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Hi, hope this gives everyone more of a chance to communicate with each other. Have fun.....        
1st Part of the Del Norte Blog!

I've never tried using or putting a blog on a website so I hope this works. I thought that it would give people a forum
to voice their opinons. I was first thinking of adding a message board but I figured out how to work this first. If it
doesn't work and someone who know more about computers than me, which is probably alot of you, please give
me some guidance and I will change the format. Thank you to everyone who has been helping spread the word so
we can hopefully let everyone know about the reunion. And thank you for those that have sent in recent pictures. I
will be bugging the rest of you so give up and send them in. As Charlie mentioned I am sort of a pest when I want
something done, so you are forwarned. Hope you enjoy the site, I have enjoyed putting it together and I have
really enjoyed hearing from some of you. This is going to be a great reunion so I hope everyone can come...gloria

2007-09-23 00:42:12 GMT
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so this is a blog. I have heard the term, but have never actually participated in one. Its funny how we got old
without ever realizing that we were. I have always used live music to keep feeling young. I look around and see
beautiful people and feel like I am still one of them. The music helps because it serves as a connection to spirit.
--Billy K

2007-09-23 03:36:29 GMT
Hey the blog sounds like fun. I am not too computer literate but thought I would post on the blog because it is for
DNHS classmates. I can't believe we have been out 40 years, where does time go. I do not feel that old either. I
keep busy with golf. A game I feel in love with aobut 10 years ago. I like the competition of tournaments and just
the fun of being out in the air (hot or cold). We live in an area where we can play year round.
I am looking forward to hearing from classmates. I have sent e-mails to some on and that is a site
you have to check pretty regularly for messages. This site will be so much easier for ones to get too.
Thanks Gloria for all your hard work, you are doing a great job.
--Jane Banes

2007-09-24 13:49:47 GMT
have you noticed that the number of "in memory" photos is keeping up with number of those in the "today"
section....what does that tell you?
we'e OLD
--Billy K

2007-09-24 23:30:57 GMT
yes, and some of us have white hair showing, but who cares. You are only as old as you feel, so they say. Your
picture looks good Billy, enjoy.

2007-09-25 01:09:01 GMT
Thanks for trying out the blog.... I'm hoping that the others will follow. I have heard from quite a few people and
some of them haven't signed in yet so I know that it will start going soon.

2007-09-25 01:24:32 GMT
If anyone had told me I would be participating in a blog I would not have believed them! We are so lucky to have
Gloria doing this; what a fantastic job she has done. I am really enjoying hearing from our old classmates. And I
mean old in the nicest possible way!!!
--Pam C

2007-09-25 21:49:22 GMT
This is great--all of it. Life couldn't get much better.
--Holly HD

2007-09-26 04:01:29 GMT
Thank you Gloria for all you've done; this is another great addition to the site. I'm with Jane on the getting old
subject; you are as old as you feel. Except for the minor injuries I incurred while losing that pillow fight to Heather, I
feel pretty good. I've carried you folks around with me for 40 years frozen in time, and it's good to see your names
and faces again. Hope to see all of you soon.

2007-09-27 03:13:28 GMT
I'm with John, faces frozen and memories now flowing and lots of good times had. Check out the memory page and
post some times remembered with ones no longer with us. Thanks again for all you have done to get this going
Gloria. Best to you all,

2007-09-27 04:09:29 GMT
Jane and I had lunch together Tuesday after 40 years-seems like no time has pasted in some ways and so much
has pasted in others. Jacki Judd and I see each other every time I am able to go to Alb-she is like family to us. I am
really looking forward to seeing so many people next summer at the reunion.---Susan
--Susan McCreary

2007-09-28 20:19:03 GMT
The neat thing about a blog is that it can be almost like a group conversation. We as kids from the 60's aren't use
to conversing this way but this can be a way to talk about our hobbies,(like Jane and her golf) or things that we or
our families are doing, work that some of us are involved in and etc. If we start writing now we will be more involved
with each other by the time the reunion is here and we won't go to it with a blank look on our faces trying to think of
things to say. Of coarse there are some people that are never at a loss for words but most of us aren't good at
small talk. I have probably been the luckiest of everyone because alot of people have e-mailed me telling me
things that they are doing.( example: I just heard from Sara Loesch and she is living in Calif. teaching and
exhibiting her art.)I asked her to send in some photos of her work and thought that I would make a page showing
classmates passions, hobbies, work, or things people have done etc. Anyway I'm rambling... Hope more people
start getting involved and interact with the site so we can find out more about each other.

2007-09-29 14:57:42 GMT
Gloria: Thanks for all of the hard work in getting the site set up. I'm looking forward
to seeing everyone next summer. Bill and Charlie
(and anyone else in Alb) when do you want to go to lunch?

2007-09-30 23:30:40 GMT
It has been so much fun seeing pictures of everyone an learning about all of you throughout the years. Everyone
is complimenting Gloria, and she does deserve all the credit. I happen to live in Southlake, Texas. Gloria moved
here a few years ago, and it has been such a joy to me to have her here. We run around together all the time, or I
must say whenever she's not working on the computer or making a piece of beartiful jewelry. She is multi-talented,
as all of you know. Tomorrow I'm having bunco at my house and Gloria is in the group. We also have a birthday
club made up of twelve other women. We have traveled together and have had alot of fun. The thing that Gloria
and I do together that is the most fulfilling is our Bible Study. We're studying Ephesians, and we are really learning
alot. What a change from the old days. Gloria can remember everythng from high school, and I am still wondering
if I was there. I can't remember much. Can any of you refresh my "old" memory? Does anyone know how Linda
Krause was killed? It was so sad to see that so many have passed on! I'm looking forward to seeing all of you!! --
Debbie Sanchez Hudnall

2007-10-03 05:40:26 GMT
Enjoyed my lunch with Susan last week. She still has that great smile and a laugh that makes you feel good all
Happend to run into Cathy Ragan Caswell in the auto dealership on Monday afternoon, she looks wonderful, still
that cute gal we all knew in high school.
I keep in touch with Linda Larsen, Barb McLaughlin, Holly and Penny, sometimes only with Chrtistmas cards, but
nice to know they are still around and enjoy hearing from them. Thanks again Gloria and to Debbie for being there
to help also.
I too am curious about the death of some of our classmates, they were taken at too young of an age.
This is such a great idea with the web site, isn't modern technology grand?? Wish we had all this available to us
back in the 1960's. Jane

2007-10-03 16:28:52 GMT
I'm embarrassed (again) to confess that I have a terrible memory for the distant past that doesn't have to do with
hikes I have been on. I made a fool of myself at the 20th by not recognizing anyone or remembering who my fellow
officers were even as I was talking to Carol. I have now accepted this limitation and will probably embarrass myself
again if I can make the reunion. But I have enjoyed the website immensely and was sad to see the losses of
people I DO remember. I guess I didn't have my mind fully wrapped around the age thing as much as I thought.
I have seen Billy and Charlie in recent years as they are friends with some of my Sandia friends, but bet I have
seen noone else in 20 years. I live in Seattle where I'm a counselor and coach and I have a son, 14 who is an
actor and a wife who is a fabulous person and a social worker. You're all welcome to write me. And feel free to
refer your friends who are in need of marital, parenting, transisition, of ADHD coaching. I work with people all
around the world. My website - should be live by the middle of October.
Thanks Gloria - of course I can't remember you :-) but then I can't remember what my son's middle name is either -
JUST KIDDING. You've done a great job and I'll look forward to what you do next. I'll send a photo when I sign in.
Bill Meleney

2007-10-05 20:41:59 GMT
Love the TODAY pictures, everyone looks great. Is it hot in here, or is it just John Whitson???

2007-10-08 01:08:47 GMT
I have searched everywhere to be able to figure out how to make the site more interactive for everyone. Example:
If during the reunion people wanted to get together to, golf or have breakfast, something that wasn't planned for
the reunion, and we wanted to be able to put this together before the reunion. How can I do this on the website
without me having to post everyone answers. I'm trying to figure out how to have an area where classmates can
post it themselves. Some kind of form. So I'm sure there are alot of you out there that know more than I do about
putting these things together. Please contact me with ways...e-mail me at or or call me at 817.488.1520.....thanks, gloria

2007-10-08 20:40:59 GMT
Hello to all of you, first of all, my thanks to you Gloria for this site. I was probably not a standout person, and many
of you may not remember me, however I remember all of you. I lived for the better part of 30 years in Las Vegas,
NV, where my 3 grown children and 2 granddaughters still live. I am divorced, but returned to the Albuquerque
area in 2001 after the death of my long time love David, just can't be in LV except to visit my kids. It was such a
wonderful surprise to hear from Janie by phone a couple of weeks ago regarding this site. Hope to hear from more
of you.
--Brenda Harger

2007-10-09 01:11:21 GMT
I think I’ll follow Gloria’s advice (and follow Brenda's lead) and let folks know who I am; since I have not been
burdened with Dave Robart’s good looks or John Whitson’s ability to heat up our environment, the overwhelming
majority of you probably have only a vague, if any, idea of who I was, and no idea who I am now. So here it is:

Shortly after our graduation, I joined the Marines and stayed for 20 years (communications/electronics), retiring as
a Master Sergeant in 1989. Following retirement, I went to work at Yuma Proving Ground (a US Army Test Center),
here in Yuma, Arizona, as a DOD Contractor. The short version is that I am involved in the reporting side of the
test business.

I golf when my friends can get me off my motorcycle. Unlike the experience I feel Jane has with golf, I have found
my shot for par is almost invariably delivered with at least a 7 iron. I also mow the lawn when Heather can get me
off my motorcycle. Incidentally, we are going to the bike rally in Puerto Penasco, Mexico, on the Veteran’s Day
weekend; any of you going?

All the kids are out of the house; two in Minnesota, one in Phoenix, and one in Fort Huachuca (Arizona, around
Tucson). I guess two of them found their way back.

Heather is from around Peggy (Matlock) Allwell’s stomping grounds in Upstate New York. The town is Mayville on
Chautauqua Lake (Don’t be impressed, I had to look it up to spell it right), south of Buffalo. Peggy, are you a Bills
fan? Heather is, and I got drafted (I’m also a Notre Dame and Cardinals fan, so the pain never stops). I don’t think
she’s ever completely forgiven me for bringing her to this sun baked desert, but she can’t leave now because we
are accustomed to the heat and will freeze anywhere else. Heather was also a Sergeant in the Marine Corps, so
she keeps me in line. She is a top of the line telephone technician working for a low voltage contractor here in

I am looking forward to seeing my friends I knew well, and all of my friends I hope to get to know well, soon. You
folks are always welcome at our house. Drop me an email if you are down this way.
-John Sweeney

2007-10-10 02:44:22 GMT
Thank you John for giving everyone alittle insight into your life. I was talking to Pam Carlson last night and we were
hoping that more people would write information about themselves. It is always a pleasent surprise to hear the
interesting things people have been up to and to know alittle more about what their occupations were or are and
how many children they have, what their ages are and what they are doing. I think that we will find that we have
alot of interesting classmates and that some of us have a lot more in common then we knew. So please keep
writing and when the reunion is here we will be alot closer and find that we are really anxious to see one another.

2007-10-10 03:33:57 GMT
Well ....I thought I blogged the other day, but I must have missed something since my blog does not show....I'll try
again. Gloria is amazing with all the work she has put forth! I so much appreciate the call I received from Janie and
the emails we have exchanged since. We may not have run around with one another, but I do remember those
wonderful faces from back then!

After living about 30 years in Clovis, N.M., I have moved back to Lubbock, TX where I was born. I have one
daughter, Deedrea, who is soon to return from England (they're Air Force). They'll be in Nebraska for about three
years and then off to 'who knows where'! No grandbabies but I do have the 2 grand-pugs here in the states with
me until their mom returns!

I work in the Student Judicial Programs office at Texas Tech University. The work is very interesting......never know
what these college kids will do next!

I was surprised to see Marty as part of the new blog page. If it was a dance...he'd surely be doing it!

I hope to get to know more about each of you through the opportunities we have been provided. I'm looking
forward to our 40th....CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!
--LaQuane Kilpatrick Barham

2007-10-11 00:12:10 GMT
Hi everyone, I thought I would write a little more about myself. For many years after HS, I worked as a PBX operator
starting as a long distance operator, before DDD @ what was then known as Mountain States Telephone
Company, where I worked with a classmate Sherry Leeper, and then in Las Vegas also. I worked also at St.
Josephs Hospital now Lovelace, also, where I knew one of our classmates Sheryl Koster, haven't seen her or
Sherry Leeper though in many years. As I said also I am divorced, but was with a wonderful person named David
Romine until his death in June of 2001 from a stroke and subsequent massive heart attack. Though he worked at
Treasure Island in LV as an engineer, we started building computers in our off time and also did some computer
consulting, becoming quite proficient. As I said also. I have 3 children, Sharon 35, is with the Nevada State
Attorney Generals Office, Medicare Fraud Division, Jennifer 32, is a full cosmetologist and a certified fitness
trainer, and my son Robert Neal 25, works with Australian Photographer Peter Lik. I have two beautiful
granddaughters, Karina age 7, and Danica 2 months today. I am very proud of of them all. Currently I live in Los
Lunas, where I enjoy the country life, as well as the quietness. Again I hope to hear from more of you.
--Brenda Harger Shott

2007-10-11 15:45:03 GMT
Here is something I think everyone will get a kick out of:
--Tim Palmer

2007-10-12 02:21:54 GMT
I have been excited about the response I've received with you'll sending in your pictures. Of coarse there are still
many more to come...right?
I am going to be going to Vancouver B.C next Wed. I'm going to my husband Ed's reunion. He went to an all boys
English boarding school. I think that there were only 20 people in his class. Sounds exciting! eh? Well, I don't want
you'll to stop sending me your photos but just wanted everyone to know that I won't be able to do changes on the
website until I get back which will be about the 28th of this month. So keep those photos and special memories
coming so I will have plenty of work when I get back. Also don't forget to write in the blog. And please answer the
poll on the questions about the trip to Santa Fe and the golfing. Thanks ...gloria

2007-10-14 04:32:02 GMT
Well, hope you don't get tired of hearing from me. John, I do remember you. Once when I was late for class, my
locker was jammed and I was almost in tears, you came by and gave it a slam with your fist and it opened. You did
not know me and still don't, but you did make an impression on me and thanks.

I married in 1971 and then in 1979 we moved near Durango, CO. We bought a "ma & pa" convenience store and
called it Dick and Jane's Place. We had a dog, Spot and a cat, Puff. We worked the store 15 hrs. a day 7 days a
week for 15 years. It was hard work, but we did well and the store was good to us. Sold the store in 1994,
foreclosed on it in 1997 and have had it leased to different people since that time.

We never had children of our own but did "raise" several through our years at the store and call them our kids.
Some of the little ones used to run away to our store, what better place to go when you are a kid where you can
have all the candy and sodas you want :-).

When we got out of store, we tried fly fishing for a couple of years, then my husband said, let's do golf. He had
golfed in h.s. and college, so I tried it and fell for the game. About 7 years ago I was instrumental in starting a
program to teach golf to special olympic athletes. This has been real rewarding and the program has grown. The
state of NM golf, softball and swimming events are held in Farmington, NM in August of each year.

When not golfing, I do substitute teaching for the school district. I have done this off and on for the past 11 years. I
sub only at the middle school and really like this age group. They keep me on my toes. I can work when I want, that
is nice about being a sub and not the teacher.
My husband, Dick, has a small backhoe that he works when not golfing.

Looking forward to next year and seeing everyone.

Take Gloria's advice and do a clog to the blog.

2007-10-14 21:17:19 GMT
If any of you have sent memory info. or anything that hasn't been put on the web yet but should of please e-mail
me again with it. And in the future please let me know if you have sent something and notice that it hasn't been
posted because I try to add it immediately. Thanks...gloria

2007-10-15 23:01:32 GMT
Holly Horrall, now Dunlap, here saying hi to all. Keep passing the word around. Thanks Gloria for all you have
done and I hope you will let others know what we can do to help you. Take care.

2007-10-17 00:00:28 GMT
I have to echo everyone's compliments on the great job Gloria! It's been really nice to read about all of you, but it
has also been hard to read about the friends that we had who are no longer among us.

Deedra and I were married (big surprise, huh?) in 1974, have two grown sons, a beautiful daughter-in-law, and two
extraordinary (of course) granddaughters. I look forward to hearing from and seeing all of you "old folks".
Tony Lucero

2007-10-17 11:38:11 GMT
It's hard to believe that strangers who were thrown together in high school 40 years ago should still feel a
connection 40 years later. It may be the only connection some of us still have so it's worth reuniting for a bit.
--Larry Rogers

2007-10-19 15:52:49 GMT
It has been fun reading about everyone from our class. It sure doesn't seem like 40 years!!! I want to thank Gloria
for all the hard work in putting this together. I moved back to NM 7 years ago to Farmington. In my lovely home
lives a wonderful husband, my mother and we are raising one of our grand kids who has turned the lovely age of
13. Oh to be a teen again(not)!!! I look forward to the reunion.
--Cathy Blair Byas

2007-10-20 17:27:20 GMT
Hi Fellow Knights,
This is Rick Willis. I'm retired after 25 years at PNM and now working part time for Albuquerque Public Schools. I've
been married to Pat for 33 years. We have 2 sons , a daughter and a daughter in law. We travel to Seattle often
as two of the kids are there. Pat is an elementary school principal so we have summers off to camp and travel. I
look forward to seeing you all! Thanks for the blog, Gloria!
Rick Willis

2007-10-22 02:40:21 GMT
Sorry if anyone is having trouble with the web site. Since I am trying to work on it from different computers it is
giving me some trouble. I noticed that the menu bar at the top of the first page is not working, but it works at the
bottom of the first page. I will be home on Monday the 29th and should have things working. Thanks for everyones
involvement so far....gloria

2007-10-25 22:55:22 GMT
Puh leeze! Who's going to complain? You're doing a fabulous job. Deedra

2007-10-26 17:19:10 GMT
Deedra's poignant reminiscences of her neighborhood friends on the "In Memory" page call to mind a song lyric
from our youth (adapted).

Grisham Park is melting in the dark
All the sweet, green icing flowing down
Someone left the cake out in the rain
I don't think that I can take it
'Cause it took so long to bake it
And I'll never have that recipe again
Oh, no!

I've been trying to think of a song that would work for my old subdivision. Any suggestions for...Stardust Skies?!?
Tim P

2007-10-27 14:09:59 GMT
Hi from Sig and Carol. Who knows anything about where Howard Gregg and Bill Tracey are these days? This is a
hoot. Larry Rogers, we are still your friends, by the way!
--Sig Olson and Carol Heilman

2007-10-28 00:34:43 GMT
Tim, I didn't grown up in Grisham Park or Stardust Skies, but on the same song tune here is some thoughts
Stardust skies are rising in the East and the sun is sinking in the West.
All the bright white stars are coming out again
And I don't think I can see the big round moon yet,
But----??? Now you go from there.
Janie Bryant Banes
2007-10-28 21:36:13 GMT
Here I am again, this is Jane the pain?? I have called and left messages with SO many classmates and they have
not registered yet. Once they get on this web site they will be SO sorry they were not here sooner!!! I just can't
give Gloria enough praise for allt he work she has done, thanks, thanks and thanks, again, Jane
--Jane Banes

2007-10-29 01:53:33 GMT
The blogs are lots of fun ...Tim P thanks for the poignant (yeah, I borrowed your word cuz it works so well) lyrics for
the grisham park crowd. Now that lyrics and hunts are part of this....does anyone have any info on Lee Muller? He
was a folk music type also and was on swim team.
Tony L.

2007-10-29 15:07:07 GMT
Just wanted to let you know that 11 people have signed up saying that they were interested in the bus trip to Santa
Fe so we will probably be planning to have it Saturday morning and early afternoon. I won't finalize anything until it
gets closer and then I will get times, location and prices so please don't stop sending your feedback. I've only had
3 people say that they were interested in the golf so be sure to send in your feed back if you are interested. I just
got back from my husbands class reunion. He went to a all boys English boarding school on Vancouver island.
There were only 17 in his class and 4 have died. There were 5 that showed up but it was also a reunion for all the
classes that graduated with a 7 in the date, so there were alot of people. They were happy to find that it is now co-
ed. Well now that I'm back I will add the photos that people have sent in. And by the way there isn't many coming in
so please don't forget. People have been telling me that they love checking the site for new pictures and additions
to the blog so please don't stop. We need lots of photos so if you can't find one have one taken. Everyone has
someone they know with a digital camera so I don't want to hear any excuses....ok!...thanks

2007-10-29 21:37:05 GMT
OK I've got one.

Soaring high above the heavens; In a seven-forty-seven
Fighting back the tears that curse my eyes

Captain's voice so loud and clear; Amplifies into my ear
Assuring me I'm flying Stardust Skies.

(An autographed Catherine Palmer novel to the first person to name the song and the artist.)
Tim P

2007-10-31 01:42:23 GMT
I want to win an autographed Catherine Palmer novel so if i don't get this one can we have more quizes? How
many can you get and will she make you pay?

2007-10-31 03:33:04 GMT
I don't know about the rest of you,but I could read anything written by Tim P, Deedra, or Billy K... hard acts to
follow when trying to add my 2 cents for those who are interested in what I have been up to for the past 39 years; I
will do my best in 200 words or less!
I left Albuquerque only 2 days after graduation, have lived in Tennessee ever since(and have the accent to prove
it). I loved every minute at the University of Tennessee, married my college sweetheart, and now live in
Germantown, TN, a suburb of Memphis.
Sadly, I lost my husband of 35 years to a stroke last year; he was only 57 and it was very sudden and unexpected.
I am doing OK, I am so grateful to have my only child living nearby in Memphis. He is handsome and witty, just like
his Dad; an electrical engineer(apparently the math and science genes skip a generation).
I have spent the last 20+ years as a licensed interior designer. Along with my design team, I have been fortunate
to get to work with some interesting clients, most notably QB Peyton Manning, actor Steven Seagal, and Elvis's
personal pilot.
I am really looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion, which I know will be the best yet, thanks to Gloria
and Charlie. I'm resisting the urge to start saving for the "emergency liposuction fund";because we are all in this
"aging gracefully" thing together.
Hope to hear from some of you! Fondly, Pam C
--Pam C

2007-10-31 03:52:30 GMT

Tim--Name that Song game

Boy those words really stood out to me, but could not come up with the name. I e-mailed a cousin who is a whiz
with songs, he says
LA Internation Airport by Susan Raye. Just a wild guess. Hope you get a winner soon. This would be a fun game to
play. We might turn into things that happened at ole' DN, like where were the places(3 we mostly "cruised", this is
easy. I will bring a prize to the reunion for the winner. Jane
--Jane B.

