Send me pictures of what you wore in the 60's. I know that you are going to say that it is too
hard to find any pictures but do it anyway because it will be fun to see them.
                                                   Send to
I'll post them for you
(you can click on the address)
sweet. Free clothing.  Look at this stuff. Chicks in New
York are paying top dollar to dress like this.”...Dever  
Who wore fatigues?
Marilyn Sundt wearing a argyle design in a 2 piece swimsuit.
But she didn't stop there when it came to fashion.
No she went with the  
madris mini shift , the Bishop sleeve
with lace patterned vest joined together with chains and
she went with the designer
"Bag" dress
Look closely it is 1 piece of material, down the front, between the
feet and up the back gathered around the neck. What talent!
Vicki White and Gloria Simpson ...
Were we stylin better in 1966 or 1969?
Hard to tell
Looks like something out of
my mother's closet
Rick's example of Sauve Stylin
Pati Pollard and Karen Nelson in their
"Stylin" cheerleader outfits
Great length and lovely cowl neckline.
No chance of cleavage exposure!
If you don't send in
pictures on your own I will
still find them
The "Brown's" were definitely A Stylin family.
Fancy cutout work on the divider behind them
(Pam, How would that do in todays design world)
                         Is it back in Style?
Janie looks lovely in her drop waist
fitted dress with a box pleated flirt skirt.
The matching gloves, purse and shoes
are match ones purse and shoes.
That jacket I'm wearing was bright blue with a
silver lining and Bob Malone had one that was red!
Man were we cool or what?
Pam in her mini dress with an Edwardian touch in
the use of large folds of ruffles on the neckline and
My money says that Pam made this and probably did
it the night before the party.

I remember in highschool Pam would decide on the
way home from school that she wanted something
new to wear and the next day she would be wearing
her new outfit.
I was so jealous because she could make a new
dress overnight....Hong Kong tried to recruit her!
CLUE: she really has blond hair!
and instead of the beanie possibly
a crown
I think I have too much time on my hands!
Is this someones Grandmother in this stylin
She is ready to go out on the town in her shawl
with her nails painted and her jewels on.

Clue: She holds the jr.high shot-put record
Is there going to be a flood or does Pat just want to
show off his new white socks.
    Just kidding Pat I know that was the style