated with a BS in mechanical engineering.    dkdenney1@verizon.net

Jim Martin   I served in the US Army...1972 to 1976              jemartinsr@aol.com

Frank Minor   USAF for 3 years, five months and no days.    minor91@yahoo.com
The USAF put me through LSU Medical School in New Orleans, 3 years, 5 months,
and no days! While in Medical School I was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant. Upon
graduation I became a Captain. After my Orthopaedic Residency at UNM, I served at
March AFB in Riverside CA. and Kirtland in ABQ. I mustered out as Major Minor after 3
years, 5 months, and no days!
It was time well spent!

Michael Shannon Jackson    I was in the army 1969-1971.  Never sent overseas.  
GI Bill helped pay for a Bachelor's at UNM.
John Brown
Richard Flores
I joined the Navy, October 29, 1968 and
retired July 1, 1989 as a Radioman
Senior Chief Petty Officer (RMCS)
Retiring off USS Saratoga--Richard Flores
I joined the Army in July of 68.  Got out in 1971 as a Sniper Sgt. in the Army Rangers.
Joined the Army Reserves on the shooting team in 1973 and got out in 1979.  
Joined the National Guard in 1980 as a Captain and served as head of a special Recon unit patrolling
the Southern Boarder, working with the US Customs and Boarder Patrol. Retired in Jan., 1996.
Rick Reynolds
This picture was taken Easter Sunday, 1969, at Dong-Ha Orphanage in the Quang-Tri Province, just south of the DMZ,
Northern I Corp area of Vietnam. Lan was found by Cpl. Charles P. Sanchez while on operation "Dewey Canyon" with
"E" Co., 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marine Division. She was found in a small village outside of Con-Tien three months earlier,
where Viet-Cong forces had destroyed the entire village. Lan was hidden underneath a pile of hay, and was so sick from
starvation that she was unable to cry. Cpl. Sanchez fed her powered milk from a wet towel and carried her 16 miles along
the banks of the Cua-Viet river to Dong-Ha where his unit was based.
Chuck Sanchez
Carol (Sioux) Farmer
US Army, Fort Sam Houston, TX
Dever Langholf  
John Sweeney
I'm a Jarhead, 1989 retired Master Sergeant     
Rollin Robinson
Kirk Jackson
27 years, US Navy.  
Last duty was as Command Master Chief of guided missile destroyer USS SCOTT (DDG-99%).
2 tours in Vietnam--68-70.  
Tried for a 3rd tour. I even drove to the Pentagon on a 30 day leave and they said NO third tours.
I was then stationed at Ft. Sill.                                                                                                             
Hey Jane.......Here is my miltary picture. Find me? Haha. Kind of a Where's Waldo thing. This was taken on
the aircraft carrier Nitiz. Come on find me.....Randy

I decided that no one would find him because I couldn't and I usually can find most people so I added a red
arrow pointing Randy out.
Randy Hart
USN SEABEES.....  I was an MR&ET, did other things as a Steward, Storekeeper, Personnelman Records
Clerk, Metalsmith / Blacksmith, Driver, Database Coordinating, Radiological Monitor, Disaster Control, Fire
Control, and a little EOD (not recognized back than, just tried to not get blown up). Oh Boy! is that a
mouthful!! Got a medical discharge in 72 due to injuries.
Adak Air Station
USS Proteus AS-19
with tug
at Apra Harbor
Bruce Smith
Dale Griffin
At precisely 11:11 a.m. each Veterans Day (Nov. 11),
the sun's rays pass through the ellipses of the five
Armed Services pillars to form a perfect solar spotlight
over a mosaic of The Great Seal of the United
The Anthem Veterans Memorial, located in Anthem,
Arizona, is a monument dedicated to honoring the
service and sacrifice of the United States armed
forces. The pillar provides a place of honor and
reflection for veterans, their family and friends, and
those who want to show their respects to those
service men and women who have and continue to
courageously serve the United States.