2007-10-31 23:52:42 GMT
Hi Gloria
Your website is terrific. I've really enjoyed the pictures and comments in the sign in area and the blog area, which I
just found. It is a font of interesting stuff. Nice job. I'm lost with Tim's song lyrics, though. Maybe something by
Frank Zappa would help me.
I live with my lovely wife of 27 years and our 18yr-old son in Ramona California. Ramona could be characterized as
a hairy and maybe malignant mole on the butt of San Diego. It is made up of golf communities, horse parks,
migrant camps and meth labs.
After the Army and college at UNM I worked at KGGM and KOB for a while
, then headed west to San Diego where I've remained in the tv business all these many years.
My hobbies include getting up to pee twice a night (at least I can still get up to go-small victory),looking for my car
keys, manicuring my ear hair and trying to remember names. Bill Meleney, you are not alone.
Thanks to Sig Olson for tracking me down. I never intended to let myself become so disconnected from my Del
Norte roots...I guess it just happpens. The idea of reuniting with some high school friends with whom I've had no
contact is a bit daunting though...unrealized expectations and all. Actually, my wife is a little concerned about my
rekindling a teenage romance. There was no kindling in the first place. I was O for 400. Kinda like the
Rockies in the Series.
--Bill Tracey

2007-11-01 02:18:01 GMT
You are the winner, Janie. I actually was recalling Lynn Anderson singing LA International Airport (1971), but
Susan Raye wrote it.
Shoot me a mailing address and I'll ship you a book. You too, Glo. Gotta take care of the chairwoman.
Tim P
P.S. A moment of silence for the silenced voices of Missouri's Porter Wagoner and Broadway's Robert Goulet. "If
ever I would leave you, it wouldn't be in springtime..."

2007-11-01 02:42:30 GMT
Dang! When it didn't show up the first time, I resent. Sorry. I blame the sinister anti-blog spam code being
mischievous on Halloween night.
Tim P

2007-11-01 02:47:47 GMT
Thanks Tim...I guess these are some of the perks I've heard about. I would love a novel! address is 1002
South Hollow Dr. Southlake, TX 76092

2007-11-01 05:51:01 GMT
Now I have a Satisfied Mind (Porter). I do remember Lynn Anderson singing that. Oh how woderful to win the copy
of Catherine's novel. I have read several of hers, but never imagined she might be some one I might someday
My address is 4506 Rio St. Farmington, NM 87402
Yes, remembering Porter and the very debonair Robert Goulet. Thanks again, Jane

2007-11-01 14:52:25 GMT
As some of you may know,I often cook dinner on Thursday Night, for whoever shows up. Many classmates have
shown up over the 15 years of Thursday Night Dinner. Last night Pete Springer came over and we had a nice time
playing cards, eating and catching up.
I want to extend the invitation to the rest of you. It's simple, call 343 8309 on Thursday to listen to a message
about whether or not we are having dinner. There is food until it runs out. I do not serve liquor, but you are
welcome to bring some to share. If you over indulge, DO NOT one has ever been arrested in the 15
My wife is Marylou. Georgia, our dog, will bark at you, but has yet to bite anyone. Who knows who you may run
into here. Simple nice or leave. We play cards but no $ passes hands.
Billy K
--Bill Kraemer

2007-11-02 14:11:56 GMT
Brother Billy, you chose the perfect anecdote to eulogize Pete Johnson on the "In Memory of" page. I was inside
the A&W that night, and I recall being surprised to see Pete come in with the others who’d been in the fight. His
expression conveyed just what Billy describes.
Along with surprise, I felt a twinge of jealousy. After all, this was a smart, good looking guy who was a student
leader, a favorite of teachers and administrators, the center of a group of male and female friends. Now, on top of
all that, he was rumbling alongside the studs! Why should one guy have so much going for him?!
But the truth is, it was impossible to begrudge Pete anything. He was just too nice a guy.
Not that he was above a little vanity. Pete took this gorgeous blond girl from Manzano who sang with the Spurlows
to the prom. He said to someone that night, “What do you think of my date? Venus, eh?”
Yes, Pete, she was. And you were Adonis. And we all miss you a lot.
Tim P

2007-11-03 14:00:00 GMT
Will someone please put all the names in order on page 169 in the yearbook (or annual as we used to say)?
Thanks, Janie

2007-11-04 02:58:06 GMT
Hope everyone is enjoying the site. I'm trying to keep it exciting so I've tried to include some add-ons. Please visit
the Photo gallery and add some of your pictures. I've started first to test it out and of coarse my photos are mostly
of my 2 boys. They were the nucleus of our family for 21 years and all of my husband's and my energy was
focused around them. So consequently the pictures were too. There should be enough albums for everyone to
have their own just be sure to put your name in the title.

2007-11-04 05:07:59 GMT

By the way, I was just curious to how many of you can see the talking dog on the first page and can hear the music
on the other pages? If you don't you will need to download windows media. Also did I mention that after you post
your comment, check to see if it posted because if you didn't put the code in just right it won't and sometimes your
might not know that unless you scroll down and check....thanks
2007-11-04 22:13:52 GMT
I'm wondering if Pam C is going to share any stories from designing for the rich and famous. Does Steven Seagal
kick down a door he wants to go through rather than opening it? Does Peyton Manning ever spontaneously re-
enact his 8th grade tango number? Any Elvis stuff would be good. Enquiring minds want to know.

2007-11-06 02:54:05 GMT
Well if you MUST know, the truth is rather boring: Steven Seagal approved the furniture his wife picked out (FYI:
he has the personality of a cabbage). Peyton Manning married the daughter of a friend of mine from UT, and he
and my son were freshmen together and friends in college. Elvis's pilot ain't talkin', (he died last year in his
seventies), but his wife sure wanted the master bedroom done over! Do I have to tell ALL my secrets???
--Pam C

2007-11-06 04:04:31 GMT
I am so anxious to see you all and happy to hear that so many of you have lost your minds (memory) as much as I
have. I hope some of you can remember me ~ Patti Larsen (Call).
What I have enjoyed most, on this BLOG, is getting reacquainted with everyone. Some names, I remembered
immediately and with those same sweet, young faces that we left behind. I can just feel those years melt off as I
read your comments and think about those fun days so long ago.
Don’t you love how Gloria has put our ‘today’ photos so that our younger pictures…who we really are…are hidden
underneath? It’s funny how I still think of myself as young until I catch my reflection as I pass a store window or see
my kids look at me with those
empathetic eyes. Oh, to be young again!
When I started attending Del Norte, my junior year, I kind of became Martha Jackson’s shadow…She truly was a
dear friend and introduced me to so many of you.
About 34 years ago, Don and I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. We have been here ever since, where we have
raised five great kids and now are enjoying our grandchildren. For those of you who have arrived at that time in
life, know what a grand experience it can be.
I don’t want to be a BLOG HOG so until we see each other next year…hasta la vista!

-Patti Larsen Call

2007-11-07 04:16:33 GMT
Don't worry, Pam. Your secrets are safe with us...and the entire Internet.
Now I wonder if it's time for some flowers for the living.
The first time I opened the DNHS ’68 website, I was greeted with the image of a snarling Kirk Felsman in football
gear. The problem is, anyone who knows Kirk knows he’s really not the snarling type. A big teddy bear, actually.
But I do have one vivid memory of Kirk’s career on the gridiron. Del Norte was playing a day game at Manzano
Stadium; it might have been homecoming. We scored a touchdown and Kirk, the kicker, lined up with his
teammates for the extra point attempt. Then either the hiker or the holder or both muffed the snap, and the ball
got loose.
Kirk picked it up and started to run. Now I can’t say he “darted” into the endzone, but I don’t want to say he
“lumbered” in. Hmmm. I know –- he “rambled” across the goal line for a successful point after touchdown!
And that’s my football flashback of our classmate Kirk Felsman, Ski Club stalwart and one of the great guys I had
the privilege of knowing in our school years.
Tim P

2007-11-08 03:40:08 GMT
Right now it is a toss up for me, who has changed the LEAST, Gloria or Bill Tracey.

2007-11-11 19:56:46 GMT
Bill Tracey, you look great. Even better than in our "Sandbox" chemistry class (that's remedial chemistry for those
of us who are scientifically challenged). Tell Ramona I said you look hot, or I'll tell her at the reunion.
--Pam C

2007-11-12 00:41:44 GMT
Well, I don't think that the photo galley is a success so I'm going to remove it this weekend. If any of you think that
it is worth staying in please start using it. It is very easy to upload you pictures. You don't have to resize them just
add them......

2007-11-13 02:50:06 GMT
Just spotted one of us on the front page of the Albuquerque Journal today - Nov. 12th. Fritz Blake --and he
sounded like he knew what he was talking about. Good work- you are one of the still working guys- good for you.

2007-11-13 04:21:25 GMT
Hey Fritz,
Great article about scary stuff. Now that we know where you are you better sign into the guest book and get on

2007-11-13 15:04:54 GMT
Hello everyone! It's been great reading all the blogs from the class of '68! They've been bringing back a lot of
good memories.
Gloria, you've done a great job with the site! However, I would like to make one correction.
I think all of you have heard that saying when you ask someone how they are. "Great! I woke up, looked in the
obituaries, and didn't see my name." Well, imagine my surprise when I looked in the memories section here and
found my name! It's OK Gloria… just please move Edward Hofheins into the still breathing category. To quote
Mark Twain “The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated”.
Not trying to make light of those who are not with us anymore. It’s sad to see some of those who touched our lives
have moved on.
Gloria…. Keep up the great work!
Ed Hofheins

2007-11-14 02:15:35 GMT
Ed, I wish that all my mistakes would turn out this wonderful! It is really good to know that I can remove someone
from the memory page. I can't imagine what you must have felt when you saw your picture and name. Hopefully, I
won't make that kind of mistake again and hopefully I won't be adding many more to the memory page.

2007-11-14 05:01:04 GMT
Compliments to Ed Hofheins for his gracious correction. Would it be OK to call you Lazarus?
(Anyone puzzled by this reference can go to and search Lazarus. It's quite a story.)

2007-11-15 12:06:19 GMT
I received my book today and started it. Wow, this is going to be a great read. Tell Catherine and YOU, thanks so
Also, Lazarus will work for Ed Hofheins.

2007-11-17 22:22:20 GMT
Jane has been on my case to wite a few words-how do you talk about 40 years, even in 4,000 characters?After a
yr at UNM for dental assisting, I have stayed in the field from then on. 10 years in CA, then 13 in Pagosa Springs,
then 7 in Alamsoa, CO (do not recommend) now we are back to the Durango, CO area (acutally on the NM side of
the border). Lee and I have 5 children and 5 great grandchildren ( you don't know the meaning of a hug until it is
from your grandchildren!)Lee retired for Co Dept of Transporation last year and I am working my last few years
out, in Durg at a group dental practice.
My Daughter Cassey and her 19 mo old Madison are keeping me busy with trips to Denver. We have kids in
Pagosa and SantaFe,too.I have always been physically active (CURVES and gardening) and busy with church and
crafts. I make my own greeting cards and Jane said something about an auction of our skills so you will see them
there. My Mom and brother still live in Alb. so I am down every few months. I have stayed in touch with Jackie and
Maureen and really want to see everyone in Sept!!! Durango is a great place to visit, so let me know if you plan to
be up here-we will show you around.Gloria, you are doing a superb job-thank you so much!!
--Susan McCreary
2007-11-18 23:17:33 GMT
Flowers for the Living II
Penny Lou and Peggy Sue

I moved to Albuquerque in December 1958 and started in Miss Chidsey’s third-grade class at Montgomery
Elementary School, one block from our house on Georgia Street. Right away I developed a big crush on classmate
Penny Matlock.
One day we were doing arithmetic in class when I noticed Penny using her pencil case to get answers. The case
had a sliding plastic collar that somehow functioned like a calculator. I didn’t own one, which may explain why I
thought Penny’s gave her an unfair advantage.
So I was conflicted. Should I tell on her even though I “liked” her? I decided to bring the matter to the attention of
Miss Chidsey, who promptly chewed me out for tattling and complimented Penny on her initiative.
Along about fourth grade, my romantic vision shifted to Penny’s twin sister, Peggy. My earliest memory of Peggy is
connecting her to the Buddy Holly song “Peggy Sue.”
One night I got the bright idea to call Peggy and ask her if she wanted to go steady with me. She didn’t say yes
and she was too nice to say no, so we left it that she’d think about it.
One day in 1988 I got a phone call from Penny, telling me about the upcoming 20-year reunion of the Del Norte
class of ’68. It boggles my mind to realize that call came almost 30 years after we first met, and now almost 20
more years have passed! You do the math, pencil cases allowed.
As for Peggy, she wrote me a letter from Canada after reading my remarks to the ’88 gathering. We have been
pen pals – sister and brother in Christ – ever since.
Needless to say, I really look forward to seeing Penny and Peggy – and the lucky guys they married – in
September 2008.
--Tim P
(Note: This message has been read and approved by Catherine Palmer)

2007-11-18 23:49:38 GMT
I know I speak for all the people at the '88 reunion who were lucky enough to hear Tim P's wonderful remarks: Is
there any way we could trouble you to come up with Part II? I still remember how touching it was. You could even
just read us the old one again!
--Pam C

2007-11-20 00:50:05 GMT
Hello Gang, Bill Tracey tracked me down and I am glad he did! Forty years has surely flown past but here are my
FYI highlights (editing out the low lights). After Del Norte I attended several what if it took 6 years to
get through then another two for a Texas A & M grad degree. Yes, I am an Aggie with all that goes along with the
inference. I moved to Miami, FL directly afterward and am now Asst. Director of the County Park System. Working
for local government in Miami is like living in a Carl Hiaasen novel. I personally know many of the characters in his
books....really! Along the way I met a lovely lady and my best friend, Maureen, who became my wife. We have two
terrific daughters and FOUR grandchildren (3 boys and 1 girl) who are the light of our lives. Maureen and I
honeymooned in Hawaii and fell in love with the little island of Kauai and concluded several years ago that is where
we want to retire. Last year we sold our Coral Gables-Miami home and moved into a high rise on Biscayne Bay in
downtown Miami. We love condo living and are pleasantly surprised that we don't miss maintaining a house and
our large tropical garden (the grass here needs mowing year-round). . It's quiet here, lots of amenities, R & R, and
beautiful bay views. With this in mind, we recently bought our retirement home, a townhouse on Kauai's North
Shore with dynamite mountain and waterfall views. Maureen & I are delighted with our lives and can't wait until I
retire -- but don't know when cause we spent all our money on our Hawaiian hale (home). Oh well. Anyway, we are
really enjoying looking at the web site and reading your blogs...super job Gloria!! If at all possible we surely want
to attend the class reunion and I am looking forward to introducing my classmates to Maureen. Let the fun begin!
Howard Gregg
--Howard Gregg

2007-11-20 01:11:01 GMT
I'm glad there are alot of people participating in the success of the web site. I have noticed a drop in the number of
people that are sending in their pictures. Please send them in because the "Today" page is one of the most
popular areas and people want to see new faces. There are alot of you that have promised to send one in and
haven't so during Thanksgiving please take the time to take pictures and have one taken of you so you will have a
photo you can send in. See how easy that can be? I'm glad that so many people are using the blog, keep it up
because I have sure enjoyed learning more about what everyone has been doing since we graduated. Remember
if you think that you will be going to the reunion and didn't say so when you signed in please go to the sign-in page
and hit the CLICKING HERE button which will send an e-mail to John Sweeney. Thanks......gloria

2007-11-20 21:34:00 GMT
You and Maureen could offer your Kauai townhome to classmates for a fee and you might get to retire sooner or
get the townhome paid for :-).
So glad you have joined the web page, I enjoyed your blog and your new hi-rise living sounds terrific. Be sure to
add a picture soon and DO make plans to come to NM in September. Janie Bryant Banes

2007-11-21 03:13:52 GMT
Re: Howard's reference to Carl Hiaasen
You readers out there who have not discovered Hiaasen's novels are in for a treat. He masterfully combines
journalism, storytelling and hugely colorful characters. Even his young adult novel Hoot is a great read, not as
gritty as his books for grownups.
I'm curious, Howard -- Do you know the guy with the unusual prosthetic?
-- tp

2007-11-21 03:40:45 GMT
Tim P. - I was duly embarassed at your memory of me in the 3rd grade! I was one of Miss Chidsey's favorites, and
am sure she respected you for "tattling".
I remember Peggy and I going to one of your birthday parties. It was probably one of the first boy and girl parties
we went to. It was in junior high. We were a little shy about going but had a great time.
I know Peggy has enjoyed keeping in touch with you, and she forwards your information on to me. I am so bad at
keeping in touch.
Not to make Janie or Gloria jealous, but I still have Catherine's autographed novel from 1988 when she had the
book signing next door to my dress shop.
-Penny Matlock Hart

2007-11-22 03:18:10 GMT
The eyes of Southlake, Texas, will turn northward Saturday evening to Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.
Hometown boy Chase Daniel, Heisman Trophy candidate quarterback, will lead the 10-1 Missouri Tigers against
the 11-0 Kansas Jayhawks. The bitter Missouri-Kansas football rivalry is the oldest west of the Mississippi River.
Both teams' success this year has jacked up excitement to the max.
Go Mizzou!
Debbie and Gloria: Any report from Southlake?

2007-11-23 12:36:57 GMT
Hey there Albuquerqe knights. I am going to be back in Albuquerque soon and I know where you live, Rosemary,
Kim, Steve Ashley, Jodie Upshaw, Joey Baca, Charmaine,Tony/Deedra,Mike Allen Martin, Jim Martin, Jim Patterson,
Terrie Ottino, Marty Peralta,Pat Affholter,Cindy, Steve Serencha,Marty,and MANY others. I know where you live as
I have talked to you on phone. Send in a picture for today page SOON or I will be sneeking up on you with my
digital camera. Gloria is sad that not many are sending in pictures. Don't worry how you look today, we just WANT
to see you. Please send in pictures. soon. Thanks, Jane

2007-11-29 05:55:26 GMT
Tony and I let Charlie display our picture on his blog gallery. We're just a couple of cute ole farts. We did play
around with our digital camera the other day but the results were too ghastly to submit. I'm thinking Glamour Shots
with lots of air brushing.D
--Deedra Lucero

2007-11-29 20:04:51 GMT
Hey Deedra...If you want, my son will photo-shop your pictures for you. I think he spent several days on mine trying
to put my eyes and hair back in their appropriate locations.

--Bill Tracey
2007-11-30 00:04:36 GMT
Just looked at Charlies' blog, wow, you two look just like HS days, only cutier. I guess you two will be off my list to
photograph. Now if Gloria will pull her wizardy, she can get you both on the today page,if you don't send in some
pictures soon. And to Bill aka TONTO, at least that is what you wrote in my yearbook, you did not need any help,
you look great!! Wonder if he could change my hair color?

--Jane Bryant Banes
2007-11-30 01:04:23 GMT
Jane..He's changed mine...and he didn't need photo-shop. It's called "Drivers License".
--Bill Tracey
2007-12-01 01:43:51 GMT
It’s been great fun to read about everyone. Here's my last 39 years in 100 words or less. 1972, Graduated from
UNM with a degree in Economics; 1972-1978, lived in Telluride, Denver, Washington, DC and returned to
Albuquerque; 1978, began working for the Corps of Engineers; 1985, Married Melissa Behrens (Manzano); 2004,
Massive heart attack (ouch!) and quadruple bypass surgery (OUCH!!!); 2005, fully recovered; 2006, purchased
home in Taos, spend weekends in Taos, weekdays in Albuquerque; 2009, plan on retiring. What a crazy mess...
and I wouldn’t change a single minute of it. Life is Good. I look forward to seeing all of you in Sept. Great job Gloria.

Fritz Blake
2007-12-04 22:48:26 GMT
Question of the day: Why isn't our blog more active? Born on September 22 -- 80 days ago -- the blog has
spawned 84 comments as of today, December 10. That's an average of just 1.05 per day. This will be the first
posted in the past 6 days.
I'm not a big blogger -- this is the only one I read -- but I think they work best as an ongoing conversation. In the
interest of sparking same, I offer a few potential topics:
-- Music. Did you see the Eagles on TV recently? Have you bought their new double CD?
-- Books. Tim Townes, with whom I've been sharing book recommendations for 30-odd years or more, said he was
enjoying Eric Clapton's autobiography.
-- Sports. Can Steve Alford find redemption in UNM hoops?
-- Politics. Woman president in '09?
-- Religion. Relevant today or merely title of obscure Elton John song?
-- Food. Any hope for transplated New Mexicans pining for blue corn enchiladas (red)?
-- Texas. More on that later.
-- Anything else under the sun.
If anyone out there in alumni-land is in search of this same lost chord, please let me know. TTFN
--Tim Palmer
2007-12-11 02:21:25 GMT
Yes, it has been a long time with bloggin'.
I have been tied up with family illness lately and have fallen down on contacting ones, but will get with it again. Tim,
I do have the new Eagles CD, love it. Not sure about a woman in 09, but we shall see. We had a meeting at
Charlie's tonight, and I was able to attend since my family illness has brought me to town. Look for new pictures on
the today page. Present were Holly, Kathy McKiernan, Charmaine--all just still so pretty and charming. Vic Trujillo,
lot of help in helping locate classmates. Billy Kramer, wow he is a big guy and when I tell you he is looking for you,
you better sign in or he WILL be calling on you. He has helped alot in contacting classmates. Mike Myers, wow,
what a clown he is. Kim Zahm was there and he looks just the same as H.S. days and last but not least, our
charming host, Charlie Romero, just as handsome as high school days. I wish I had been closer to these in high
school, they are sure los of fun now.
Hope more will take Tim's lead and blog, this is the only one I have ever done also.
You all take care and a very Merry Christmas to you all. Jane
--Janie Bryant Banes
2007-12-11 05:14:08 GMT
Author:gloria s
Tim, I too am bewildered at the lack of interest in the blog. I know that there are people that have looked at it but
have never entered anything. I tried to add another direction when I added the photo you sent that had Del Norte
graduates. I was hoping that people would start guessing and it would start a conversation but I was the only
person who left a comment. I think that in some cases blogging and uploading photos are new to our generation
but I hope that everyone will try. Even if something messes up it can be fixed so please everyone try things out.
Also please call me if you have problems and I will walk you through it. (817) 881-9656. Charlie thought at first that
adding photos to the photo gallery was going to be complicated but he called me, probably to make up an excuse
why he couldn't do it, and I explained it and he quickly added his and keeps adding photos. So please everyone,
start trying things and speak out. We want to hear from you!

2007-12-11 05:14:39 GMT
OK, OK, I've been burning to let everyone know this.ur fellow classmate Martha Jackson Burns ( and I did not ask
her permission to do this) Is the recent recipient of the prestigious William Faulkner - William Wisdom Creative
Writing Competition in the category of short story. She and her husband Dennis were in New Orleans the week
before TG to receive the award. We are so proud of her.
Now for the Lucero/ Johnston saga. Married in '74 6mos. after a 6yr. break. Sons born in 75 and 79. But, God is
so good and the reward for raising hairy legged old boys has been 2 gorgeous granddaughters, one from each
son. They are 7yrs. and 18mos.
Tony is still working w/ no retirement in sight, in finance for the DOE and I will retire in 2 more yrs. from teaching Sp.
Ed. at Manzano High School, sorry, I moved over to the one of our rivals. We have to continue working to support
our granddaughter habit. Little girls are very expensive.
As with all of you, we have had our share of life challenges, but thru it all we are more in love than ever and will
celebrate 33yrs. this Fri.

2007-12-11 15:06:02 GMT
Congratulations Deedra and Tony on 33 years! Loved reading about your "granddaughter habit". I am jealous; I
only have a "granddog".
--Pam C

2007-12-11 22:42:22 GMT
Congratulations Martha, what a great honor. Can we buy a copy of your short story " Something Rotten" Please
tell us about the Competition and your trip to New Orleans. It must have been very exciting!.....gloria

2007-12-12 02:44:52 GMT
Author:gloria s
Hey Tim, I saw your Border Collie in your Photo album. We've got two border collies, one is 15 years old and the
other one is 5. Striker,my 5 year, is looking for a girlfriend. I've put a couple of photos of him in my album for you to
show Tessie to see if she is interested ....gloria

2007-12-12 15:54:34 GMT
egad... i struggled to sound as creative as you all 10 days or so ago and even entered the verification correctly i i will try again as i do ck this site every couple of weeks to see who new has come on board! thanks much
gloria, charlie, billy, tim, janey and all the rest who are checking in... i am one of those of limited internet talent but
am looking forward to seeing and catching up with so many of you... the memory page is such a challenge for me...
so many terrific folks gone way too soon. i tried to think of something to say about Pete, Jeff(i too visit his site and
Ken's at the Viet Nam memorial whenever in DC)and others - but cant get words to come...Tim you take charge,
So, i live in Pecos, love my work, get to Abq to see Carol Heilman, family and friends from other paths...would love
to join in a meeting--thursday nites are easier especially in the winter as i ususally dont work fridays... BillyK a
dinner meeting perhaps??? And,i will even send a picture (what a hoot that page is)when i decide what color my
hair will be!!! peace and good health to all of you...hasta
--Sig Olson

2007-12-13 01:04:38 GMT
Please add my congratulations to Tony and Deedra on your 33rd wedding anniversary. Deedra, I'm in my seventh
year working alongside special education teachers -- you truly are saints. Tell Tony I said so if he fails to treat you
royally at all times!
Blessings from Missouri.
-- Tim P

2007-12-13 03:27:46 GMT
OK, I've been holding this in for a while, but.... I'm really pissed at Bill Tracy! He looks great and is still as witty as
ever... curse ya lad! I've been trying to come up with a witty response to Tim P's previous entry, but alas have
been unable to. However, it suddenly dawned on me that he did not correlate sainthood to being married to me...
how cool is that? Thanks Tim!

Tony L.
2007-12-13 15:10:43 GMT
You’re welcome, Tony?!?
Anyhow, my dear Sigrid: You expressed yourself eloquently and well in your posting from Pecos – God’s country.
Sigh. The thing is, you are Sig, friend and classmate. High school wouldn’t have been the same without you – or
without any of us – and this reunionizing wouldn’t be as much fun without you either. Think of me next time you’re
dining at The Shed or the Pink Adobe, while I pour Old El Paso red sauce over a bean burrito. You’re still Who’s
Who in my book, lady.
--Tim P

2007-12-14 00:55:59 GMT
I know that the blog is visited frequently but I don't understand why so few people use it? There seems to be alot of
interest in reading it but if noone writes in it there won't be anything to read. Even though I live in Texas, my son is
a die hard packers fan. His idol is Brett Farve. So last night's Cowboy loss was a bright moment for him. He can't
wait for the rematch....Packers vs Cowboys. This time Brett won't get the way, when hopefully not if,
you write in the blog, after you write in the verification code and click on the post comment, scroll down and check
to see if your comments were posted. Sometimes it will say that the code wasn't put in correctly but you won't see it
unless you scroll down. Thanks and I am anxious to hear from more of you......

2007-12-17 19:23:09 GMT
Oh! I for got to mention to Deedra, Tony and Tessy. I still haven't received photos from you three and Charlie said
that if I didn't receive them by the 18th, tomorrow, that I should use the ones that he has of you have
until tomorrow to contact me...gloria

2007-12-17 19:40:47 GMT
After reading all those blogs and finding I'm not the only one who has never done one, here goes! After surviving
the army and an extended tour in Vietnam as a sniper in the Rangers, I came home to renew my life long dream of
marriage, 2.5 kids, a dog and a house with white picket fence. The plan was to be a history teacher and track
coach. After 7 years with me, Deona did the smartest thing of her life and married her current husband Frank.
After the rest of that dream went south, I ended up married to the girl Stuart Moore had dated before his death
(Diane Bickel Sandia69)and had my daughter Kelly who is now 35! I spent 24 years in law enforcement starting
with APD was Chief of Police in Cuba for a couple of years and ended up with my own security company, doing
bodyguard, bounty hunting and all sorts of other stuff. Some of my more famous clients were the current Gov. of
Calif. and Robert Redford to name a few. At the same time I continued the Karate I started in Vietnam, got married
and divorceed 3 times, and became a hot air balloon test pilot. I was the first (and maybe the only)person to fly a
balloon in Indonesia, and at one time held the world high altitude record for balloons. In 1991 I went to work for the
DOE as a police officer and kept operating a Karate school and security company. In 1994 I was struck by
lightning while working and after 6 years of recovery, I'm doing pretty good.I have 3 grand kids (the two boys are
Autistic)I founded my own style of martial arts in 1999 and now have 2500 students world wide. After 9-11 I did a
couple of short term jobs for Homeland Security/Army and now I just ride my Harley with my dogs and practice
Karate. I invented goggles for my dog to ride with me and sold the design to a google company. They are now
called "Doggles." Other than that, I am still waiting for Janie Shows to call me for lunch! After Billy's 35 yr reunion I
told Janie to get in touch with me when she was done with her family stuff after the holidays. I'm still waiting Janie!
After the lightning, the doctors told me that many of the things that happened to me would have happened with
time anyway...
I am happy to say that now the rest of you are catching up with me! Bad eyes, bad memory, bad hearing,couldn't
talk, and so on. One of you ran into my daughter after the lightning and asked her how I was. Her answer; "He's
Forest Gump with an attitude!" So, after 40 years of people trying to kill me, being hit by lightning 3 times, not
counting the 3 marriages,I look foreword to seeing and talking to all of you! I still live in Albuquerque.
--Rick Reynolds

2007-12-17 22:31:31 GMT
Rick I can't believe your amazing life story! I want you to know that my Yorkie dog is fascinated by the sun, and
every time I catch her trying to look at the sun, I say "Don't look at the sun, or I'm going to make you wear
Doggles!" I am not kidding. So send me a pair of size extra small, preferably in a leopard print, or better yet
rhinestone studded. Seriously, I loved hearing your story, and look forward to seeing you at the reunion!
--Pam C

2007-12-18 01:30:10 GMT
Pam, That's just a little bit of what I've been doing. I must say it hasn't been boring.My vet has a photo of my dogs
on the Harley in her office.I'm going to try and put some photos on that other page so look for the dogs. I forgot
that I did get to live a bit of my dream in the early 80s when I became assistant Track coach under Jim Butcher
(DN69) for 3 years. I'm so glad I didn't take that path full time. I would rather be in a gun fight than teach high
school kids!
Does anyone besides me not want to go to Santa Fe or play golf? I would like to meet somewhere to tell each
other lies! We can shop and play golf another time. If anyone is interested, I will start a list and we can plan
something else. I'll be asking again. Look foreword to talking to you more Pam. By the way, you were one of the
few I could still recognize in the photos.... Rick R
--Rick Reynolds

2007-12-18 04:28:36 GMT
Tim, It was great having Chase Daniel up for the Heisman Trophy! All of us in Southlake were so thrilled at the
opportunity. I don't know if y'all know what a powerhouse Southlake is in football. We have won 4 or 5 State
Championship Titles in the 2000"s. In fact, we won the first year of being a 5A team. Texas is a big football state.
Several of the Dallas Cowboys live in the area and some of their sons play for us. The whole town goes crazy for
Southlake Carroll Football. Anyway Chase Daniel played quarterback for us, so it was great to have him in the
running, He didn' t win but the town is PROUD. He's only a junior at Missouri so maybe next year. The funny thng is
that he wanted to go to Texas, but when he got the offer he had committed to Missouri. Texas is real sorry now.
The guy that got it from Florida was outstanding. Most of all he is a Christian, and he gave God all the glory. I was
very impressed with him, weren't you? I sure hope Missouri wins the bowl game and Chase does well! He is also a
great kid. I used to substitute teach in the district. I did K - 12, and I was mostly at the high school. The kids are
great and smart, too. I have been involved in the school since my kids went there. They both graduated from
Southlake-Carroll. Erin in 1995 and Leah in1998. Erin went to TCU and got her masters in vocal performance at
Oklahoma City University, Leah graduated from Texas A&M and coaches at Vista Ridge High School in Austin. I
have one granddaughter, Evangeline, and I babysit for her everyday! You guys think you have hard jobs!!! I love
it, but it's killing my back. I guess most of my life has been spent as a homemaker and mother, and I'm content and
happy doing that. Bobby and I just got back from a trip to New Zealand and Australia. We were gone for 3 1/ 2
weeks and it was quite and awesome experience. I highly recommend this trip to everyone. New Zealand is so
beautiful, and Sydney Australia is an impressive city. John W, I bet you've been there?
Ricky, do you remember when you came to Portales? I am so impressed with all you did in Viet Nam. I never knew
all that. It will be great to see you and remember the fun times. I see your high school pal Deona twice a year. Our
sorority meets in different cities every two years. This summer we will be going to Tennessee. I hope to see Pam! I
don't know if any of you remember Deona's husband Frank at the reunion, but he is so funny. He pretended that
he went to Del Norte. Well, we'll get to see him in September. My husband Bobby and Frank tell one joke after
another. Anyway, Deona looks great for a woman her age. She's into exercise and fitness. She and Frank still ski. I
gave that up when I gave swimming suits up!
I'm with Ricky, I don't golf and I'd rather spend my time being with all of you! Of course, I'll do whatever you all
Debbie Sanchez Hudnall

2007-12-19 05:03:18 GMT
OK Debbie! You brought it up! I do remember comming down to Portales when I got out of the army. There is
nothing wrong with my long term memory. I was wearing a custom made hong kong jacket and paints. You and
Deona took me to the Pizza hut for pizza and pitchers of beer. Then next door to the bar for more beer and then
the owner of the bar (He knew both of you well)made me a welcome home drink in a very large beer stine with
about 10 different kinds of booze. And I drank it! Comming out of the bath room, it all caught up with me and I
couldn't walk! You two put me in my new barracuda and Deona drove us back to Portales. On the way I got sick
and ruined my new suit as well as spraying the inside and outside of the car. I remember you were eating cold
pizza in the back seat as you ducked the big chunks, never missing a bite. When you guys got me back to my
motel room you wanted to undress me and put me to bed but Deona wouldn't let you. That's when she gave me
my ring back, and the rest is history, as they say. I couldn't walk, but I knew what was going on!Was that anything
like what you remember?
If you want to stay in Ab but not play golf, we are going to try and plan somewhere to meet and tell lies for those
who don't want to do the other.If there aren't to many, we can do it at my house. Yes I remember Frank. I didn't
used to think he was very funny though. I'll have to have him tell me some jokes.I went to the Sandia class of 69 20
year reunion as someone else. I wore his name tag with photo and told people I had plastic surgery and memory
problems from a car wreck. No one ever knew.lia
I agree with you about Austra. I was coach for the US Karate team good will games in 1995 and loved it. I look
foreword to seeing all of you...Rick R

2007-12-20 01:35:30 GMT
Gloria, I think one of the problems leading to lack of bloggs for us old folks is it is a bit overwhelming! I just read
every one of them and wanted to comment on so many things to so many people that I couldn't keep everything
straight. For now I just want to say one thing.
Howard, I just found out a couple of years ago that you were mad at me for beating you out for pres of the
letterman's club our senior year! Sorry! Had I known you were that interested, I would have dropped out. While you
are lounging around in Hawaii I hope you can foregive me. I bet you'd like to know who told me that...Rick
2007-12-20 01:45:38 GMT
I just reread my blogg to Debbie. I ment to say Australia not Austra. Pam, if you look at my photos, you will see my
dogs with the doggles on. I think I have a small pair from when my young one was smaller. We can see if they will
fit your little one. As I read all the bloggs, including mine, I realized I failed to mention that the 3 years I coached
track, it was at Del Norte... An interesting note about Kirt Felsmen. When I got out of the army and started UNM,
Kirt was one of my teachers!...Rick R
2007-12-20 01:56:57 GMT
Rick, I've been to Austria too, and I LOVED being there, but what a difference. Did you see NEW ZEALAND? Oh,
I'M sorry about that time in Portales. I just remember eating pizza while you were puking! I must have been really
hungry. Well, I guess I haven't see you since that night in Portales, so I'm looking so forward to seeing you!! Do
you hang out with Charlie, Billy and the gang?? Has anyone heard from Charlie? What about Nancy or Susie
Jackson or Skinner? Well, Gloria and I are going to a cookie exchange tomorrow night. In the old days we would
have been going out to drink Ripple or Boone's Farm!

--Debbie Sanchez Hudnall
2007-12-20 05:31:25 GMT
Debbie, Just wnat to make sure you know I'm teasing with you, I hope! Sometimes the written word can be
misunderstood without the tone or facial expression to got with it. You to Howard. And for Sig, Which reunion was it
that lead us to dancing on the table at the Blarney Stone on south 14Y? You know this blogg and rekindling old
friendships has really brought back some memories. It could be dangerious! Rick R
2007-12-20 05:40:56 GMT
I just read my last blog and see the effects of the lightning. When I get tired I start to switch letters in words, add
extra letters to words and eventually if I kep going, it looks like I'm sending code. Just a bunch of random letters.
The strange thing is that if I proof read what I just wrote, that it makes sense to me! I promise I wasn't drunk. Any of
you medical types ever heard of that before? I was strange enough before the lightning.... Debbie you don't need
to appoligize for anything,it's all good. I've been to Englind, Germany, Spain, Holland, Norway, France,Austria,Italy,
Poland,Belarus, Belgium,Austrlia,New Zeland, Indonesia,Vietnam, Cambodia. Thailand,Laos,Columbia,El Salvador,
and of course Mexico and Canada I passed through Japan once but didn't get to look around. They all have their
own beauty but I think New Zeland is one of the most out standing.
I do see Charle and Billy pretty often and Billy helped me out with the last divorce. It's been a while since I have
been to one of Billy's Thursday night dinners but I am due.
Debbie I think we have seen each other at past reunions but if we did it was only to say hi. That's what is nice
about this blog.I think Charlie is in Argentina or somewhere like that with Bob Crollett and Sue McDowell right now.
I'm not sure but I think Charlie is going to host the reunion on the first night, but don't hold me to that. He has a
magnificent house near the river. Both of those guys make me sick, because they still have hair. I keep hearing
about people turning gray. I'd take hair in any color at this point! Frank, if you are out there, I expect to hear a
really funny joke while you're hear. Debbie has put the pressure on. Rick R
2007-12-21 00:30:06 GMT
There's a blurb on the front of today's St. Louis Post-Dispatch that says UNM ended "a 46-year skid without a
postseason victory" when it won the New Mexico Bowl Saturday. I thought to myself, "I remember the Lobos' last
bowl win." The article inside confirmed it. UNM beat Western Michigan in the 1961 Aviation Bowl in Dayton, Ohio.
At age 11, I was excited that the hometown team was in a bowl game. My dad was a big football fan, too, but kind
of an elitist, being from Oklahoma. For some reason he always referred to the Gator Bowl as "a third-rate bowl
game." When he said that in '61, I asked him, "What rate is the Aviation Bowl?" Without hesitation, he replied,
My dad could be sort of a killjoy. I do miss watching the Cowboys with him, though.
And I'm glad the Lobos came out of their skid.
-- Tim P
2007-12-24 01:36:56 GMT
Wikipedia entry on Aviation Bowl:
The Aviation Bowl was a post-season college football bowl game played at Welcome Stadium in Dayton, Ohio, on
December 9, 1961. New Mexico defeated Western Michigan 28-12 in front of just over 3500 fans. Although the
NCAA approved a second edition for 1962, the bowl was never played again. It was a financial failure.
New Mexico didn't win another bowl game until the 2007 New Mexico Bowl on December 22, 2007. However, the
entire 1961 Lobo team was inducted into the University of New Mexico's Hall of Honor in 1990 as a result of this
bowl win.
Bobby Santiago, a running back, and Chuck Cummings, a guard, both on New Mexico, were named the game's
2007-12-24 20:05:17 GMT
Tony and I wish all of you a very blessed Merry Christmas. We will have 4 generations in our home tonight and
tomorrow. God has been so good to us and we wish only the same for you in the coming New Year.
2007-12-24 21:20:05 GMT
Rick, I am very much enjoying your blog entries! Don’t worry if something gets turned around a bit, I do it all the
time. As I told you before, you’re making a great run at life and I am looking forward to seeing you and all our other
classmates in September. Tim, I the only Eagles album I currently have is “Hell Freezes Over”. I have to look
around for the new one. I haven’t followed the Lobos in many years, and it would be odd for me to be associated
with a winning football team.

I want to wish all of you and your families a Merry Christmas from Heather and I! And I hope your Christmas
shopping was finished early, because I went for a ride on my bike this morning and I got caught in a shopping
tsunami; I did not see any mercy in the eyes of the driver’s out there, and this is usually a very friendly town! I
came right home with my tail between my legs. Happy Holidays to all!

--John Sweeney
2007-12-25 00:18:14 GMT
I'm delighted to see Clancey Tarbox has finally checked in. My wife and I were shopping for appliances a few
weeks ago and were waited on by a lovely woman named Sue Hougland. She said her sister Vickie and Clancey
were best friends in Jr. High (Monroe),I think. Clancey, if you're interested, e-mail me and I'll send you her address.
--Bill Tracey
2007-12-27 01:23:43 GMT
Bill, where you one of the guys that bought my truck the night of my going away party? I think it was Pete Johnson,
you and someone else. Am I even close? Hey everyone, if you are planning on coming to the reunion we need the
money to reserve the balloon museum before we lose it. You need to contact Tony Lucero or Charmine to pay. It's
$75 per person.I think something official will be put on this site after the first of the year... Rick R
2007-12-29 20:14:09 GMT
Rick... some of us locals have provided an advance so that a facility deposit can be made and we have enough to
do that. We will be signing the contract and paying the deposit this week. As soon as the other arrangements are
complete and an amount determined, registration and payment information will be posted on the website.

Tony L.
2007-12-30 05:39:21 GMT
Hey, glad to see more people blogging. We did have meeting at Charlies' on 12/10 and collected $$ for the
deposit. So glad Tony is taking care of the finances along with Charmaine who set up the account. Like Tony said,
the prices will be worked out soon and posted so people, who want to, can pay in advance.
I had a sad Christmas, lost my Mother on 12/21, but I am getting stronger each day. I am the only kid left so I have
a house full of things and house to sell. Anyone looking to move to Albuquerque. Nice house and nice
I will be back on the phone job soon and hopefully we can find some more classmates who will sign the guestbook
and get on line.
Have a great New Year and remember, September is not far off, so get your pictures of you "today" sent in. Jane

--Janie Bryant Banes
2007-12-31 14:35:16 GMT
Tony, I knew about the advance, I'm one of em but Charlie was having to much fun to let me know if it was enough
or not so I thought I better check, thanks. Janie, I am sorry for your loss. My mom died Oct 23, and we are still
dealing with that....Rick R
2008-01-01 04:19:25 GMT
Janie and Rick, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your Mothers. I know how you feel, I have lost many family
members in the last 6 years, including the love of my life in 2001 and my Mother in 2002, and most recently
another brother, that I had been a caretaker for, I was the one that found him. It really doesn't get any easier, I'm
still learning how to live with it. Once again, my deepest condolences.
--Brenda Harger Shott
2008-01-02 15:08:29 GMT
Janie and Ricky I also send my condolences to you for your losses! I have been so blessed, having both my
parents alive. They are both "80" and thy are both healthy. I know Vicki Mc Master lost her mother, and Deona lost
both of her parents Do you remeber Mr. Turner? Nancy's dad. He was always around, supporting us in sports and
other activities I guess you know he also died a several years ago. We were so young then, and our parents were
kinda young....We should bring pictures of our parents and siblings to show each other. Isn't this blog great and
the pictures! At least we won't be complete strangers. I really feel like I know you again.. Deona promised to BLOG
us this week!
--Debbie Sanchez Hudnall
2008-01-04 04:10:24 GMT
Thanks to all of you for your condolences. It sure has been hard and I know I will have many hard times, but I will
get through it. Yes, it does seem strange we are at the age where are parents are older and going to a better
place. My Mom had just turned 80 on 12/2, leukemia took it's toll on her.
Yes Debbie, this blog is so cool and lets us tell and vent. I have felt a sense of relief just by being able to blog. I
am so thankful to Gloria for all her hard work on this site.
Charlie, I am totally jealous!! Your e-mails are great and can't wait to see some pictures. I want to go see some of
the sites you are seeing, but has to be some golf nearby :-).
Glad to see Cindy and Jan, Jackie, and Clancy as newest ones to sign in. Keep up the good work and the first 3
need to send in pictures.
Hey Tim, have missed your words of wisdom, hope you are well.
--Janie Bryant Banes
2008-01-04 04:52:08 GMT
The following email is from our classmate and friend Mike Rogers, who gave permission to share it on the blog. I
talked to Mike Saturday. He had a second surgery Friday to do some cleanup work from the first one in early
December. He was resting comfortably at home though feeling a bit "beat up." I know Mike would appreciate a call
(505-821-8816) or an email, and please keep him and Elise in your prayers.
Tim P

From: Michael Rogers <>
To: '' <>
Subject: Holiday greetings and a brush with the reality of mortality
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 15:49:36 -0700