The memorial was designed by Anthem resident
Renee Palmer-Jones. The five marble pillars
represent the five branches of the United States
military. They are staggered in size (from 17 ft to 6 ft)
and ordered in accordance with the Department of
Defense prescribed precedence, ranging from the
United States Army, the United States Marine Corps,
the United States Navy, the United States Air Force
and the United States Coast Guard.
Anthem Veterans Memorial
I believe that Stuart was a marine. He was killed in
a  motorcycle accident. His parents asked Robbie
Crnich and I to be Pall Bearers. They also wanted
us in our dress uniforms. (Robbie had just gotten
out of the Marines.) They had Stuart's service here
and then he was buried at the National Cemetery
in Santa Fe......Rick Reynolds
Stuart Moore
If anyone has information that can be added please let
Janie know..... Thanks
Please send Janie photos so I can add you to the above group....   Thanks, Gloria
Army + 20 years.  Enlisted in the US Army in
1970 as a paratrooper.  After Advanced Infantry
and Airborne training was assigned to 173rd
Airborne Brigade, Viet Nam.  Then assigned to a
counterterrorism unit under HQ USAEUR in
Heidelberg, Germany. Transferred to Reserves
and returned to college. Commissioned as
officer in the USAF in 1980 and assigned as a
Special Agent with the Air Force Office of
Special Investigations.  Specialized in counter
intelligence/terrorism and assignments were
primarily overseas seat-of government working
with foreign counterparts. Supported Desert
Shield/Storm. Transferred to the Inactive

Steve Gillard           US Army  August 1970--August 1973  Was a Pharmacy tech in

Alan Hammer-- I served in the Marine Corps for thirty years.  Retired at the beginning
of 2000 and immediately started working at the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation,
where I remain.   You can see me at      

Doug Denny      US Marine Corp.  1969-1973   After UI was discharged went to Cal
Poly on GI bill and graduated with a BS in mechanical engineering.     

Charles Melidones--served in the US Army.....deceased

David Frank Brault   proudly served in the 9th Infantry Division of the US Army.....
Marvin John Elmore   served in the Army in Viet Nam and undisclosed areas.


Patricia Estrada Wagner
In June 1968, after graduation, I joined the Air force and went to Lackland AFB in San
Antonio, Tx for basic training.   Six weeks later I was stationed at Keesler AFB in Biloxi,
Miss where I had schooling as a personnel specialist.  I had hoped to have a career as
a recruiter.   Well Uncle Sam had other plans for me and I was stationed at Offutt AFB
in Omaha , Nebraska.  I worked at the In and Out Processing Dept where I processed
military personnel coming and going into Offutt or going elsewhere.


Tom Schroeder  US Army 1969-1970

Jim Baker --drafted into the Army in late 1972 and after basic training was assigned to
a research facility at Letterman Army Hospital at the Presidio in San Francisco
9-3-1973  TO  10-15-1979

I served in the United States Army from May of 1969
through January, 1972.   Serving in Viet Nam from
December, 69 to December 1970                                

Mike Akins
I was in the Army for 3 years, spent a year in Viet Nam as a mechanic on
Chinook Helicopters, stationed in both Chu Lai and Phu Bai.   
Dean Hart  

I went into the Army ten days after graduation and served in active,
Guard and Reserve units before retiring after 331 years (2l active.)  
Michael Martin
I was in USN from 1968 to 1972.  Viet Nam Era vet.  I
was a Signalman (aka skivvie waver), which is no
longer a rate in the Navy now.  I was also, what is
known as a tin-can sailor.  In other words, I was on a
small Destroyer Escort ship.  The smaller the ship, the
rougher the ride.   rgrudolph@comcast.net
Ron Rudolph  

Air Force from 1971 to 1975        jim.teisher@gmail.com
James Teisher  
US Marines  1967-1971
David Walker  
Air Force, in Viet Nam the same time as Rick
Reynolds.   thegoat7626@yahoo.com
Craig Johnson
  1967-1997  Retired Navy    (picture is in the engine
room of the the first sub he served on)
I was in the Navy for 6 years.        jcstarrOR2@gmail.com
John Starr  

Joined NM Air National Guard in 1969, retired  2000. I worked as an Armament Systems  Technician servicing
and repairing aircraft gun systems, bomb release systems, missile launchers and associated weapons
computers on F-100 Super Sabre, A-7 Corsair and F-16 Falcon fighter aircraft.
Deployed to many places around the world such as Singapore (where I met up with John Whitson); Darwin,
Australia (travel the Outback); Gilze-Rijan AB, Netherlands; Cairo, Egypt (visited the pyramids and the
sphinx); Aviano, Italy; and many air bases in the U.S.
As a guardsman my military duty was usually 1 weekend a month  and 15 days a year  but I worked full time as
a federal technician doing the same job while  wearing the uniform every day. This allowed me to go on more
deployments and also travel to more job sites in country.
I got to fly in the back seat of the A-7 fighter aircraft (incentive ride) and the F-16 fighter aircraft (retirement ride)
and was allowed to take the stick to actually fly the aircraft myself.
Joey Gutierrez
US Navy 6/69--4/71
Donnie Brown