Hi Tim (would you please forward this to "the gang")
I hope this finds you all well and wish all of you a happy and healthy New Year.
This past fall I was diagnosed with cancer of the prostate. By the time I was able to react it had advanced to the
point where hormone therapy or radiation was useless so they had to remove it. Can you say "prostatectomy?" I
am now recovering nicely and waiting for the plumbing to return, hoping to once again be able to write my name in
the snow. I was a bit hesitant to tell but, as my closest friends, I thought you should know.
Most importantly, to give you 'guys' a heads up to keep tabs on your PSA levels. I was so caught up with taking
care of my cholestrol levels that I overlooked the blood tests results of my PSA. So did my healthcare providers.
Don't always count on them to do it for you. Get a blood test at least once a year if not twice.
So now that I've been reminded that I'm not invincible I will carry on in the New Year being thankful for what I have.
Love to you all,
2008-01-06 13:07:46 GMT
Testing 1,2,3.
2008-01-06 20:29:51 GMT
Happy New Year!
I tried the BLOG before the holidays, obvisously, w/o success. I am so computer literate. Gloria you have done a
great job bring us all together. Looking forward to seeing you and everyone else in September. The pictures are a
hoot... I am especially proud of my hair piece. I have enjoyed catching up with everyones lives. Some of us have
known each other since first grade. I even recognized a few girl scouts.
Rick, I must say you have led a very interesting as well as colorful life. So sorry to hear about your mom, she was a
sweetheart. We have moved eight times in our 35 years of marriage, zigzaging across the US. We now live in
Colorado Springs and part time in Winter Park Colorado. Our son Clint just got married this summer and is a store
manager for Target in Phoenix. Erin our daughter who has her doctorate is an Audilogist in Denver. As Debbie
reported we love the outdoors, (exercise) it is called our health care plan.
Pam, do you remember skiing and somehow getting caught in the track on the Poma lift? I just remember, I was so
excited that I took off my skis and tried to run for help in my boots instead of skiing down, who was with us?
I still work a couple days a week and coordinate the health screening for the school district. It keeps me off the
This is going to be an awesome reunion.
--Deona Andreson Bluestein
2008-01-06 20:56:19 GMT
Hey everyone, we have lots of people who have signed in, but have not contributed to the blog yet: you know who
you are! If I have to name names, how about Skinner, Cathy R, Tessy, Vicki W, Patti P, the list goes on! And what
about the guys: Pete S, Charlie, John Whitson, Mike meyers, and more from Billy K.
Hi to Deona, can't believe you remember my bizarre ski trip experience. I was no skiier; I only went because my
boyfriend was club president and all my BFF's were going too. It was the very first run and Gloria gave me her
poma pole because I was nervous. It turned out to be the one with the defective tension screw that threw me up
and over the cables. I was very lucky, because the other people that this happened to were decapitated. I only
wish that I had sued, then I would be typing this in Malibu instead of Memphis. I'm still mad that I missed the rest of
the trip.
If you have not yet added to the blog you need to let us know how you are and what you are doing! Let's have fun
with this and take advantage of technology so that we can re-connect and not be strangers at the reunion.
2008-01-07 02:31:42 GMT
Old friends of ours are in desperate need of prayer this morning. I know you'll remember Tom and Rosemary
Kerschen. I think they are twins but I do not see Tom on our list of classmates. Nevertheless, Tom married Diane
Sandoval DN '71 and their son Kyle is one of the 27 year old snow boarders missing up at Wolf Creek since Fri.
An adequate search has been impossible due to whiteout conditions on the mountain. So, please hold these
young men in your hearts today and until they are found and safe.
2008-01-08 16:04:02 GMT
Hey everyone, I'm not sure this will get through, as I'm not quite sure what I'm doing....never done a blog before....
Anyway, here goes.
After graduation I joined the army, was sent to Vietnam, saw one of our classmates Paul Davis coming in country
as I was coming back home.
Has anyone contacted him?
I married the mother of my son just before being discharged from the army and divorced just five years later. For
almost 35 years I have been selling, demonstrating, and repairing welding equipment. Oh, yeah, got married again
and divorced again......
In 2003, Quintuple by-pass surgery had me rethinking my lifestyle. My mortality was becoming a rather huge issue.
In 2005 I saw the website and tried to hook-up with some of the old gang...well, I saw Penny's
name in there and decided to send her a note through the thing and she actually responded to it.
I wasn't even sure she knew who I was....
I'm convinced that GOD is giving me one more chance to get it right, so HE chose the most wonderful, beautiful,
awesome Lady to help bring me closer to HIM.....So, I thank HIM every morning when I wake up next to Penny.
In 2005 I moved to Nashville, Tn. where Penny and I were married and just December of this month, Penny was
transfered to Casa Grande Arizona. I have been sculpting metal for some time and will again set up a new shop
here in AZ...enough for now, I just hope to see you all in September
2008-01-09 00:03:43 GMT
Hey Gloria, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting this all together!!!! You are greatly appreciated!!!
--Dean H.
2008-01-09 00:08:31 GMT
Hello to all you Knights of the Round Table. Here's my little tale of my life in a nutshell. First off I'm sorry that I don't
hardly remember any of you. Pictures I recognize, but didn't socialize that much during my high school years. I was
on the Swim Team in my sophomore year and I'm ashamed I don't recall any of the people who were on the Swim
Team when I was!? Graduated and right into the service (Navy from 1968 to 1972, Vietnam Era Vet). Survived that
and got the heck out. Was a concrete lab tech for four years. Married and divorced. Went to CIA (Colorado
Institute of Art) graduated in 1980. Been working for a local advertising agency ever since. No kids, that I know of
anyway!!! Am an AVID Mountain Biker (about 20 miles every weekend). Even If I don't know any of you (personally
anyway) sounds as if it could be fun and who knows, make some new friends I didn't make during those long-time-
ago years of our wondrous youth.
-Ron Rudolph
2008-01-14 18:50:41 GMT
Author:Anonymous was nice to read your blog...thanks for your service! Do you have any idea what ever happened to Lee
Muller? He was on swim team also.
Tony L.
2008-01-15 03:25:18 GMT
Tony....Sorry, but I don't even recall who you are much less Lee Muller? Been way too much water under the
bridge already! Never kept in touch with anybody from the class of '68! If I make it to the reunion I will be
completely lost, but willing to get re-acquainted and make some new friends.
Ron R.
2008-01-15 15:53:49 GMT
I was in Albuquerq for 2 days to take care of business and to take a break from dealing with business, I went
hunting for classmates. went by Uncle Cliff's to catch Linda Hammod, she was in a meeting. I have left 3 messages
for her and guess she does not want to be found. Charlie, when are you going to tell her the class of 68 is coming
to Cliff's on Saturday??
Also, was going to sneek up on Dr. Kelly, and his office was closed. Did catch up with Randy Sanchez at his barber
shop and got his picture and showed him the web page. He was impressed. Also, he told me JoAnn was on dialysis
3 times a week, so let's please get the prayer chain going for this family. And one last thing, I visited with the
Mother of Richard O'Bryan, who is no longer with us. I took a picture of a photo she had, so he will now be on the
memory page, so look at it and let's be sure he is remembered. His Mother and I had a great chat, we laughed and
cried, was good for both of us. I am still praying for the nephew of Rosemary Kerschen. I saw Rosemary on the
news last week and she looks just the same.
Dean, no luck finding Paul Davis, have called most of the Davis in Albq. and a dead end. Hope someone can find
Ron Rudolph, I remeber you, you signed my yearbook. We had math together. Keep on the web page and you will
get re-acquainted with all before the reunion. Tony, Bruce Smith knows how to contact Lee Muller and told me he
would let him know. Has Bruce signed on yet? His phone in Albuquerque is 286-0967. Call and bug him. I have lots
of phone numbers for classmates not signed in, if curious, drop me a line and I will let you know if I have made
contact with them yet.
--Janie Bryant Banes
2008-01-16 02:07:24 GMT
After reading every single entry, I have finally gained the courage to write something. It is so wonderful reading
about all the exciting things that all of you have been doing since those crazy, fun filled days so many years ago.
I have two great children and a very incredible, patient husband. My daughter,Maya is 32 and living in New Jersey.
Nicolas is 24 and still trying to decide on a major after 6 years.... My husband, Norman Tafoya, DN class of 75
(brother to Herman Tafoya DN class of 66 and Brian Tafoya DN class of 69) and I have been married for almost 26
years which seems like only two or three. (I'm sure he would have a different opinion)
After graduation I attended college in Mexico City (during the 1968 Olympics) and then UNM where I became a
faculty member in the college of education (special education) I have been working for the Albuquerque Public
Schools and UNM for way too many years and hope to retire soon so we can travel for longer than 2 weeks at a
time. Charlie will be a good person to take lessons from in the lengthy trip department. I am wondering if anyone
has heard from Cathy Reagan or JoEllen. Pam, I am impressed (but not surprised) with your connection to the rich
and famous. Gloria, you are so sweet to do all the work associated with this reunion site. Deedra, I have probably
seen you at Manzano in meetings but we probably didn't recognize each other. It will be great seeing everyone in
September. Tessie Gutierrez aka Anne Tafoya
--Tessie Gutierrez Tafoya
2008-01-16 03:26:06 GMT
The tennis team
Ron Rudolph shouldn’t feel bad for not remembering his mates on the swim team. I was on the tennis team for
three years, and I can’t remember everyone else who played. Only one of my three annuals features the tennis
team, so they weren’t much help.
I do recall my brother Terry; the late Ian Phillips, who fought a brave fight against Lou Gehrig’s Disease; Paul
Valentencic; George Horton; Chris Eckert; Paul Stake; David Sanchez; and Tom Day. Mr. Matthews was our coach.
Tom earned some notoriety as a sophomore when he won the first and I believe only Del Norte High School
pancake-eating contest. It took place on the commons area, and trash cans were placed strategically around the
long tables for contestants who couldn’t hold their flapjacks. Some were used.
As his friends cheered him on, Tom downed plate after plate. At one point his face turned a sickly shade of green,
but he toughed it out and emerged the champion. I believe his winning total was 13. He got his name in the
Albuquerque paper and some neat prizes.
Another thing about the tennis team was that we all had nicknames. That same sophomore year, the Lance ran an
article about us and listed our names and nicknames. I only remember Tom’s nickname and mine.
Our friend Mark Blum, a sometime tennis player himself, reacted with great amusement to my nickname, which
alluded to my unfortunate habit of smoking cigarettes at lunchtime in the smoking area alongside the gym.
I couldn’t understand why Mark, who was more worldly than we were and signed his name Marc, thought it was so
Anyhow, deep in the archives of the Lance from 1966, there is an article that includes the names Tom
“Buckwheat” Day and Tim “The Fag” Palmer.
2008-01-18 12:41:16 GMT
Don't you just hate it when you have written a long and what you thought was a witty blogg addressing many of the
other bloggers with current thoughts and old memories only to find out that you, some how, screwed things up and
your blogg didn't go through? And you just don't have the energy to try and recapture all that charm and wit. Don't
you just hate when that happens? Rick R
2008-01-20 05:14:24 GMT
Ricky don't lose that number
You don't wanna call nobody else
Send it off in a letter to yourself
Ricky don't lose that number
It's the only one you own
You might use it if you feel better
When you get home
2008-01-20 12:43:15 GMT
Ricky, I feel your pain. We want to hear your witty commentary, so don't give up!
The problem seems to lie in the "word verification" box. It is hard to tell a capital letter from a small one. First, look
at the box. If you are sure of your letter sizes, then type away. If you are not sure, then wait for a new choice; it is
always changing. (The box will not change once you start typing.)
By the way, it took me 2 tries to get this in! Hope it works for you.
2008-01-21 01:29:18 GMT
Del Norte had a swim team and a tennis team...
Who knew???
2008-01-21 05:19:43 GMT
Just wanted to send you an update about the EXTRA events that were mentioned on the "Events" page. As of
today there are 22 people that have said that they are interested in going to Santa Fe. There are 6 people that
have said that they are interested in playing golf. I will keep you updated and as we get closer to the Reunion date
I will contact everyone that said they were interested to see if they still are and I'll start making the arrangements.
Also we should have the prices for the Friday cocktail party and the Saturday dinner posted by the beginning of
the month. We are trying to set it up so that you can either pay by credit card through PayPal or send in a check.
As soon as we work it all out I will post it on the "Event" page. It has been so much fun reading all the entries on
the blog and I am excited about seeing everyone again. .....gloria
2008-01-21 15:02:50 GMT
By the way Rick, Pam is right, the hardest part in the blog is the word verification code. After you put in the code
and hit the "POST COMMENT" button it takes you back to the top. Scroll down and check to see if there is a
message written ABOVE the "compose a comment" area. It will say that the code you put it wasn't correct. Enter
the new code and check again. If the comment posts twice I can delete one of them. that has also happened to
me. Just don't leave the blog area until you are sure that it has posted and you won't lose it. ....gloria
2008-01-21 15:11:01 GMT
Well, I'm not sure that I can figure out how to set up the tracking system for payments made through paypal, and
there are transaction fees for doing so, which I don't think are necessary. Charmaine and I have already set up an
Excel spreadsheet and system that I am comfortable with. I will be happy to provide a mailing address for folks to
mail their payments to when we publish the events and prices.

Tony L.
2008-01-21 16:07:18 GMT
Janie, thank you for obtaining the photo of Richard O'Bryan. Your account of the visit with his mother bears out the
fact that deep currents run through our reconnecting with old acquaintances from times long past. Bless you for
bringing this woman's son to life again in her memory and ours. Also, Janie and Rick, please accept my
condolences on the loss of your mothers. I lost my mom on March 15 last year, and of course the first Christmas
without her was sad. But what a comfort to know the reunion to end all reunions awaits believers.
In His hope,
Tim P
2008-01-21 23:55:48 GMT
You are the most wonderful person, always a kind word for everyone. It was my pleasure to visit with Mrs. O'Bryan,
a very lovely lady.
I have a wonderful piece titled, My First Christmas in Heaven that I will send you and to Rick if I can get his
address. This meant so much to me. We had it printed in the church memory bullentin at my Mother's service.
Thanks for your condolences and my love to you and Rick also for your loss. Tell Catherine her book was
wonderful and I will enjoy reading it again.
Tessie, Charlie is suppose to contact JoEllen. Cathy Ragan has signed on, but that is all. She lives in Farmington,
where I do. I can tell you she is prettier now than in high school.
I cannot get in touch with Tom Day, never an answer at his house, left numerous messages and even wrote him a
letter. Hope "Buckwheat" finds his way to the page.
I can only say that the ones who are choosing not to participate on blogging or pictures are truly missing out and
will be way behind come September.
Classmates, remember, if you blog, send in a comment to memory page or today page, PLEASE make sure you
have signed the guestbook, that is really, really important. Cannot say enough to Gloria for all her work. We love
ya girl !!!
--Janie Bryant Banes
2008-01-22 05:41:20 GMT
Thank you. I appreciate it when someone says nice things about me. But the truth is: Without Jesus, my family and
my friends, I'm just another pile of dog poop in the watermelon patch.
(There's an autographed Catherine Palmer novel for the first person to name the movie that line is adapted from
and the character who spoke it.)
--Tim P
2008-01-22 13:32:48 GMT
Hey there, check out the events page !!!!
Also, several on the memoray page that need to be "remembered"--I know it hurts, but please make some
comments and if you cry while doing it, that is part of the healing process. Believe me I have cried buckets these
last few months and it is helping the hurt easier to deal with. Let's get "bloggin'" Janie B.
2008-01-31 03:40:18 GMT
So Tim, Has anyone tried to answer your movie line yet? there has got to be some movie buffs out there! Are
things really that quiet because it is surprising that from a class our size no one has anything to say. Please keep
the blog moving ..I know that there are a lot of you out there that read it but you also need to contribute to it. ....
2008-02-03 05:30:50 GMT
In Search of the Lost Classmate #1

In Search of the Lost Classmate is a new feature of the DNHS ’68 blog. If you have a classmate you are wondering
about, post his/her name and your memory of that person. Maybe someone will have news.
P.S. Yes, Tony, the title was taken from the Moody Blues album. "We’re all looking for someone..."

Pat Affholter

Pat Affholter always knew what he wanted to be when he grew up. He wanted to be an architect. So I've always
pictured him grown up and designing buildings, though I don't know if that's what he does.
Pat had quite a sense of humor. He liked to pin instant nicknames on people, not always kind. For example, he
might see you in the Cleveland Junior High lunchroom and say, "How ya doin', Food-in-the-Braces."
Anybody have news of Pat?

-- Tim P
2008-02-03 13:36:43 GMT
Tim, talked to wife of Pat Affholter back in October and gave her the web address. Wonder if she thinks he might
run into an old flame and has not passed it on. Call him at 505-889-4085
2008-02-04 04:40:27 GMT
Hi-so many thnakyous to all the effort that is going into this reunion!! and here I sit (snowed in) and have not sent
off the DN newspapers I have (I have not figured out how to package them yet-lame excuse,huh?) But I will try this
week to have it done. We have been shoveling snow all week- Durango is shut down and I haven't heard if I am
going to work tomorrow yet. All of this exercise makes up not being able to go to Curves, but I think my sholders
will be sore tomorrow. Thanks again for all of the help. Susan
2008-02-04 18:50:45 GMT
In Search of the Lost Classmate #2

Eloise Rakoczy
The Rakoczys lived in the 3500 block of Georgia Street near Steve Foree. They were a large family, and the
parents were working their way through the alphabet in naming the children. No. 3 was Cecilia; she used to babysit
us. Our shy classmate Eloise would have been No. 5; I knew her from Queen of Heaven School. Frank, No. 6, was
a track athlete at DN.

Anybody have news of Eloise?
2008-02-05 02:41:49 GMT
All right, since no one has attempted to guess the movie, it’s time for a clue. A different character in the same
movie says a line that goes something like this:
“I’ve ate the worm lots of times, but I ain’t never seen no visions.”
Anybody know what movie that's from?
2008-02-05 02:47:09 GMT
Deep Throat? Just a guess.
2008-02-05 21:03:25 GMT
I didn't give up just been having back problems and then got sick! Jane and I have been keeping each other
company with e mails and she thinks I should tell the story about breaking Whitson's nose in the 4th grade. Never
being shy about things like that, I think I will. But not today! I'm afraid my nose will drip on the key board! Paints a
nice picture, don't you think? Anyway, I quess I should be worried that John might pay me back after all these
years but since my nose has already been broken 14 times, I'm not to concerned. Besides, John mentioned it
when he signed my yearbook and didn't seem to be mad about it. Then there's Jane's comment that it didn't seem
to hurt his looks any! Stay tuned for future installments... Rick R
2008-02-05 23:06:32 GMT
Okay I'll give a guess.

Good, Bad and the Ugly.

That pretty much discribes our era doesn't it!? ;-)
2008-02-05 23:33:42 GMT
Anomyous,or is this Tim? Anyway on Eloise, I talked to her Dad and he told me to send him a letter and he would
get to her. Have not heard anything from her. I used to hang with her in school, Eloise,Barb McLaughlin and Linda
Larsen. Eloise has not kept in touch with any of us since she left the area. Hope she does respond. Her folks are
still at the old address on Georgia. I will try and call again and see if I can get a response. Just talked to her Mom,
she is still in Wyoming 307-328-0594, left message. Frank in TX, has his own business. Forgot to ask about
Cecelia and Delores, but assume they are still around. She told me she very rarely hears from Elosie, so let's
hope she signs in. Thanks,Janie
Oh, I do encourage Rick to write his blog on John W. I still claim he did not hurt his looks at all !!!!
--Janie Bryant Banes
2008-02-06 02:11:34 GMT
just a guess Tim, is it "Young Guns"?
--Brenda Harger Shott
2008-02-09 00:25:22 GMT
OK, glad we’re getting some guesses on the movie question, close but no cigar.
[Remember that scene in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly when Clint Eastwood gives a dying soldier a last puff
from his stogie? But I digress.]
To get the movie we’re looking for, let’s switch to two degrees of Kevin Bacon. I’ll name an actor or actress, and
he/she will be someone who has been in a movie with someone who’s in the movie we’re looking for.
Ready? Anthony Hopkins.

In Search of the Lost Classmate #3
Alan Hammer

Alan was a piano prodigy. He may have carried a briefcase, or am I confusing him with Keith Sklower? Anyway, I
remember coming into humanities class late one day, and Alan was up on the stage of the lecture hall playing
“Last Date.” It was like note for note identical to Floyd Cramer on the radio! Mrs. Cravens made a fuss over that.
Does anybody have news of Alan Hammer?
Tuh-DUN Dun-dun, dun-dun-dun.... dun-dun-dun-dun...
2008-02-09 04:12:58 GMT
Alan sent one email to me, but did not respond to my reply. I believe he is a retired Marine Warrant Officer. Linda
Kelly probably has the inside track on getting in touch with him…Linda??. If you want the email I have on him, just
let me know.
--John Sweeney
2008-02-10 04:03:04 GMT
Next clue: Kyra Sedgwick
2008-02-11 00:25:35 GMT
In Search of the Lost Classmate #4
Larry Leyba

Larry had one characteristic that set him apart from most of his classmates – he was married. He also played
guitar in a band. I can’t remember the name of the band, but they played and might have recorded a catchy song
called “Find It.” Larry was also a skier and an all-around nice guy.
Anybody have news of Larry?
“You got to find it,
Find it if you want it,
Find it,
Hold it in your hand, in your hand if you can...”
2008-02-11 00:36:52 GMT
hey Debby Sanchez, you are a movie buff.....don't you know what movie the clues are for? Put on your thinking
2008-02-11 16:21:31 GMT
Next clue: Tom Cruise
2008-02-11 23:43:04 GMT
I have enjoyed going through the blog and reading the comments. I look forward to reuniting with you all in
September. Thank you, Janie, for contacting me. I sent my picture to Gloria a few days ago but it has not been
entered yet...Is it that bad? hahaha! I am sure it will be posted in due time.

Mike G....even though it is listed as George I go by Mike
2008-02-12 01:21:14 GMT
I see that someone is looking for Larry Leyba. I played in a band with Larry. We were called The Missing Link and
later changed the name to Blue Grass. I played the keyboard. Terry Romero was the lead guitar and his brother,
Stan, was the drummer. Mike Summers was the bass player. I am not sure if Larry went on to play with another
group. He and his wife had a girl, I believe. My goodness! She must be 40 years old...I have no idea where he is or
the other fellows in the band.
--Mike G
2008-02-12 01:55:34 GMT
Yeah, Debby, you should know this movie. After all, it's set in--
2008-02-12 14:20:21 GMT
Mike G.,
Was I right about you guys doing a song called "Find It"? Did you record it? And the name Blue Grass -- were you
a jug band, or what?
--Tim P
2008-02-12 14:25:53 GMT
Next clue: Nick Nolte
2008-02-12 14:31:16 GMT
mike, sorry that I haven't posted your picture yet. I have been gone for a week to Tucson, Az. buying gemstones at
the Tucson gem show. It is the largest gem show in the world and it is only once a year. It is so much fun because
there are dealers and miners from all over the world. I try to go for 4 or 5 days and I only see 1/3 of the shows.
Every hotel is full of dealers and they even have tents set up to accommodate more dealers. It is alot of fun!
anyway I should be back home on Thursday of this week and will catch up on all my work on the site. .....gloria
2008-02-12 17:19:39 GMT
By the way, I am using a friend's Mac while I am gone and when I went online to see our site it was all messed up.
There should be a solid color behind all the text and it doesn't appear on her Mac so I am wondering if anyone
else is experiencing this also because it makes it really hard to read. Also the Text doesn't appear in the correct
order. Some of it seems to be in odd places. The talking dog on the front page doesn't show. So if any of you are
wondering if I was drinking heavily when I put this site together please e-mail me and let me know. Hopefully I will
figure out what will work for all types of computers. I won't get mad if you give me negative input because I only see
what shows up on my computer and every computer accepts different fonts and codes and then sometimes
displays them the way they want. thanks...gloria
2008-02-12 17:34:52 GMT
Hello Gloria
I am on a Mac, and those problems seem to appear depending on the browser you are using. Safari shows you all
those problems you are talking about. I am using Firefox to type this message, but it is acting real weird as I am
typing this out. Not sure what the solution would be.
2008-02-12 18:23:20 GMT
Welcome to Arizona Gloria!
--John Sweeney
2008-02-12 20:25:20 GMT
My 'puter shows it fine, glad I am in New Mexico. Just a reminder, please put on your thinking caps and look at the
memory page, there are several classmates that do not have any memories by their pictures and some with only a
short memory. I know it is hard to think about, but they need to be remembered, so write and cry, but say
something. This will be the only place you will be able to comment about them, so let's fill up the page with
memories and hopefully no more pictures. Thanks, Janie Bryant Banes
2008-02-13 01:40:35 GMT
thanks john, I really love Az. We lived in Phoenix for about 10 years and I really miss the winters. Notice I didn't say
summers, although Texas is pretty hot too.While we were here I went back to my old neighborhood but as they can never go back! Things have changed but there are always memories. I have never been to Yuma
but the movie"3:10 to Yuma " was great. I do have a customer that lives in Yuma but my memory isn't working at
this moment, if I remember I will let you know, you might know her. Well I'm leaving tomorrow morning for home....
2008-02-13 01:47:06 GMT
Hi Gloria
Thanks for the comment. I was concerned that perhaps my email and pic didn't get to you. Also, will you be able to
change my name to Mike on the Classmates page? This is what happens when one uses their middle name
instead of their first name. haha
Your trip sounds busy, too! Gloria, is that 817 number yours? If so, are you here in the DFW metroplex?
You know that I am in Ft. Worth, right?
Tim P, thanks for your response. No, we did not record that song. Larry might have with another band. We were
strickly R&R - 60's groups. I preferred The Missing Link but was out voted. I was afraid that with the new name
people would confuse us with playing that type of music. Not really to sure why Blue Grass was chosen. We wore
Nero jackets and paisley shirts with large white collars and white cuffs...What a laugh!!!
Janie, thanks for the friendly reminder to add a comment to the Memory page pictures. Yes, it will require some
reaching back into the reseses of the brain...
--Mike G
2008-02-13 02:01:07 GMT
Next clue: L. Ron Hubbard (Can you tell I'm really ready for someone to guess this movie?)
2008-02-13 02:39:17 GMT
In Search of the Lost Classmate #5

People with two names

George "Mike" Glenn is not the only class of '68er to have gone by more than one name.
-- John Atencio was also Carl.
-- John Hickerson was also Kenny. High jumper?
-- Sarah Benavidez, my Queen of Heaven classmate, was also Bernice.
-- Eileen Kindley, another Q of H'er on whom I had a huge crush in fifth grade (along with her friend Christine
Watts), was also Bobbie.
-- Barbara Shows was also Janie.
There are probably others.
Anybody have news of John-Carl, John-Kenny, Sarah-Bernice, Eileen-Bobbie or Barbara-Janie? Or Christine?
2008-02-13 02:56:23 GMT
Lost classmate #5
John Atencio, no leads, think in Texas. I called most of the Atencio's in Albq.
Kenny Hickerson and sister Carol--210-646-7463
talked to them 3 months ago, said would sign on
Bernice Benavidez--has been contacted numerous times, she not sure if wants to come to reunion or not.
Bobbie or Eileen Kindley, has made comments on memory page--please sign the guestbook !!!
Barbara or Janie Shows, Charlie has talked to, we hope she will sign on. Thanks, Janie
2008-02-13 04:14:41 GMT
Double movie clue:
Richard Gere, Olivia Newton John
Bonus clue: Dean Martin sang a song about the city where the movie is set (and that's no bull)
2008-02-13 14:41:06 GMT
I am glad the weather cleared up for you Gloria while you were here in Arizona; it’s been perfect since last
weekend. We even threw in a couple of earthquakes for you! Did you feel them? You and others that have lived in
this state already know that the summers can be a bit challenging, at least in the lower areas. I saw the older
version of 3:10 to Yuma, but haven’t seen the remake yet. For those of you who don’t know, Yuma is located in the
furthest point in the Southwest of the state; if you go much further you’re in Mexico. The bad guy’s reluctance to
go to Yuma was an apparent dislike of the accommodations at the Yuma Territorial Prison. I have pictures I took at
the prison, and I will try to upload some of them to the Photo Gallery section this weekend if anyone is interested. I’
ll bet spikes of 125 degrees in the summer with no air-conditioning makes for very unhappy prisoners. After the
prison closed in the early 1900’s, Yuma High School was held classes there for about 3 or 4 years. Yuma High
students and alumni are still proud to call themselves “Criminals”. I love political incorrectness in (almost) all its
--John Sweeney
2008-02-14 16:52:38 GMT
Movie clue: The film in question will be inducted into the Texas Film Hall of Fame next month.
2008-02-15 02:51:33 GMT
I forgot one of the went-by-two-names classmates. Glenn Parker was also Jim. Any news on Glenn-Jim?
Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day to all.
2008-02-15 02:56:24 GMT
Urban Cowboy
2008-02-15 22:38:37 GMT
Hooray! Someone figured out the movie.
Urban Cowboy came out in 1980 and starred John Travolta as Bud, Debra Winger and Sissy and Scott Glenn as
Wes. The two degrees of Kevin Bacon went:
-- Anthony Hopkins starred with Debra Winger in Shadowlands (great movie about C.S. Lewis).
-- Kyra Sedgwick starred with John Travolta in Phenomenon.
-- Tom Cruise starred with Scott Glenn in All the Right Moves.
-- Nick Nolte starred with Debra Winger in Cannery Row.
The character who spoke the first line was Uncle Bob, who was counseling Bud about his relationship with Sissy.
“You know you think that ol' pride's gonna choke you going down but I tell you what, ain't a night goes by I don't
thank the boss up there for giving me a big enough throat. 'Cause without Corrine and them kids, hell, I'd just be
another pile of dog (poop) in the cantaloupe patch just drawing flies.”
The second line was spoken by Wes, who ate the guzano at the bottom of the mescal bottle.
If the classmate or classmates who correctly identified the movie let me know who they are, I will send them a
Catherine Palmer book, as promised. Someone else think up next contest?
-- Tim P
2008-02-16 00:40:15 GMT
Saying goodbye to an old friend, now sitting in the airport in Kampala waiting for a flight for Johannesburg prompts
me to write the note I’ve been determined to do since Pete Springer sent me the class website a few months ago.
The process of moving back to southern Africa and traveling a lot has slowed things down a bit. Must say that I
was quite bemused when confronted with my posed football picture on the homepage, which became open
laughter when my wife and kids saw it…
Pete and I have stayed in touch over the years and when I was last in Albuquerque, we managed to catch up with
Fritz Blake over lunch. I also get periodic updates about Sig through a very close, mutual friend. I have fond
memories of high school, many rekindled by the website. Since leaving in 1972, I only managed brief stops in New
Mexico, visits with my mom who still lives there (and as yet, seems to have no serious interest in living overseas).
After undergraduate school I spent a year in Utah to try and get some of the skiing out of my system, then moved
east to go to graduate school and ended up as a clinical child psychologist on the faculty at Dartmouth Medical
School. Much of my research and fieldwork has focused on vulnerable children, including those orphaned or
separated from their families due to armed conflict, refugee movements, and the HIV & AIDS pandemic. A few
years ago I was coaxed over to “the dark side”, now working as a senior advisor on orphans and vulnerable
children for USAID (United States Agency for International Development). Am based in the US Mission in Pretoria,
South Africa and feel genuinely fortunate that the work is compelling, both professionally and personally.
My wife, Irene, works on international public health issues with a specialty in maternal child health. Her curiosity
and energy have served as catalyst for our international meandering. We have spent nearly twenty five years now,
working on children’s issues in Latin America, Southeast Asia, Eurasia, and Africa. We’ve done a few stints in the
States, teaching at Dartmouth and Duke, and recently, a brief posting out of the Reagan Building in D.C. Our older
kids (fraternal twins, now 20 - Colin and Caitlin) were born in the Philippines. They are now at university, one in
New York, the other in Boston. We also have a 12 year old son (Kai) who is at the American International School of
Johannesburg. The extra space in the household is occupied by a yellow lab, Pinotage.
Though we have an annual home leave, my time in the States tends to be closely tied to work. Would love to make
the reunion, though suspect I’ll need to satisfy myself with the website, which I’ve much enjoyed. Kudos to Gloria
and those who have brought it to life!
Thanks and best,


PS – And Tim Palmer, “rambled” was generous…

--kirk felsman
2008-02-16 07:23:26 GMT
Oh, yeah, Richard Gere starred with Debra Winger in An Officer and a Gentleman; Olivia Newton John starred with
John Travolta in Grease and in Two of a Kind. The latter has to be one of the worst movies ever made. I remember
reading that when it was shown on an airliner, passengers started throwing food at the drop-down screen, and the
stewardesses cheered them on!
The Dean Martin song was “Houston.”
“I haven’t eaten in about a week, I’m so hungry when I walk I squeak...goin’ back to Houston.”
My son the film major told me about, the Internet Movie Database, and it’s pretty amazing. You can
check out memorable lines and find trivia such as this from Urban Cowboy: The scene where Wes chews up and
swallows the worm after drinking the bottle of mezcal was not scripted, but a joke done for the dailies.
--Tim P
2008-02-16 13:16:05 GMT
Kirk, thanks for sharing your bio. Fascinating research and career! As a HS teacher I daily see the phenomenon of
the "parentless" and the "unparented" child in the American classroom. I read about and cannot fathom the
concept of whole villages of orphaned children. You make us proud. Deedra
--Deedra Lucero
2008-02-18 17:32:18 GMT
Great to hear (read) from you Kirk. Just to let you know, 2081/2 Vassar is still there and relatively unchanged. I no
longer live there, however. I've also gotten great mileage out of our graduation night adventure at Franks Pizza. I
echo Deedra's sentiments: you've done pretty good for yourself managing not to become a "cynical psychologist".
--bill tracey
2008-02-19 17:07:22 GMT
Bill T,
I've spent 39+ years trying to put Frank's Pizza out of my mind. What kind of spin can you put on that incident to
get any mileage out of it? A huge drag is what it was.
(I s'pose it is kind of funny to recall going to the Better Business Bureau the next day to complain about the
crummy "service" we received.)
-- Tim P
2008-02-20 03:21:13 GMT
Tim I think you are now going to have to enlighten those of us who were NOT at Frank's Pizza as to what we
apparently missed! If anybody can make a story out of it, you can.
2008-02-20 23:49:20 GMT
I defer to Billy T.
-- TP
2008-02-21 12:14:13 GMT
Well, hello fellow Knights,
I'm not sure if I will be remembered by many however, I remember most of you. I'm really glad to hear of everyone's
success and the few heartaches of others. I myself, have had an ordinary life and am content with it.
I married a few years after graduation and had one son followed by a divorce a few years later. My son has gifted
me with three grandchildren ages 13, 11, & 8.
Two years after my divorce, I met and fell in love with my soul-mate. We married 31 years ago and are still very
much in love. After many years of trying to have a family, we were fortunate enough to adopt our son. He is
currently attending Sam Houston State University in Huntsville TX. My husband is employed by the US Government
and will be retiring after his last overseas duty. I am currently employed by the Caddo Mills school district. I work in
Resource Education Content Mastery at the Middle School. This means I have to know a little bit about a lot of
subjects, sort of how I made it through High School. LOL I do find my job rewarding and even entertaining at times.
After retirement, my husband and I plan on rock-hounding in various states and producing slabs and cabichons of
stone. We also plan on plenty of motorcycle rides and camping trips. I am not quite ready for those golden years
spent in a rocking chair! I may be aging, but I refuse to grow old (for now, anyway)!
I look forward to meeting up with everyone. I have enjoyed the website and really appreciate all the hard work
involved with setting it up and keeping it going.

--Donna (Rounsaville) Bowers
2008-02-22 21:04:23 GMT
I know that anyone who remembers me from high school would find it hard to believe, but when I was in grade
school (Mark Twain Bull Frogs)I was a skinny runt! As a result, the bigger boys (That was all of them and some
girls)would beat me up everyday during and after school.By the time I reached 4th grade my mom gave me
permission to fight back and signed me up for Judo. My dad was a Golden Gloves Champ and taught me to box.
So every day for a week I was in the principle's office (Bessy Norris) for fighting. One of those fights was with Billy
Kraemer (and I swear he was as big then as he is now!)although he says he doesn't remember it and is horrified
that he bullied me. Anyway, that was what lead me to have a fight with John Whitson. Now I don't remember all the
details, but I had a couple of altercations between Billy and John and in the process had broken my hand. So the
day came when Whitson approached me at recess and was mad about the outcome of my fisticuffs with Billy. So it
was set up that we would meet to discuss it after school and just off the school grounds (the school couldn't punish
you for fighting off the grounds.)So we met after school to settle our differences. (today that would be done in a
drive by with guns blazing but in those days we were really nice guys.)Now I can't give you sports lovers a blow by
blow, but somehow, after I managed to fold the metal splint back so I could make a fist, we commenced to "get it
on" as they say at the start of the mixed martial arts fights. And the result was that John's nose was broken!The
result of, at least, those two altercations, lead to lifetime friendships and I quote from John Whitson in my
yearbook; "We made it through 12 years together even if you did work me over." I'll not give you the rest of that
quote because it concerns a women. So, I'm not sure if there is a moral to this story but as Jane Banes said after
seeing John's current photo; "It didn't seem to hurt his looks any!"
So that's my story and I'm stickin to it! Is that how you remember it John? Rick R
2008-02-22 23:47:09 GMT
All right, then: Frank’s Pizza.
It was graduation night, a night we looked forward to all the way through high school. A bunch of us -- seven, I
think -- went to a party in the South Valley. Going into a part of town where we rarely ventured -- except maybe in
July to buy firecrackers at Isleta Pueblo -- set the tone for the strange events that followed.
I have no memory of the party itself. When we left, we decided to go for pizza. Someone suggested Frank’s, which
was on Central across from UNM.
We ate our pizza and started to leave. I was one of the last ones out. As I stepped to the restaurant door, I saw a
confrontation on the sidewalk outside. A man, backed up by 6 or 7 other men, was getting in the face of one of the
guys in our group. Clearly this man had hostile intentions; he was loudly accusing our guy of having done
something bad to a friend or family member of his.
None of us had ever seen any of them in our lives, and it was obvious their leader was seeking to justify picking a
fight. My brief role in the ensuing melee was to pull our guy back into the restaurant, thinking they wouldn’t carry
the fight inside. But they did, and the proprietor paid them no mind. He appeared to condone the attack.
It was over as quickly as it started. Someone may have yelled that the cops were coming. None of our guys was
hurt too badly, though the original target got a shiner. The friends who hadn’t gone back inside had scattered into
the neighborhood and onto campus, where we rounded them up to go home.
It was one of those deals that caused me to wonder: What could I have done differently? Grabbed a meat cleaver
from the kitchen and gone after them, as my dad suggested? Not bloody likely.
The incident is burned in my mind for a couple of reasons. First, you don’t often look hatred in the face, but that
night we did. Second, and it pains me to say this, the fight was about race. We were all gringos; they were all
The same type of rage erupted three years later, when a dispute with police over drinking at Roosevelt Park blew
into a riot that saw City Hall get torched. It was ugly, but discrimination breeds anger, as we see all over the world.
I want to believe things have gotten better in Albuquerque over the decades since we graduated, and that the
societal injustices dealt to non-Anglos have been sufficiently addressed. I hope and pray that they have, and that
they continue to be.
And that is as accurate and true an account of Frank’s Pizza as I am able to give. If I have offended anyone,
please forgive me.
--Tim P

There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.
Galatians 3:28

...the Lord searches every heart and understands every motive behind the thoughts. If you seek him, he will be
found by you; but if you forsake him, he will reject you forever.
I Chronicles 28:9
2008-02-24 05:35:31 GMT
Tim, I think the good thing about what happened to you guys at Frank's and a lot of the rest of us in other places,
was that it happened then and not today! Your story reminded me of at least two times during high school where I
was almost stabbed for danceing with the wrong girl, and another time when I had a 6 month black eye from brass
knuckels for going to the wrong party. Today those same actions would have put some of us on the
Rememberence page! The great thing is that now they are just stories about growing up.
Kirk, I think you have one of the more interesting lives of those that have shared theirs with us. I have a student in
Pretoria, SA and I was going there a couple of years ago to teach a seminar but for some reason it didn't happen. I
would have been very disapointed to find out later that you were there and I missed you. Is it old age and the
lightning, or did you really teach a class I was in at UNM after I got out of the army in 1971? Rick R
2008-02-24 18:11:13 GMT
Thanks Cynthia for adding pictures to the Del Norte Photo Album. Your children and grandchhildren are precious!
I love seeing everyone's family. Hope that "OTHERS OF YOU" out there follow Cynthias steps and put in photos of
your family and things that you have done or places you have been to. Would love to see areas near Kirk's home
and work. It does take alittle time to figure out how to put in your photos the first time but we all would love to see
everyones photos so please take the time...thanks, gloria
2008-02-24 22:06:39 GMT
I too just looked at the photo blog. Cynthia, you have a wonderful looking family and you look great also, lots to be
proud of there. I am so impressed to read about what classmates are doing or have done with their lives. Pam,
how exiciting your life has been as an interior designer. Guess the stars are just people, but nice to have worked
with some of them. Mike Glenn you should be so proud of the life you have led and please share on the blog as
you did with me in the e-mail. You are amazing. Rick, you too have had an intering life and glad you are sharing it.
I do so enjoy your e-mails, so don't stop writing me. I meet with Ruth Banes last week, she is such a knowledgeble
person and has done quite a few things, hope she blogs and tells everyone about hereself. We tried to see if her
Banes and my husband Banes were related. So far, cannot find a connection. Kirk I too am impressed with the
work you and your wife are doing, makes me feel good to hear what your have and are doing.
Memories are coming back from h.s. days, but I was not at Frank's or A & W when all the "action" took place. We
did however, cruise A&W, Franks and Vips, those were the days? As Rick stated, today we might be faced with a
pistol in our face. We did not have it so bad in the 60's did we?
I do have a memory, on the last day of school of our SR. year, I was behind the school bus in the sherman tank
(58 Ford) that I drove and the bus driver, put it in reverse and backed into me. I could not get out of my door and
can't remember who was with me, perhaps Linda or Barb, anyway, they got out and ran to stop the bus and let her
know what she did. A big mess. Anyone happen to be on the bus the day that happened? Funny, how things come
I hope Charlie and Billy are having a great time in Mexico. Glad there are more blogging and hope it increases.
--Janie Bryant Banes
2008-02-25 01:40:02 GMT
Tim...I need to brush up on my computer etiquette and be prompt with my responses. The "mileage" to which I was
referring in the Franks note had to do with fall rush at UNM when I, a scrawny little 18 year-old just out of high
school needed a little capital with older and seemingly more mature fraternity guys. I thought the story of our
ambush would give me a leg up when asked, "how was your summer, little fella?". I tried not to embellish, but I did
try to linger on every vicious,nasty detail as I remembered it. Everyone seemed to enjoy my retelling of the events
of that night and I credit it for my being asked to pledge a couple of the wimpier fraternities. I will say that I never
made myself a hero...I always admitted to quietly slinking back into the kitchen only to be threatened by the
cooking staff brandishing skillets. Oh...and Kirk always ended up getting beaten, which forced him to miss a flight
to Europe the next day.
Several years later, while overseas in the military, I heard that Franks Pizza had burned to the ground, but there
were no details.

--bill tracey
2008-02-26 04:39:52 GMT
Gloria, sure hope you received the PAVILION newspapers and the scrapbook in the mail. I am not sure how you
can use them, but they sure are fun to look thru!!!! Looking forward-Susan
2008-02-26 18:48:17 GMT
Author:gloria s
thank you Susan, I received them and everyone might want to be on the lookout for new photos popping up in the
web pages. I think that there are some that are worthy of being on the site....gloria
2008-02-28 18:35:36 GMT
Don't know who the people in the photo on the left are Gloria, but the Mustang Cheerleaders are Patty Pollard and
....By the time I got this far I forgot her name but she didn't go to DN...Rick R
2008-03-04 23:59:16 GMT
Back to the new photos at the top.I think the photo to the left of the cheerleaders is 9th grade graduation at
Monroe in 1965. You can see Winrock in the back ground. I don't think I'm correct but want to say the guy in the
suit is Freddie Muden, Am I close? I'm still working on the girl next to Patti Pollard in the cheerleader photo but it
will come to me. I saw the photos that Cynthia put on the gallery. Great looking family! Rick R
2008-03-05 23:03:45 GMT
To tell you the truth I don't know the people in #1 and #2, their photos were in the scrapebook so I assumed that
they went to school with some of us but of coarse the cute blonde in #3 is Pati Pollard and the girl next to her went
to Sandia, but I'll let you all figure it out. Also I added another easy photo #4. There are more to come so noone is
safe from the past.....gloria
2008-03-05 23:15:44 GMT
OK! as soon as I got off the site it hit me like a bolt of lightning! The girl next to Patti Pollard is Karen Nelson. I am
pretty sure she went to Sandia from Monroe. Don't remember where I live, but ask me something about junior
high...Rick R
2008-03-05 23:20:52 GMT
Don't mean to hog this but is photo #4 Susan Brown and brothers? I saw the new photo as I was trying to get the
magic letters and #s to get me out of here...Rick R again
2008-03-05 23:36:50 GMT
At the risk of sounding dumb, where are these photos you guys are talking about?
Curious in dial-up land
2008-03-06 03:12:50 GMT
Author:gloria s
The photos are on the blog page above the area that says "click Here to go to the Del Norte Blog"
2008-03-06 05:55:29 GMT
Too bad the world of dial up cannot see all the new things Gloria has done with the web page. Isn't she amazing??
Sure are alot of cute pictures floating around on this web. If you have not signed up, better get on and take notice,
your pictures are everywhere!!! I will be back calling this weekend, so expect to hear from me if you have not
signed on, Marty, Terri, Mike and Perkins, Kathy Fry, John Dalby, just to mention a few. Oh, Rick, you have done a
wonderful job in guessing who is who. Thanks, Janie
--Janie Bryant Banes
2008-03-07 20:21:52 GMT
Oh, forgot to mention--did all hear of the smoke damage to the El Rey? Wow, glad it was only smoke damage.
News said they had to to cancel several events there. Billy are you still involved with it? Hope all can be repaired
Oh, have had lots of comments about not knowing how to blog, well I bet you are real good at texting, just pretend
it is a text message and get to writing. The only thing you have to do at the end is type in the code. Janie
2008-03-07 22:07:50 GMT
No one is safe including you Gloria!In today's world you never know where your photo might turn up. Remember
when you and Charlie used to set of your alarm while cleaning house in the middle of the night? Remember the
night I gave you a heart attack when you realized a cop was standing at your back living room window? You were
wearing a big T shirt and vacuming like crazy and if I remember right, you had some Rock and Roll blasting in the
background? Any of that ring a bell? Well I had a camera! Just kidding! About the camera I mean. But you never
know what might turn up. And Janie you think you are safe just because you didn't move here until 1965? Maybe
you should ask Dick if he has had any contact with any of us! Check for missing photos... You never know.Old
mug shots might turn up.
2008-03-08 18:59:36 GMT
I just came from the photogallery and am glad to see more people getting involved. Cynthia Barrack and Mike
Glenn, you both have great families. I've enjoyed looking at all the shots and hope to see more. Sweeney, I'm glad
to see you added more. I love to look at photos.Dean Hart! Glad to hear what you've been up to. I used to run into
you now and then and all of a sudden it stopped. Now I know why.I tried to comment earlier but my blog skills leave
something to be desired. Tim P, have you heard anymore about how Mike Rogers is doing? Rick R
2008-03-08 19:23:37 GMT
I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of the Cellar Dwellers band. I remember Pete played a mean bass...he was
great! I wonder if he still plays in his "old age". The website is so good and so much fun! Gloria, you are doing a
terriffic job. THANKS!!! Janie, I have enjoyed reconnecting with you and have had much fun corresponding with
you via email. Thanks, Rick,for your kind comment about my family. It is wonderful being a grandparent. Until next
time! Mike G.
2008-03-08 21:15:32 GMT
Yikes, I remember that night! I was cleaning the carpet and the alarm went off. I think that it was after midnight and
I was half dressed and all of a sudden a flashlight was shining in the window with cops looking in. I almost died!.
Charlie was always doing something to cause the alarm to go off. One night he went out in his underwear to get
something from the car. Even though we lived on Wyoming Blvd. he thought that it was late enough that he would
not get caught. Well he did! One of his cop friends pulled into the driveway and shined his car spotlight on him. He
was lucky that it wasn't someone else. Anyway, you are right I might be surprised by what might turn up. I guess
that if I dish it out I had better be able to take it.....gloria
2008-03-08 23:55:18 GMT
Just revisited the website. Bill Tracey, great to hear of you and can only convey how many powerful associations I
still have to that place on Vassar. During a visit a few years ago, took my youngest son to The Frontier for
breakfast and then drove by the place. As you note, hasn’t changed much in appearance. My last images there
are connected to Pete, still alive in ways, as I’ve stayed in touch with Priscilla over the years.

Rick, am sure that it has all been affected by age and, perhaps, the “lightening” as well, in one form or another.
Your memory serves well, about our being in a class together at UNM, something that the Honors Program had
organized. And though I may have had a “teaching” role, what I remember is listening about your experiences in
Vietnam and feeling terribly sheltered and naïve in contrast. I both felt and expressed very strong anti-war
sentiments during that period but knowing of your commitments and experience was humbling.

In the mid-80’s, as the Amerasian Homecoming Act became law, Irene (my wife) and I moved to the Philippines and
spent two years working in the PRPC (Refugee Processing Center) in Bataan. Irene helped establish a center that
provided sanction and support for the traditional healers (Vietnamese, Khmer and Lao). The research we did with
the Amerasians and their extended families took us to Thailand and Vietnam a number of times.

2008-03-10 06:10:50 GMT
Mike , you were wondering if Pete still played. Well, yes he does and he and his band will be playing Saturday
night for all of us that make it to the Dinner/Dance. I guess that I need to mention that on the Events page...gloria
2008-03-11 00:41:29 GMT
Gloria, I am so glad to see that Pete still plays, has a band and will be our music for the Saturday night event!
What fun that will be! I admired his talent. I agree that adding this piece of information would be appropriate for the
Events page. MIKE
2008-03-11 02:39:50 GMT
Janie tells me i won $5 and to go to the web page to find out.... having worked for non profits, not being the
famous Sigrid Olsen, and given up law a long time ago, i was suckered!!
Such fun to take a few minutes to read some of the messages---yes #4 is Susan Brown, brothers Richard, Robert
and Jeff and Rick I think you are right about Patti and Karen but Nelson doesnt ring a bell... Patti can verify i am
I remember Billy & Pete (were John and Howard there?)telling of the Frank's Pizza debacle after graduation, but
sure would not have remembered the 4th grade fisticuffs, Rick, if the story werent there...what did Miss Monroe do,
great family pics, wonderful news from so many of you for whom it has been way too long, this will be a kick, for
i am exhausted waiting for this to play catch up... felcidades to all of you!
--Sig Olson
2008-03-13 23:16:19 GMT
Gloria, Great announcement on the Events page about Pete and his band...super!What fun this will be!! Thanks!!!
Hi Sig, welcome to the Blog! It was good hearing from you! Mike G.
2008-03-14 01:13:10 GMT
Hey Guys, sorry to keep calling and bugging ones, just want us all to have a chance to know about the reunion.
On the sign in page do you think Greg Corle meant I was really remorseless or could it have been he meant to say
relentless??? I hope I am not being mean or evil when I make a contact. Thanks, Janie
2008-03-14 23:29:32 GMT
Hey Sig...Howard was at Franks on that fateful night...he hid with me in the kitchen. No John,though. He had too
much sense. Excited about the Cellar Dwellers, but what about the Grass Roots? Don't they owe us?
--Bill Tracey
2008-03-15 00:56:57 GMT
Bill is right, the Grass Roots do owe us! Who remembers the name of the band that took their place? I'll pay $5 for
the 1st correct answer and someone else can join the ranks of the rich and famous with Sig. I am shocked that you
would question my brain fried, hit in the head to many times, memory! I am deeply hurt and will require some type
of consoling from you when we meet again. I went back to my boxes of junk that survived my fire, and found a
photo of the Manroe Christmas Dance in 1964. In the photo was me and Robin Hackney (pre-Deona), John
Coffman and Marshia Clup, and Bob Malone with Karen Nelson.The names were written on the back. I guess you
know this will take years of therapy to recover from. Or maybe a beer at the reunion. Kirk, thanks for clearing up
that matter about the class I had with you, I couldn't figure out how you would have been my teacher 4 years after
high school. All of us were screwed up about the war in those days, at least now the public might understands that
the military doesn't get to vote on the wars they will participates in and the ones they won't.It's good these young
people get a good home coming at least. I was always behind the curve. A grunt in Americans worst war, A cop
when we were called Pigs, and then a DOE cop when everyone was against Nuclear stuff! There's a pattern here.
Now I'm just a goruchy old man.You and your wife have done some great work and should be very proud. Now
back to Sig. So was that the Blarney Stone Bar where we danced on the table? Or was that another Sig? Or
another bar... Rick R
2008-03-15 20:01:36 GMT
Question Mark and the Mysterions?
--Bill Tracey
2008-03-15 20:32:36 GMT
Rick, you can buy me a $5 drink at the reunion, because the band we ended up with was QUESTION MARK & the
MYSTERIANS of "96 Tears" fame. They were pretty good, but they were no CELLAR DWELLARS.
2008-03-15 20:39:31 GMT
Oops! I meant DWELLERS. Bill T, you only beat me because I had to type this TWICE!!!
2008-03-15 20:47:43 GMT
I was going to use Bobby Malone in an In Search of the Lost Classmate, but he isn't pictured with the seniors in the
annual. Did he graduate with us? Seems I heard news about Bobby some years back that made me sad. Could
someone update us?
--Tim P
2008-03-15 22:03:32 GMT
Who is the fifth guy in the two Cellar Dwellers photos -- the one whose name is not on the business card? He's on
the left wearing a serape in one photo and on the right playing guitar in the Carnaby 66 photo.
2008-03-16 14:21:58 GMT
Picture 1. Girl on right Margie Kohler "Sandia 68" she was a Winrock Bimbette (Monroe)
2008-03-16 15:12:11 GMT
Author:gloria s
Has anyone guessed who's car it is on the "Pics from the Past" page?
2008-03-16 23:15:12 GMT
Happy Saint Patty's to all my classmates! Whether you are Irish year around, or just for today, I hope your day is
full of laughter, family, friends, and fun!
--John Sweeney
2008-03-17 18:55:52 GMT
I don't know whose car that is, but it reminds me of the giant "brain" bug in the movie Starship Troopers. "It's an
ugly planet -- a bug planet."
2008-03-17 23:13:35 GMT
I'll buy both of you a drink. I'm easy! Tim,
I can fill you in on the wild and wooley Malone.He graduated in summer school68.He went to Eastern for a little
while to stay out of the draft and then went in the navy to keep from getting popped for selling pot. He got out with
a bad back in 1972 and moved into a house with a bunch of guys and I got merried in his back yard. In the late
80s he got in trouble with the law for cooking meth and changed identities,got off the meth and fell asleep at the
wheel and died in a head on in Az. In 1988. No one else was hurt.I feel free to be that frank because Bobs parents
excepted me as their 2nd son and because they have since passed on as well. I spread Bob's ashes in the Jamez
where his dad took us camping as kids. We used to laugh about being "The Cop and the Crook." I always thought
it ironic that he got off the meth and fell asleep at the wheel. One thing I can say about Bob Malone; He had a
great time while he was here! Come on Sig! You can admitt you danced on a table with me. Patti Pollard has a
table dance (not that kind) story about me and her too! Rick R...
2008-03-18 04:54:56 GMT
I just lost a big reply for some reason! Pam, Bill, I'll buy you both a drink, I'm easy.
Tim, I answered about Malone in detail but I'm not going to do it again right now, but I will later...
Rick R
2008-03-18 04:58:03 GMT
Thanks for the thoughtful update on Bobby, Rick. Here’s a Bob Malone story for St. Patrick’s Day week. Malone is
Irish, isn’t it?
One thing I expect about heaven is answers to trivia questions about one’s life on earth. For example, I could ask
St. Peter or whoever’s in charge of such things: What was the worst I ever needed to use a bathroom in my entire
life? The answer is likely to be:
“Remember when you were a senior and had a free period in the morning, and you and Bobby Malone and Mike
Rogers would leave campus and go buy a six-pack of Coors tall boys? You would drink two cans each and get
back in time for your French II class with Mrs. Weaver. Two of those times are ranked #1 and #3 on the ‘worst you
ever needed to go’ list. Incidentally, of your top 10, eight were from beer -– which you wisely gave up in 1984 --
and only two were from coffee.”
All I can say, looking back, is that it’s a good thing a Coors tall boy only had 15 ounces, or I would have gone into
toxic shock right there in French class. Tres mal!
Please put our boon companion Bobby on the Memory page, Glo. His joie de vivre sure brightened our lives while
we knew him.
-- Tim P
2008-03-18 16:36:01 GMT
A suggestion: Write each blog post in your word processing program and save it. Then copy and paste it into the
blog post window. That way if it gets lost in posting, you still have a copy. A scary mental image -- Rick realizing he’
s lost his message and taking it out on his computer, furniture, wall, motorcycle or other inanimate or animate
objects, or even just wanting to.
2008-03-18 16:51:03 GMT
I could tell funny malone stories until the reunion and not run out! Can you imagine the stories we would have if he
had been at DN all 3 years!! He went to the military Institute the first 2.I'll send Geloria a photo of him for the
memory page as it was not his style to show up for annual photos. The suggestion to paste my stuff to the blog
would be great if I knew how to paste.Looks like I'm not the only one having some problems though.In the photo of
Pam and I on the other page, I'm sure she was put out with the photog and not me!How could someone even
suggest... I have found some great photos of a kegger in the Mts the summer of 68, which leads me to the
question; has anyone heard anything from Joey Gutierrez?
Me, Malone, and John Coffman (Sandia 68)snuck out of Malones house and went to Deona's about 4 or 5 in the
morning (her dad left for work really early)and she had a slumber party.For some reason he came back home and
Coffman beat me and Malone over the 6 foot back gate with Mr. Andreson in hot pursuit! When we got back to
Malone's his mom had shut us out of the house. Coffman and I couldn't go home because we were supposed to be
at Bob's. Bob went to sleep in one of the cars and Coffman and I wondered the streets all day. Boy I hated the talk
I had with Deona's dad later on, but it all worked out OK. For Frank that is! The good ol days! You were drinking
during school? Shame on you! I never did anything like that. Well there was this time... Rick R
2008-03-18 18:21:40 GMT
I've started posting pictures of some of the cars we drove. Can you recognize them? I'm going to try to make it so
you can post your answers and comments near the pictures. Remember I'm new to all this blogging, message
forums, web polls and etc. so as I learn them I will try to bring you all along with me.Then someday we might
impress our kids? not!
2008-03-19 14:21:02 GMT
Also another tip...after you post your comments here in the blog and type in the code, if it doesn't show up.. hit the
refresh button at the top in the bar near the address, (the two arrows circling) and then see if it posted.... gloria
2008-03-19 14:26:57 GMT
I began to feel a touch of blogger’s remorse after posting my beer-before-French-class entry. Would hate to think
it sounded boastful or like something I’m proud of. The Bible takes it as a given that people do crazy things when
they’re young. Paul asks in Romans 6: “What benefit did you reap at that time from the things you are now
ashamed of? Those things result in death!” That hasn’t happened to me – yet – and I’m thankful. So I just pray
Psalm 25:7 -- “Remember not the sins of my youth and my rebellious ways; according to your love remember me,
for you are good, O Lord.”
--Tim P
2008-03-19 14:31:38 GMT
Don’t worry about it Tim. When I went to vintage car show a couple of weeks ago, I thought it was like being in the
Del Norte parking lot, without the beer (of course). Now I find out there was beer. I think I hung out with the wrong
--John Sweeney
2008-03-20 01:41:03 GMT
Hey, watch for new photos in my photo blog soon. Had dinner with 2 classmates this past Monday, it was fun. Janie
2008-03-21 04:58:11 GMT
Hey Tim, it was just part of growing up during that time. We all did things we shouldn't have and the important thing
is most of us grew out of it. It's not like we were robing banks or doing drive bys! Look at the things that we
excepted as part of our culture in those days. You need to feel bad if you are still doing some of those things 40
years later. So keep telling us stories about your wild youth, and those of us that were perfect then will try not to
judge you! Malone used to call me "Eddy Haskil" probably spelled that wrong but for those that don't remember, he
was the kiss A-- kid on leave it to beaver. I was just as crazy and wild as Malone (will maybe not that wild) but smart
enough not to let most adults see that side of me. That's why his parents wouldn't let him drive the family Lincon
but would let me. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the statute of limitations has passed on most of our crimes
from those days, so it's OK to confess now and have a good laugh over our foolish youth. The main thing is we
had good hearts and grew up. Unfortunately some like Malone didn't make it! Man! Did I just say all that? I sound
like someone's Grandpa! I wouldn't mind hearing others tell some of their DN secrets. I mean it's not like we are
going to get suspended or something! Tim if it makes you feel better, I was "buzzed" when I gave Pam the team
football at Homecomming halftime. Most of the escorts for the royal court went to Cary Bush's before the assembly
and drank Jim Beam or something. I don't remember who had the sneezing powder during the pregame assembly
but it wasn't me... Rick R
2008-03-22 17:58:10 GMT
Happy Easter, little critters
2008-03-23 02:14:55 GMT
In Search of the Lost Classmate
Claire Burkholder and Tom Truby
One day at Montgomery School I was teasing Claire and she got upset. Tom said, "I'll get him for you, Claire," and
proceeded to chase me all over the playground. I was too fast, but still it was a chivalrous thing he did.
Later, Tom and I worked together at Gulf Mart with Dave Jessen. Still later, we worked together at a boat
dealership on San Mateo, along with that blond guy who played rhythm guitar in the Cellar Dwellers. There was an
old mobile home on the lot that we referred to as “our office.” Occasionally we would zig-zag back there and do
some paperwork.
(Hey, blame Rick R for encouraging me!)
Any news on Claire or Tom? And by the way, Rick, what do you hear from Julanne?
2008-03-24 22:37:36 GMT
ok, Mr. Palmer--I have talked to Claire, she is in Alaska--1724 Norene St. Anchorage, Alaska 99500--promised to
sign in. Truby, lives in Edgewood 281-9200 and his Mom # is 505-884-8459 said would sign in, left another
message just now. Thanks, Janie
2008-03-24 22:56:39 GMT
come on you guys...look in your scrapbooks and find some photos of the cars you drove, then send them to me so
I can post them. Also any other photos you can come up.....gloria
2008-03-24 23:58:47 GMT
After missing classmate is posted and I respond with phone numbers--is anyone calling these people or am I just
spinning my wheels in posting phone numbers and so on? Thanks, Janie
2008-03-25 02:48:50 GMT
Well the blog has been getting the best of me! I have written something twice that hasn't shown up.Last time I tried
to post it wouldn't even let me scroll back to the bottom to see if it went through. Anyone else having a problem or
just me? TP we'll just keep telling stories until someone else tells some for self-defense! To answer your question
about Julanne, the last time I heard from her was 1998 when she gave me some of our old furniture after wife #3
cleaned me out. She has retired from teaching and while I was still recovering from the lightning, she married
David Williams, a guy that worked with her dad in the guard.She still lives in Ab but I think they do a lot of traveling
in their RV. That's all I have time for and I'm afraid to write to much because the blog will eat it.One last
observation. Boy that Pete Johnson was a stud! He is with a different girl in each photo I see of him... Rick R
2008-03-27 17:18:09 GMT
Gloria, Did you not get my photo of Bob Malone for the memory page? I sent it right after I sent you the other
photos. Rick R
2008-03-27 17:21:14 GMT
Rick, sorry, I didn't get the photo of Bob.... I have trouble sometimes with the blog also but it seems that if I try to
post it and it doesn't show up when I scroll down and check it if I click on the refresh button at the top of the page(it
has the 2 arrows going around)it usually shows up. Also I think that the code has to be exact as far a capitals go.
Hope that helps but just to be safe after you type your message highlight it and right click your mouse and copy
the message, then if you lose it you can repaste it....gloria
2008-03-27 21:26:51 GMT
Yea sure!I did try the refresh thing on one blog after you explained it before and it ended up posting twice. One I
posted and then went back to later and it was gone, so who knows. I am not having trouble getting the little code
thing right, it's when I try and go back and check is where I run into trouble. The other stuff you suggest is beyond
my ability. One of the deciding factors to retire me after the lightning was that Sandia was unable to train me in
computers. Guess those particular brain cells got fried. It's not a big deal anyway. There was a time after some
accupuncture treatments for my injuries,that I started setting off the metal detectors at the court house and I could
mute my TV just by sitting in a particular place. There was other stuff too but I was never able to learn how to
control it so I could win in Vegas.I'll try and send Bob's photo again. He wasn't the kind of guy to show up for
yearbook photos but I found one of him from 1966 I think and it looks the closest to the way most people would
remember him in 68 except his hair was a little longer. He looked quite a bit different in later years unlike those of
us that haven't changed a bit!
Keep up the good work. Are you sorry you started this yet? Rick R
2008-03-29 06:36:07 GMT
I give up! I was in the middle of typing and everything disapeared! Lightning Grimlins!!!!
Rick R
2008-03-29 18:44:14 GMT
Rick, I'm just guessing but you may need more memory for your computer. I think that the website uses alot of
memory and one of the symptoms of not having enough memory is that everything disappears while you are in the
middle of things. When my memory is low the programs turn off while I am working on them. So you might check
with someone about your computers memory......gloria
2008-03-29 19:11:36 GMT
That's one thing I know for sure. I have lots of memory to make up for my lack of. I just had a friend clean some
things up and I also have a guage that shows how much I have. Thanks anyway. Rick R
2008-03-30 03:44:56 GMT
Tom Scott drove the Comet
2008-04-01 18:34:44 GMT
Sorry, he may have driven a comet but not this one. Please try again
2008-04-01 20:03:31 GMT
I'll try this again and hope the blog doesn't eat it! Pam I want to know what's going on with you and Gail in the
"Beast Master" Photo? Also want to know if you would rather have some "doggles" instead of that drink I owe you?
If so, how big is your dog? Bill T, I love the Hugh Heffner look with the pipes! Rick R
2008-04-01 21:31:30 GMT
Tessie drove the car
2008-04-01 22:29:31 GMT
I guess that yellow comets must have been popular but Tessie is the wrong answer for that particular comet. Keep
2008-04-01 22:56:01 GMT
Rick, I wish I had the answer to your question. I did not contribute that particular photo, and unfortunately have no
memory of it even though it was taken at my own house. I am wondering if any beer was involved,or perhaps like
you I was struck by lightning??? That would at least explain the hair. And the memory loss.
2008-04-01 23:12:41 GMT
Prom, Beer, memory loss, you think there's a connection? I'm sure that none of the rest of us ever had that
happen!So What about the doggles? Or would you rather have that drink?
Someone mentioned Tom Scott with the cars and it reminded me of the time we were out and I was trying to get
John Coffman and Tom Scott home before cerfew (I was 18 then)and some guys threw a beer bottle at us and it hit
me in the arm. The chase was on! I chased them down Penn. from Sandia (we were in cars) ran the light at
Menaul, turned onto menaul and ran every light between Louisiana and Carlisle, going about 70 with Coffman
hanging out the window trying to punch the driver of the other car. We turned north on Carlisle and ran the light at
Candelaria and Commanche where we finally got them cornered in a cul-de-sac. That's when Tom pointed out to
me that there were about 10 cops chasing us!Coffman and Scott got hauled in for cerfew and I got arrested for
reckless driving. The other guys got arrested for cerfew and assualt and I lost my license for a year I think. I was
driving my mustang that night. It was before I got my other car... Rick R
2008-04-02 18:50:26 GMT
I would love to have a pair of Doggles given to me from the "inventor"; how cool is that?An 8 pound Yorkie would
wear a small, I would think.Then I could buy YOU a drink at the reunion.
2008-04-03 14:22:00 GMT
She should wear a pair of Ex-Sm, now what color? They come in black, red,crome (it's really a champagne)blue, or
black with flames on the sides (that's what my shepherd wears now but she has several different colors)Being a
slave to fashion, like I'm sure your dog is,I'd hate to give you the wrong color.I'll do just about anything for a for a
free drink, so you have a deal. Sorry Bill T. you'll have to settle for the drink! Guess I'll have to ask Gail if she
remembers what was going on in the "Beast Master" photo. After all, she was the "Master" of the pair, at least in
that photo. Whatever was going on, you sure looked like you were enjoying it.Ahhh, the good ole days!Life was so
simple then. A little Beast, a little Master... Hope she remembers!Tim, Malone is now on the memory page if you
would like to write something. When we were getting initiated into the Lettersman's club at Manore, we had to wear
burlap underwear with honey and cornflakes, to school one day (we were treated much worse than what happened
in the Abu grab prison incident)Malone's mom washed his burlap in Downey so her baby boy wouldn't get a rash!
Rick R
2008-04-04 15:50:40 GMT
Becky Abbott here. for Bill Meleny, there's no way that your memory can be worse than mine. I don't remember
names OR faces. So I'm going to be really stressed.

Tony Lucero, you're right. there's a very special bond with the grand kids. It's a very I don't know what but it's
different relationship than with your kids.

Patti Pollard, do you work for APS schools?

Becky (B)
2008-04-05 05:18:34 GMT
OK, on the who has changed the least thing, i disagree. It's Kate Fry.We had lunch last Friday and I recognized
her easily when she came in the door. I didn't recognize anyone else in the today pictures.
--Becky Abbott Bodine (B)
2008-04-05 05:27:50 GMT
OK, last entry tonight. Somewhere on this site I wrote a little life catch-up thing, but I don't know where it is so I'll do
it again here. 1st husband was an abusive turd but I ended up with 2 beautiful kids. Married my REAL husband in
'89; he had a son right between mine in age. we met in Cuba NM of all places. Moved to Tanzania in '92 to teach
school. All of us went and the kids went to school there. Now they all know how to butcher a goat - useful skill now.
We live of the westside and bought a house in Jamez. I had breast cancer in 2000 & had a mastectomy,and Kemo,
had my gallbladder out over Christmas break. That was fun. Had an emotional breakdown 3 years ago. Never want
to go there again. I'm tired so I'm signing off. I'm sure people don't remember me, I never really fit in anywhere. But
if you have questions, just ask.
Becky (B)
--Becky (B)
2008-04-05 05:46:25 GMT
That's a great photo from the Powder Puff football game. Peggy has the eye of the tiger, and Vicki looks ready to
flatten anyone who gets in their way. Also, isn't that a svelte Tim Conklin in a pair of loud Bermuda shorts on the
sideline -- standing next to a slick Rick Reynolds? I also love the way the Sandias dominate the background. You
people who can see the Rocky Mountains every day and have all your lives -- count your blessings.
Seeing Vicki White brings to mind Bob White's market at San Pedro and Candelaria -- center of the universe for
candy bar-craving kids within bicycle distance. One Bob White's memory. Tim Townes coming out after buying a
pack of "little cigars" and reporting the words of the man at the cash register: "Yer gonna get sick, boy -- sicker'n a
horse." We probably did.
One time when I went back to Albuquerque as a grownup, my dad told me Bob White's had closed, and that the
newspapers had given its passing a lot of coverage. "Did you save it for me?" I asked. I was bummed when he said
they had not. Maybe Vicki has a scrapbook she can show me in September. Those truly were the good old days.
--Tim P
P.S. to Rick -- great to see Bob's face "In Memory Of" and in memory.
2008-04-06 14:04:15 GMT
OK....I'm going to guess who's Comet the pic is, and if I'm right, I'll be amused that the clue got missed by so many!
I remember going to Hobbs with John Whitson, Perkins Brasher, and a couple of other guys in Rick Reynolds'
Mercury Comet to check out NMJC right before graduation, so that's my guess.
2008-04-07 01:51:05 GMT
Ok, who guessed that the Comet was Rick Reynolds? You are right, so what was the clue you mentioned that was
2008-04-07 03:32:45 GMT
I don't know if I got the sequence of cars right, but...when Rick wrote about wrecking his Mustang and "that's
before I got my other car", I remember that trip to Hobbs and him having a Mercury Comet, so I just took a guess.
The comment probably wasn't even meant to be a clue, but it worked for me!

2008-04-07 23:33:28 GMT
Great work Tony, Now what can you do with the Renault van. Can you make a guess on that one?
2008-04-07 23:51:07 GMT
All Right Tony!Where were you and Tim P when I had my Private Investigation business? Could have used a
couple of sharp observers like you two.I did put the clues in the blog but Gloria has a photo of Deona standing
next to the car after a ski trip for our next clue if someone hadn't gotten it! And Tim,I had been studying the girls in
the game, not the sideline and had to get my magnafiying glass out to find me next to Tim. Those were nice shorts,
don't remember Tim being that "snappy" of a dresser. I have no idea who's van is in the picture but I'm going to
take a wild guess and say Dever Langholf but really don't remember it. I ran into Steve Lanoue at R&S Yamaha on
Saturday and he said he "might" see me at the reunion.Becky B. You are among friends, loosen up and tell us how
you really feel about your Ex!Glad to hear you found a "real" Husband afterword. We could all use the real thing in
our lives. You aren't the only one to have your life story eaten by the blog gremlins. Glad you didn't give up.It still
takes me 2 or 3 tries to get it to post too! I for one am enjoying hearing how the others in our class faired with their
lives.So lets hear some more or Tim and I will be forced to tell another story... Rick R
2008-04-08 02:14:20 GMT
The old cars are good, I drove what seemed like, a Sherman Tank, no power anything. We need a member of the
pep club to guess who drove the van.

A comment for the new ones to this site, if you know anyone from the memory page, please comment, as this is the
only place and time they will be remembered. Thanks to all who have signed on and are taking part in the blog and
Tony and Deedra, it is time for a picture or Gloria can take the one from Charlie's picture blog and post.
Tim, since our reunion is in September and there is a song titled, See you in September, perhaps you can come
up with something catchy for the reunion.
Rick, keep blogging, you are opening lots of doors. Also, hope you told Steve to sign on. I have been searching
for him and he is hard to find. This goes for all of us, if you run into someone, please ask them to sign the
guestbook if they do nothing else.
Charlie, called the school for Nancy Turner today, left my name and number with her assistant, maybe she does
not want to be contacted? Hope she does sign on soon.
Take care and best to all, Janie
--Janie Bryant Banes
2008-04-08 03:09:12 GMT
Those shorts came from Stromberg's Trend Shop, Albuquerque's up-scale men's store back in that era. Or maybe
it was Kmart. I don't remember. I recall coaching the powder puff football team as a junior and a senior. I believe
that we lost as juniors,(that years crop of seniors had a lot more beef than we did) but won as seniors. I had free
time after school in the spring having quit track. After football season, I couldn't take any more of HA's invective.
I retired last June after 31 years of teaching at Jemez Valley High School. Most recently, I was the math dept. Still
married to Carmen after 34 yrs. She is the Spanish and home-ec dept in the same institution. We have 3 grown
daughters, all doing well. I spend my time working on my house and vehicles or babysitting my grandsons. That's
my story and I'm sticking to it.

--Tim Conklin
2008-04-08 20:31:07 GMT
Tim C. Was there even a K Mart in the 60s? I only remember Golf Mart because it was just north of the school
grounds and some of the riff raff from the lesser high schools used to call DN "Golf Mart High" I caught 3 burglers
on the roof of Golf Mart when I was a cop because I remembered from school that if you were skinny enough you
could get on the roof by climbing the gas pipe! Jane- I did ask Steve L to sign in but don't think he wanted to for
some reason. I have been told by some that they would probably come to the reunion but were resistant to signing
in for some reason. Tim- Don't get me started on Howard Anderson! He pressured me into playing football our
senior year only to trash my knee after the first game, costing me my track scholarship and then blocked me from
going to Hobbs on a partial.Guy was a jerk! Anyway,I think I had a pair of shorts much like yours, but then we were
both "slaves to fashion" very much like we are today, I'm sure. You know I think Stromberg's went out of business
just a couple of years ago...Rick R
2008-04-08 22:41:55 GMT
Becky here. There aren't enough epitafs (epitaths) (sp?) in the English language to explain my ex. But he was
made by his environment and experiences which definately left something to be desired. We are all responsible for
our actions. If any of you are in an abusive relationship, GET OUT. It's never too late to find yourself again.
2008-04-09 01:06:01 GMT
Becky here. My last comment wasn't posted. I have trouble figuring out that code we're supposed to type in. But
the meat of it was that if you're in an abusive relationship GET OUT. It's never too late to find yourself again.
2008-04-09 01:10:47 GMT
The last thing we want to do is use our blog for character assassination. But I would like to comment on Howard
Anderson. Coach Anderson did not like smokers, and he especially didn’t like smokers who were athletes. In what
must have been our junior year, he called a meeting of all athletes and orchestrated a vote on the question:
Should a letterman who smoked cigarettes be stripped of his letter? The vote was affirmative. The problem was, a
good number of those present weren’t even lettermen – they were sophomores out for track. Regardless, that
became the policy, and my tennis teammate Tom Day lost his letter. In my fuzzy memory, it was like the opening of
the old Chuck Connors TV show “Branded,” when cavalry officer Connors is unfairly court-martialed. He is stripped
of his insignia and has his sword broken. I should have been busted along with Tom, but I was under the radar
because I so rarely wore my letter jacket. (I was afflicted with HUBS through high school.) I’ve wondered how that
experience affected Tom, and whether it helped make him reclusive regarding reunions – “The Boys” in 2006 and
DNHS ’68 this year. Some years after we all graduated, I heard that Del Norte had won a state football
championship under Howard Anderson. I was glad for the school, of course, and in at least a small way I was glad
for him. He was like Captain Queeg in The Caine Mutiny – a flawed leader, but one who went about his job day
after day, year after year. After all, we’re all just sinners with feet of clay. As a parent who had high athletic hopes
for his sons, I eventually concluded that the key to success in team sports is an ability to put up with the abuse
dealt out by coaches. My boys didn’t have it, but neither did I. Perhaps our high school would declare an amnesty,
so Tom and anyone else who lost his letter could get a new one. Shall we ask Mr. Thibert?
--Tim P
2008-04-09 22:36:19 GMT
I am a much nicer person now. I am trying everyday to be a better person.Glor ia this is very impressive site. I have
contacted a few classmates already. You know you folks are special being 17 in 68 was magic.
2008-04-09 23:14:55 GMT
I forgot to write my name on the comment above. Victor Crocco. e-mail is
--Victor Crocco
2008-04-09 23:19:08 GMT
I had mine taken away at the beginning of our senior year. But in the overall scheme of things, it doesn't matter.

John Brown
2008-04-10 13:27:14 GMT
On the today link it appears Gloria posted her 68 photo as her today photo. That is not fair
2008-04-10 14:03:39 GMT
Anderson wanted my deploma held and me not to graduate because of the photo of Billy, Charlie,Mike Myers, and
Mike Crinch, and Whitson in Mexico during the teacher strike, that I slipped into the yearbook (it's on page 65 if
you missed it)Speaking of Whitson, Tim got me looking at the background of the Powder Puff footbal photo. Did
any of you ladies notice John on the left sideline with his shirt off! So, John Brown, I'm sure you commited at least a
4th degree felony, right? Rick R
2008-04-10 18:05:51 GMT
I guess he should have kept it since I can't even spell diploma!
2008-04-10 18:09:28 GMT
I hope those guys who went to Juarez put in for extra credit hours toward graduation. International studies,
experiencing another culture, promoting goodwill among nations -- call it what you will.
What was the deal on a teacher strike? I didn't remember there was one.
2008-04-10 19:41:10 GMT
Rick, I got caught smoking and questioned a call he made in a P.E. basketball game. He made my life, shall I say
interesting from tht point forward. But I did have a nice visit with him years later.

John Brown
2008-04-10 20:20:03 GMT
Just one more word on Coach Anderson. He disliked the girlfriends of his team members as much as he disliked
smokers and he hurt my feelings more than once. But, as the mother of 2 male athletes and tobacco users, I'd
give anything including their many letters if they'd had a coach who'd cared whether or not they smoked.
That state championship in football was preceded by a state track title in '67.
2008-04-11 00:17:54 GMT
Becky here. You guys remember all this stuff I never heard of. I think I was more out of it in high school than I
thought. The only things I remember are the lit magazine and something in the Latin club when Kate fry made my
toga for me, and the Mr. Pereaune (sp?) always called me plague.
2008-04-11 04:33:45 GMT
Deedra, there is hope about quiting smoking. I quit almost 30 years ago. My oldest sneezed around smoke. So, I
John Brown
2008-04-11 13:11:07 GMT
Brother Palmer, the act of character assassination implies the existence of character in the first place. In the case
of HA, I have my doubts. But you are right that we should not use this space to air old grievances or settle old
scores. Therefore, I will dredge up one last rememberance that typifies his modus operandi. He developed a
network of sychophants, toadies, and informers, mainly from the class of '69 and especially '70, with instructions to
keep their ears to the ground and noses to the wind and report back to him any seditious behavior. If any athlete
made off- color remarks about the coaching staff, smoked, or whatever, in the presence if one of these minions,
they would immediately trot off to his office in the gym with a full report. If you ever walked into his office you would
see him surrounded by a group of these smirking geeks. It was amazing how much he knew and how fast he knew
it. In fact, it wouldn't come as a great surprise if he has been told about recent postings in this blog. (Just kidding!).
Victor, I too strive daily to become a better person. Sometimes I succeed and other times I fail.
Have a nice day.
--Tim Conklin
2008-04-11 20:14:37 GMT
I would have to call it Character suicide since it was his actions. All we are doing is remembering what he did. If he
was concerned about us instead of his record that would be one thing, but he wasn't! i coached track at DN for 3
years in the 80s under Jim Butcher DN 69 and while there were times I would have liked to have the power he did
over some of the charactors we had on the team, HA went to far most times, even for that time. Nuff said about
that...Debbie that's a great looking family you have. You weren't to proud at the weddding were you? Rick R
2008-04-11 23:09:41 GMT
Pam Carlson, this one is for you...
Do you remember Marilyn Monroe McCartney and Elizabeth Taylor Harrison?
2008-04-11 23:32:45 GMT
Please say a prayer for Charlie and the doctors that will be operating on him on the 21st of this month. He will be
in surgery in Denver.They are going to work on the bones around his spinal cord in his neck to free up the nerves
that come out the sides of the cord and go to his hands. Pray that God will guide the doctors hands during this
surgery and he will get well soon.
2008-04-12 04:10:45 GMT
Becky here. Not only do I not remember any grievances, by now we're all different people. The person had a
grievance against someone THEN isn't who we are now. Maybe we should each try drawing a venn diagram of
ourselve of then and now.
2008-04-12 04:50:08 GMT
Thanks to Tim C for enriching my vocabulary.
Main Entry: sy•co•phant
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin sycophanta slanderer, swindler, from Greek sykophantēs slanderer, from sykon fig + phainein to
show — more at fancy
Date: 1575
Definition: a servile self-seeking flatterer
Synonyms: see parasite
2008-04-12 12:10:50 GMT
Hey- a tricky question! This really dates us. This would have to go back to Cleveland Jr. High when we were all
obsessed with the Fab Four. My best guess is that this is from or about Inez Candelaria, aka "Liz Taylor". She had
this thing about keeping her waist size the same as Liz- reportedly 21". She called me "Marilyn", (probably
because Marilyn was fatter). Maybe we then tied in Paul and George with that as our future husbands??? I'll need
another clue if this is not it.
PS: Rick R, please email me about my Doggle order.
--Pam C
2008-04-12 14:41:36 GMT
Brava, bravisma Pam.... Only you weren't Marilyn Monroe because of weight but because you ewere the Blonde..
Hello? I don't think we were so hung up on weight back then...The reason I brought it up was cuz my Italian
professor was also a Beatles fan and president of the Beatles fan club in Sardegna so I had to tell her how bad we
had it!!!!! Liz
2008-04-12 17:24:17 GMT
Glad to see that Rick and Tim have stirred some interest and we now have new ones blogging. Welcome Tim and
John and Becky and Liz.Becky, I think you should tell the story of the snake as you told me. Pam, no way were you
ever "fat" or ever will be. You are still the same beautiful homecoming queen. Looking forward to seeing you all
and maybe "meeting" some new ones that did not know me in good old DNHS days.
Charlie, I will be praying for you and feel things will go well for you. Janie
2008-04-12 17:38:21 GMT
Venn diagrams were part of my assignments for years. They mainly apply to set theory and logic problems. What
we were then as opposed to now would be a subset of a subset of a subset. Or a circle within a circle within a
circle. I Think.
--Tim Conklin
2008-04-12 19:26:42 GMT
Tim, that would mean that all of what we were then is contained in what we are now, and that sounds right; but I
question it too. When I was young, I was very self conscious and wanted to be part of the group so badly. That (I
don't think) is part of me anymore. That would mean that it couldn't be a subset. But this is a new idea to me. It just
occurred to me as I wrote it last time. But it's interesting to try to think of each of us on our journey in a visual way.

WOW!!!!! IDEA!!! We could all (or whoever wants to) make a collage of ourselves then and now. anyone like the
Thanks Tim
2008-04-13 02:41:10 GMT
Let me get this straight.... I didn't hang with most of you during high school and now you want me to pay to hang
out with you? Please!!!!
2008-04-13 18:13:54 GMT
Dear Anonymous..... We were kids in high school and some were self absorbed, but hopefully we are all grownups
now and have discovered how interesting most people really are even though we are all different. So yes, come
pay and have fun!
2008-04-13 21:51:22 GMT
Glad to see more invlovement in the blog even though a couple of them made my head hurt! I do want to hear
about the snake! Pam, I'll try and find your e mail address and send one ie Doggles... Rick R
2008-04-13 22:45:47 GMT
Hello Classmates – I just found our blog and join all the others who have expressed their appreciation to Gloria
and her “team” for their efforts to get things and keep things going for our reunion. I spent the last hour reading all
the entries from the very beginning. Thank you all for sharing your lives with us on the blog. I almost wished I had
been taking notes. I hope to visit the photo page next. Can’t explain my feelings when I saw my name mentioned in
Tim P.’s blog – it’s kind of both flattering and scary to find out what impression we left and what memories people
still have! Tim – you are ever the writer - I can’t wait to give you a big hug in person after years of letters and
emails as a brother in Christ. I was touched by reading the beautiful tribute to Penny from my new brother-in-law,
Dean Hart. Now that’s a love story. He still can’t believe he married the cheerleader from DN! Love him…
My husband and I just booked our flight to Albuquerque for the reunion! After living in Canada for 38 years and
visiting Albuquerque only a handful of times through the years, I am SO looking forward to our reunion experience
together. And to blogging until then…

--Peggy Sue
2008-04-13 22:57:48 GMT
Dear Anonymous, Please yourself. I wouldn't pay to see old classmates either. What I'm paying for is the dinner
you know the food, the dance and the cost of the ballroom. If I see a few or the fwe frinds I had that will be
2008-04-13 23:00:37 GMT
Yay! We passed 300 blog entries.
Wouldn't what Becky and Tim C were discussing more accurately be termed a Zen diagram?
Also, anyone who blogs tacky things must be a sycophant. (I have to use that word three times so I'll have it
--TP (Hi Peggy)
2008-04-14 01:35:59 GMT
Dear Anonymous:
I have been doing alot of the calling to locate classmates and several have told me they were not interested in
attending the reunion, however I knew who they are and they did not have to sign on and not sign their name. Now
if you don't want to come at least have the courtesy to sign the guestbook and say you are not interested, A few
other classmates have done this and it is fine. At least we don't have to waist time and money to call you again.

Peggy, I was lucky enough to have dinner with Dean and Penny and yes, the love is there and it makes you feel
good. Thanks, Janie
2008-04-14 04:12:35 GMT
Oops!! Used the wrong spelling of waste in above blog, must have been thinking of getting the size of my "waist"
down, ha Janie
--Janie Bryant Banes
2008-04-14 13:08:34 GMT
Oops, Janie is mad! She has worked tirelessly to find everyone so don't mess with her. Just a warning, those of
you who are still waiting to go to Glamour Shots to have the airbrushed picture done, DON'T cuz she and Gloria
will find the worst one they can and use it. So, if you have any pride get a picture in soon or stand to be humiliated.
2008-04-14 16:50:39 GMT
You know opinions are like belly buttons, everybody has one!Tacky to some is not tacky to others so until we get
the "tacky guide" we'll just have to do the best we can. Deedra-Are you telling me that I didn't have to go to all that
trouble and expense to get my glamor shot done and airbrushed? Peggy-all this stuff has brought back a lot of
memories, was it you or Penny that I made a "cake from scratch" for? Don't know why I did, but I do remember
doing it at your house and someone else was with me. Any ideas? Tim P- You callin me names? Jane- We won't
be taking off for spelling... Rick R
PS Dean- If it was Penny, we were just friends...
2008-04-14 20:24:30 GMT
Becky here. TP what is a Zen diagram?

And all this discussion about people who hung out then and who didn't etc. Kate Fry was my best friend so if she
went somewhere, a lot of time I did. But I didn't 'hang' with any group. I probably came of as being stuck-up, but in
fact, I was too embarrassed and didn't know how to handle social situations very well. At first it didn't occur to me to
even think about going; I wouldn't remember anybody but Kate and Sig (my husband worked with her for a few
years). And I certainly didn't believe anyone would remember me. But then I went to the today page (none of whom
I recognized) and saw all these very interesting looking people. People I should know. It made me think about the
passage of time and our mortality. The people who will respond will be those of us who feel like we're OK people. It
makes me wonder, who of our group is living on the street, who is a prostitute needing help, who's in jail, who's an
alcoholic or drug addict? They're there and we must warmly accept everyone into our hearts. So, as it ends up,
David (my husband) and I will be there Friday evening, but we can't afford Saturday.

Gloria, one of my art forms is collage. since I can't come Saturday I would gladly buy any left over memorabilia.

enough. Once I get started, it's hard to close the gate.
2008-04-15 03:28:55 GMT
I didn't hang with anybody and I didn't really know anybody. I recognize faces but thats about the extent of it. NO
high school stories to relate to like some of the people here that are blogging. It would be like meeting strangers
and making NEW friends. (which is a good thing) Just can't relate to them as high school friends.

That being said, let me start something new. (Other than high school stories) Are there any collectors (of anything)
here? I am a HUGE fan/collector of Superman memorabilia. Feel like sharing?
--Ron Rudolph
2008-04-15 16:59:18 GMT
Becky, I'm still waiting for the "snake story" I've have been in contact with people I didn't know in school but sound
interesting to me so don't worry about not knowing anyone.Besides, we've all changed some anyway so it will be
like meeting new friends.Please plan on coming on Saturday too, as my guest. I want to meet the "good husband"
anyway. I will send the money to Tony so don't waste it by not coming. Ron, I used to think I was Superman, does
that count. Thought I was bullet proof for years, until I found out I wasn't, but that's another story... Pam, I wrote
you on your address but no answer. Rick R
2008-04-15 23:06:50 GMT
Who was the valedictorian of our class??

Also, Charlie Romero will be in Englewood, CO for surgery on 4/21/08. First real thing he has done since his
accident. If you wish to send him a card, please send to his name c/o
Craig Hospital 3425 S. Clarkson St.
Englewood, CO 80113 303-789-8000 Great facility, check out web at
Keep him in your thoughts and prayers. God Bless you all. Love, Janie
--Janie Bryant Banes
2008-04-16 00:32:47 GMT
Response to Deedra--classmates, truly Deedra and Tony are MUCH better looking than the photos on the today
page, however we can't wait forever for you to send in pictures. So watch your back, right Gloria? Never know
when someone will show up and take your picture. Janie
2008-04-16 00:45:12 GMT
This IS my last. Call me the blog hog for today.
Ron, we had classes together our JR. and Sr. years. You were quite and shy, but I could get you to smile with
wiggling my nose. Any memory of that? I collect spoons, states and countries, have over 300. We also collect golf
balls form courses we have played, quite a few of them also. Janie
2008-04-16 00:56:00 GMT
I guess Janie beat me to it....I was going to remind those that have not sent in their "Today" photos to please do. I
am excited that there are 68 pictures on the "Today" page but I know there are lots of you out there that haven't
sent theirs in and like Janie says...she is sneaky. You might find her taking your picture when you least expect it.
So play it safe and send yours in. Also if you have a picture of your old high school car send it to me also. And
while I am talking about pictures if any of you have tried to make a photo album and are having trouble you can
call me and I will walk you through it. (817) 881-9656 I think that everyone is enjoying seeing the kids and
grandkids and the interests of everyone else so please try it. Thanks...gloria
2008-04-16 01:10:12 GMT
Rick, thanks for stepping up! Becky thank you so much for your candor. Please, anyone who might be hesitating
due to event expense, call me or email me. We want as many as can to attend, and no one to be excluded by the
price of a ticket or two.

Tony L.
2008-04-16 03:30:25 GMT
Rick, I feel embarrassed and humbled by your offer! I will accept it with gratitude. Thank you very much.

OK here's the snake story. Sorry I didn't pick up on the request before. David and I went to Florida (where he used
to live) for vacation. We decided to visit some friends and then go to south Florida to play tourist. One of the
things we did was go to an alligator farm. They also had a snake show. I like snakes and I could see what was
coming. the presenter had a small python that he was showing us and telling us all kinds of information about
them. He asked for a volunteer to come up and pet the snake and let him put it around our neck. Then I was sure.
My hand shot up; I think I even stood up. So I went up and petted the snake. He turned me toward the audience
and had me close my eyes. Then I felt a HEAVY smooth something (snake of course) draped around my
shoulders. There were some pretty hefty gasps in the audience as I opened my eyes. I was grinning ear to ear. I
can't remember how long the snake was; it was about medium sized I think.

The only thing I collect are weird bits and pieces of things that I can use in my collages along with rubber stamps
interesting paper, punched etc. Well, I guess I collect turtles too.
2008-04-16 04:39:23 GMT
Don't be emberrassed, glad I can do it, there have been times when I couldn't. We'll just call it a Zen Scholarship. I
would have peed down both legs if someone put a snake on me! Had a Bambo Viper crawl up my shirt in Vietnam.
Rather be shot at! I'm glad you told the story, I was afraid I was going to have to suggest it was left over from your
first husband's stint as an exotic dancer! Tony, the checks in the mail, no really...Rick R
2008-04-16 05:53:52 GMT
Janie, thanks for the nose wiggle, but I'm sorry to say I DON'T remember. Wish I did! And I'm STILL quite and shy!
And Rick R didn't we all think of our selfs as Superman one time or the other!?
Ron R
2008-04-16 15:11:23 GMT
Do you know whatever became of Clint Wright and Robin Hackney?
2008-04-17 04:34:50 GMT
Becky again. Rick R, tell the color(s) you like best and a few of your interest, please. I'n going to make you

Who was it that collected superman stuff?
2008-04-17 04:41:47 GMT
Rick R can you tell me colors you like and some of you interests? 'm going to make you something.

Who was it that collected superman stuff?
2008-04-17 04:45:26 GMT
Ron Rudolph, do you need Superman 21 FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND/7 (March 1993)? I was going through some
stuff and found one. If you want to b/c me your mailing address, I can send it to you.
I've driven past Metropolis, Ill., on the Interstate twice in the last year; both times was tempted to drive over and
see the 50-foot Man of Steel statue. Have you visited it?
--Tim P
2008-04-17 12:35:23 GMT
In Search of the Lost Classmate -- Joe Copeland
Joe's photo is in the annual as a sophomore and a junior, not as a senior. But I know he was around because I
recall a conversation with him at the U. of Albuq. in the fall of '68. I also remember Joe commenting on a DN
hallway confrontation that involved upperclassman Bob Gillespie -- a big dude. Joe said Bob was big but he wasn't
all that rough -- that Ricky Reynolds had whupped up on him. Does anyone know what became of Joe?
2008-04-17 13:08:43 GMT
Tim P. Thanks but I have EVERY Superman comic from 1980 to the present. My collection is actually a small
museum. There aren't too many Superman related things that I DON'T have! My oldest comic is a #11 1941,
before WWII. Never have made it out to Metropolis, Ill. though. They have an event each year. Need to put that on
my Need To Do List!

Becky, I'm the Superman collector.
--Ron Rudolph
2008-04-17 14:21:05 GMT
Mystery. With the clue about the “pep band,” I figured the Renault in “The Cars We Drove” had to belong to
someone in the band or Castelles. Unfortunately, unlike the yearbooks for 1966 and 1967, the 1968 yearbook
does not have anything about the marching, concert, jazz or pep bands. Nothing. Dale Kennedy is in the faculty
section as the band director, but nothing in the year book about any band in 1968. The twirlers are in the
yearbook, what happened to the band?
Mystery. With the clue about the “pep band,” I figured the Renault in “The Cars We Drove” had to belong to
someone in the band or Castelles. Unfortunately, unlike the yearbooks for 1966 and 1967, the 1968 yearbook
does not have anything about the marching, concert, jazz or pep bands. Nothing. Dale Kennedy is in the faculty
section as the band director, but nothing in the year book about any band in 1968. The twirlers are in the
yearbook, what happened to the band?
2008-04-17 19:36:22 GMT
Valedictorian found !!! Dan Flaxbart was our 1968 Valedictorian and Karin Goldstein was the salutatorian. Thanks
to the youngest member of our class for remembering, Tim Conklin. Thanks Tim from Janie and the fortyeleven
other people I asked.
2008-04-18 00:41:31 GMT
Hi classmates - Wow what a surprise that phone call a couple of week ends ago was. Wish I could remember who
called so I could say thanks again.

But while I am saying thanks...big thanks to Gloria, Tony, Janie, Charlie, and everyone else that has /is putting this
together (Don’t mean to have left anyone out). Looking forward to seeing many of you in Sept.

Have enjoyed reading the blog (never did one of these before)

A quick down and dirty of my last 40 years.

Joined the US Navy in October after we graduated. Hated the 1st 2 years then, had some lucky things happen to
me. Ended up serving 21 years. Served on USS Amphion, USS Seattle and USS Saratoga. Spent tours at
Northwest Cape Australia, (ran into classmate there, if I remember right it was Cindy Pinnerman), a tour in London
and tour in Washington DC.

Married 35 years this past February. Two children, son born while in Australia and daughter born in London. Have
six GORGEOUS granddaughters.

Have two leads on other classmates and will try and get them to sign in.

Hope this works and again thanks!!!!!

Richard F

2008-04-18 02:24:53 GMT
Wow! Things are starting to really move along with the blog. For a while there I thought it was just going to be me
and Tim P telling each other stories!I was busy out at the VA hosp for one day and then I couldn't get on because
of problems with the blog, so today I am ditching phy therapy to catch up. It's still fun to"ditch" things now and then.
Ron R-I don't know about "everybody" thinking they were superman, no one ever admitted it to me so...Tim C
Robin Hackney was my first real heartbreak! She moved to Cal. the middle of our 9th grade yr.I went with
Charmaine for a while after that and then Deona. Robin came back to AB in the early 70s to bury her
Grandmother. She was married and living in Tucsan. Never heard from her again. Clint Wright moved to
Farmington in 7th grade and I still keep in touch. He now lives in Montana and is a cowboy/weilder and has 3 kids
and one grand kid. He was here to bury his mom a few months back. Becky- I like red and blue, depending on
what it's on. Tim P. Were you in the hall in 10th grade when I got into it with Gillespie? He only had about 175
pounds on me but was picking on another skinny 10th grader and I don't like bullies! That put me in good stead
with several people that were good to know later on. I think I got caught up but now I feel guilty about skipping
therapy. Speaking of skipping, did anyone else skip class with Mr. Johnson, or any other teachers? Did I already
ask this? We used to shoot baskets in the gym during 6th pd Humanities. Pam did you not get my e mail about the
doggles? I sent you one as requested. Way to go Richard F, thank you for your service. Rick R
2008-04-18 18:11:50 GMT
I had to go back to the year books for Joe Copeland. I remembered him but not what he looked like. I think it was
him that Gillespie was picking on. Don't know what happened to him.I too went back to the yearbooks to get a clue
who the car belonged to. I was on the annaul staff and don't know why they weren't included, as well as some
others, but we were dumb kids so who knows! Keep forgetting to reply to Ron's collection question. I collect many
things; Ex wives, bills,scars, but mostly related to Japanese Samurai. I have swords from the 1400s, a lots of other
stuff but I would have to say as far as actual collections, it would be small samurai statues of about 6 to 18 inches
tall. I have about 18 or 20 now. many are of the more famous generals and other known characters of the feudal
period. I used to have a very large collection of verious weapons donated to me by some of the more unsavory
citizens of our state. Finally sold the legal ones in a yard sale and destroyed the illegal ones. Now I mainly collect
dust! Rick R
2008-04-18 18:56:58 GMT
To all, I have enjoyed reading about you that have bogged. So, I will take a turn at it.

Right out of high school, I joined the Navy and spent 4 years in the Navy, was stationed in the Philippines for 18
months and on two ships in the Tonkin Gulf. I had my 21st and 22nd birthdays in Hong Kong (Rick, I will share
those stories with you privately.). After I got out of the Navy, I was married to a girl from Sandia and divorced after
20 months. In 75, I joined the Albuquerque Fire Department, worked as a firefighter/paramedic and retired in 1995
as a Battalion Chief. I was married to a nurse while still at AFD and then was divorced. I met my wife Staci, just
before our 20 year reunion and we are still very happy. In 1996, I took a job as Fire Chief in Odessa, Texas. I was
there for 5 years, then got sick in late 1999 into 2000, recovered, and moved back to Albuquerque for two years. I
am currently the Fire Chief in Hurst, Texas (6years), about 15 minutes from Gloria. Gloria, Ed and I had lunch last
fall, haven’t heard from her since, maybe my eating habits aren’t so good. I don’t remember drooling or anything,
but…So for the past 33 years, I have been a Firefighter. The best job in the world.

I have two children. The oldest is 28 and the younger one is 14 almost 15. Lots of bumps along the way, and some
bruises, but all in all I would not change a thing.
John Brown
--John Brown
2008-04-18 20:35:13 GMT
Author:gloria s
John, Sorry that I haven't been good with keeping in touch. It for sure wasn't your fault. In fact I was thinking that
you, Mike Glenn, Laura Faulhaber, Debbie Sanchez,and anyone else that is living near us should get together for
either lunch or dinner. What do you think?......gloria
2008-04-18 22:27:09 GMT
What's with this youngest member of our class? I'll have you know that flattery will get you everywhere.
2008-04-19 00:31:00 GMT
Well, Mr Tim, just figured you had to be the youngest of the class as YOU were the only one that rememberd that
Dan Flaxbart was our valedictorian. Good job!! However, I just learned that we have a younger class member, Vic
Crocco is only 48?? Wow, he hung with some old guys didn't he?
Tim is your interest photography? Looks like a camera strap around your neck on today page. If this is, please
start a photo gallery on this web site. We would all love to see more of you, your family and your interests.
Hey all you "Texans" get together for dinner and send in some pictures, that would be fun.
Tomorrow is Ricky Reynolds birthday and happy to see that he has not changed much. If you read his blog (about
5 above) he is still ditching classes, ha ha. Rick have a great birthday and remember, you are loved .
John Brown loved your blog and story. Thanks so much for the job you do. As a public sevant you are UNDER
paid for sure, but we do appreciate the work you do for us all.
On Joe Copeland. I sent Tim P. and Rick what I could find on him. Last known living in Las Vegas, NV, a.k.a., R.U.
Kidding, anyone know him?

2008-04-19 01:04:31 GMT
Happy Birthday dear Ricky, Happy Birthday to you!!! I did not get your email or I would have responded. Try again, My yorkie is awaiting her goggles!
2008-04-19 02:00:27 GMT
Gloria, I was thinking the same thing a while back about the DN grads in DFW. It would be fun to get to know them
again. I was really just poking fun in my earlier comment.

Thanks Janie for you comment, but I can't believe that I actually got paid to have as much fun as I have had as a

John Brown
2008-04-19 13:13:33 GMT
Hey John, I think that holds true for anyone lucky enough to love what they do for a living. I felt the same way as a
cop. By the way, your blog reminded me that many years ago we used to run across each other at calls. The good
ol days! I thought I was superman, or at least bullet resistant. You guys just had to talk about age, I guess I'm
continder for the oldest? 59 today. I already feel older because my baby is twice as old as most of the kids from
members of our class. 35 last Feb. How did I get so much older than everyone? Thanks for the birthday wishes. I
was well on my way to getting through the day without even remembering it was my birthday until I got a pretty (but
manly) arangement of flowers from Jane. Be vaowee, vaowee carefu what you say around her. The last time I
almost missed my own birthday was my 21st and it was 1130pm on the 19th, 1970 and I was on my 1st sniper
mission in Vietnam. 5 minutes later I was in a fire fight. Pam those are "Doggles" if you please. That's the address i
used, I'll try again.Rick R
2008-04-20 04:00:21 GMT
This week in the Albuq obit's is one Olive Marie Seaberry Copeland she had a son R.U. Kidding (aka Joseph
Copeland) I think this was Joe's mom....
2008-04-20 04:45:29 GMT
Rick, I remember the times early in my career that we ran across one another. Happy Birthday, I am younger than
you because I stopped having them every year. I skip a year occasionally now. I used to enjoy the calls in the "War
Zone" around the fair. I worked there early in my career, then was back in the later part, it was like stepping back
in time in 95. I think the same people were still doing one another, just another generation.

My time in country was short, three times, Da Nang,Vung Tao and Cam Rahn Bay, the rest of the time was in the
Gulf. If I can figure out how to, I will send you a picture of the items we used to send to assist the ground troops.

I must say I am proud of the way our troops are treated today as to then. I still remember ducking into the
bathroom to change clothes so that I could get home without having an issue of some type. I will eamil you the
picture sometime next week, I have to find it, they are buried somewhere in the garage.

I am still a patriotic person, God, family and country.

John Brown
2008-04-20 13:05:58 GMT
Happy Birthday, Rick. If yours was Saturday the 19th, you and I share a birthday. I turned 58 Saturday, as did
Steve Serencha. My younger son made me a bundt cake, which we've been enjoying. As Hank Williams Jr. sings it:
"Cornbread and iced tea take the place of pills and 90-proof."
2008-04-21 02:40:02 GMT
Author:gloria s
As you know Charlie Romero's surgery was today. Tina, his wife called to say that everything went fine. He was still
in recovery when I talked to her but the doctors said that they replaced one of the cervical vertebraes that had
been pinching the nerves that extended to his hand. He had been experiencing numbness. It was a long surgery
and I know it was hard for Tina but he had the best doctor available for that proceedure. If I got any of the details
wrong I'm sure that Charlie can tell us more about it when he is back to blogging. I just wanted everyone to know
that the surgery went well....gloria
2008-04-21 22:42:58 GMT
Exciting news, second to Charlie.
In 1968 DNHS graduated 521 future leaders of America. In going though the list tonight, I have discovered that
there are only 120 that we have made no contact with. This does not count that perhaps Big John in AZ., may
have made contact with some of these on the classmates page. Also, tonight I heard form Milt Brewer, he will
check the UNM site and maybe give us some more leads. I ordered the micro fish files from APS for our class, and
am hoping that might bring me some more leads. Isn't this exciting?? Right, oh well, I am excited!! Thanks for
letting me spout, Janie
Take care Charlie and see you soon!!!
2008-04-22 02:29:07 GMT
Who says science geeks are nerds. Looking good Jim.
2008-04-22 04:31:20 GMT
Hello all. My name is Betsy Kitchen Elliott. I was wondering if our class was working on a 40th reunion and I
stumbled upon this great web site. I have enjoyed reading all the comments and the pictures. I am sure that
because I mostly kept to myself no one remembers me, but i am surprised that I don't remember more from our
high school days. After high school, I went to UNM, got a degree in nursing. I am still working as a nurse, only now I
work doing telephone triage rather than ICU, which I did for over 20 years. I am widowed, have three daughters,
the youngest still in high school (I got a late start), and one granddaughter. We moved from Albuquerque to
Bakersfield Ca, then to Denver City Tx. We currently live in the southern suburbs to Minneapolis and have for
about ten years. I hope to come to the reunion, if not to see old friends, then to make some new ones.
--Betsy Elliott
2008-04-22 10:17:03 GMT
Hi, my name is Lisabeth (Castle) Vine. My nickname was, and still is, Buzzie. I've lived in a suburb of Nashville
since 1994. I have two beautiful, grown daughters from my first marriage, and now I'm grandmommy to the most
awesome 3 year old boy. Rick R., my little guy has Asbergers, so I have an idea of what you're feeling with your

I'm one of the working wounded. I work in healthcare EDI (don't ask - very boring). I watch over a group of 20-
somethings in India who replaced most of my friends here, but, for now, I still draw a check. My husband, John, is a
network engineer for a national bank. Strangely enough, most of his support staff has been replaced by staff in
India too! Hmmm, I see a pattern.

The website is fantastic, but I keep going back to the memory page. Every face seems so familiar, and I'm
surprised at how much I feel. Some I knew, some I didn't, and some still intimidate me, though I don't remember
why anymore. I guess high school memories are like a tapestry, and these lives are threads that were woven into
it. When they're removed, it leaves a hole much bigger than you expected. God bless their families and friends, I
can't imagine the loss.

I'm not able to make the reunion. A few years ago, a virus managed to beat up my heart (CHF), so I stay away
from things like airplanes and mountains and step-stools - the altitude is too much for me. More truthfully, the
gorgeous ladies who never change still bring out the worst in me and my self esteem so I decided to keep hubby a
safe distance from all you senior sexies! You've gone from Twiggy lookalikes to Marilyn Monroes, and I went the
Audrey Hepburn to Momma Cass route. And be still my heart, Ben was always the hottest Cartwright! I'm not sure
my pacemaker could deal with the silver-haired gods from the class of '68! So I have to play it safe.

I hope you'll have a great turnout, and have a wonderful time making new old friends. I'm sure after reading this,
you can only be thinking one thing ..........

Who the heck is that? I don't remember her!
Best wishes,
2008-04-22 18:31:17 GMT
Buzzie, I remember you! Sit on my lap and take a letter!!! You were my secretary on the yearbook staff. How could
I forget you. I was feeling really good about myself while you mentioned all the "Silver haired gods from the class of
68" but alas, no mention of those of us that are without hair these days! I'm crushed, and after all those secretary
days we celebrated!So sorry you won't be able to attend the reunion, but I understand, I don't travel well these
days either.Sorry to hear about your guy having Ashbergers.My daughter is now my hero for dealing with what she
has to these days! Oh yea, "The War Zone!" You are right John, the only thing that has changed there is the
generation. I have a student who is an APD officer that works there and his stories are mine just 30 years apart.
Yes Tim it's true, we are twins! You were just a year later than Me.Deona, I still have the watch you gave me for my
19th birthday. There are some stories connected to that too. Lost it in Germany during a parachute drop and
again in Vietnam but it kept coming back to me.Now I need to clear something up!In one of my earlier blogs I spoke
of Home Coming and some of us using "sneezing Powder" during the assembally. That was not code like some
others have used, it really was sneezing powder. So, are we ever going to know who drove the bus? I guess that's
all the damage I can do today, I have promised not to talk about tattos or piercings unless things get slow. Thanks
for getting in touch with the rest of us Buzzie. Rick R
2008-04-22 21:33:24 GMT
OK! I fail to believe that I have not had the "word verification" correct one time since I started the blog! It's some
kind of government plot I am sure. Anyone else have a perfect record? Rick R
2008-04-22 21:36:58 GMT
That's it! I knew I was right, as soon as I said something about the plot, I got the next one right I knew it!
2008-04-22 21:39:16 GMT
Author:gloria s
Hi Betsy, I'm glad that you found the web site and I'm glad to hear that you are going to try and make the reunion.
Don't feel bad about not remembering more of your highschool days. Lots of the classmates don't remember
either. Rick is just an exception. Also Mike Myers has a wonderful memory, I wish he would get on the blog. Also
Bill Kraemer hasn't written much lately and I know that he can tell a good story. Please keep blogging and I'm
looking foward to seeing you in September. Isn't that a song!
2008-04-22 23:02:09 GMT
Hey Liz I saw you on this blog. This is Victor Crocco. I live in Salida Colorado working for the Environmental Health
Dept. I remember you went with Dave Gooch. I hate to bring bad news but he passed qway this fall. very sad for us. who is GMT on blog. probabily some acronym but it may be a person.
2008-04-22 23:05:50 GMT
"I had a message from Tina today, missed talking to her as I was on the golf course.
Tina reported Charlie is not having to take any pain meds, so that is good, he is alert.
He is already showing improvement in his fine motor skills and regaining strength in his hands. I guess none of us
knew what he was really going through. Charlie is and has always been a very happy go-lucky, upbeat kind of guy.
Not one to complain about what might be going on with him.
I believe our prayer chain is reaching the right ONE to help Charlie through this time in his life.
Let's all keep the prayers coming and good well wishes to him.
Thanks, Janie"

Hi, I hope janie doesn't mind but I copy and pasted her above e-mail to the blog for others to see because she
said it better than I could...gloria
2008-04-22 23:16:18 GMT
Victor! Wow, I think the last time we ran into each other was at Chuck E. Cheese on Montgomery when my girls
were tiny, and my ex and I were in very sad shape. I remember how comforting it was to just say a few words with
an old friend.

I'm so sorry to hear about Dave. That really breaks my heart. I'm going to write you off list, would you please fill me

GMT = Greenwich Mean Time go to for details. Gloria fixed it so nobody was
favored by using English time :) She's always so nice.
2008-04-22 23:31:04 GMT
Buzzie, I remember you as well.

Victor: I miss your parents keg...Chevy convertible,we had a lot of fun back then. Sounds like life is good for you.

Rick, I found some of the old pictures, I will try and scan them later this week and send them to you.

My memory is kinda fuzzy about HS, but some things are coming back, some I can't blog as my kids might read

Beer before school, yep, did it.

Janie you are doing a great job. I will email you a phone number and name sometime.
John Brown
2008-04-22 23:34:43 GMT
Ricky, I just complimented the gray haired guys cause you missed a few secretary days over the years - no
flowers, no candy, not even a card. But I can't stay mad. I forgive you and will always think of you and your strong
resemblance to Yul Brynner. Just teasing! Seriously, you are always a gallant gentleman in my memories. I did
have a revelation from above after reading about your adventures - just two words - "rubber boots." You're a
sweetheart, and I've enjoyed reading your comments, memories and exciting life.

Pam O., I always figured you would wind up with celebrities all around you, too. But if we make it to the 50th, I'll tell
about the night I spent with Demi Moore, ok? (That gives me 10 years to figure out how to get Demi Moore to a
slumber party).

Gloria, did you just photoshop your senior pic for your "now" picture? As we say down here, I'm so jealous I could
2008-04-22 23:49:41 GMT
Thanks Buzzie for the complement. I don't think that I've aged that well but I do notice that when I smile the wrinkles
and loose skin don't show as much. So I try to smile all the time....g
2008-04-23 00:13:54 GMT
John Brown you are going to have to e-mail me because the e-mail I sent you was returned. Would love to chat.
Buzzie, you write like I remember you talking. Hope your hubby is not still mad at me (ha ha). Sorry I am talking so
much, will try to keep my big mouth shut for awhile. Mike Meyers, did he sign on, where is his e-mail address. Get
on board Mike. Janie
2008-04-23 01:01:18 GMT
RE Collections question posted by Ron R.: I got a little down when I got sick, so was digging thru some old boxes.
One contained just a few things that I had carried around with me from childhood: 3 dolls and assorted toy dishes.
I wondered what the history was behind them, so I Googled and EBayed and began collecting. I have a large
collection of high heeled dolls, pre-Barbie, from my generation and some older. I also have quite a few from my
daughters' generation. Now I have a grandson and no other grandchildren likely. Such is life, huh? I've been
looking at the sweet little granddaughters in your albums with envy. Anyhow, I have helped write books, supplied
info to PBS and TLC for collecting programs and created a reference website for boomer chicks that got awards -
one from the NY Times. By the time I got done "playing dolls" my drama didn't seem too bad anymore. Well, I lie,
I'm not done playing, just distracted now. If you want to show your granddaughters, take a look at goldenrosedolls.
2008-04-23 02:29:28 GMT

My email is I am playing golf early tomorrow, so I will check my email later tomorrow.

John Brown
2008-04-23 02:38:06 GMT
Buzzie I am so glad to hear from you! After all, our pictures are side by side in the annual, we "C's" have to stick
together.Glad to see you have retained your great sense of humor.So how long have you been my neighbor in
Tennessee? And hey, don't fret about any weight issues; just about all of us can relate!
2008-04-23 02:49:48 GMT
Tim P I just went back and reread some of the earlier blog. You said (I think) that you wrote a book. What genre
etc? I wrote a book too but didn't get it published. The editor that reviewed it was a moron. He expected one thing
and the book was something else so he nixed it.
2008-04-23 03:29:41 GMT
Victor Crocco: You mentioned that you live in Salida CO. now. I was there last Sept. doing a Mountain Bike ride.
We road from Monarch Pass (elevation 11,000 ft.) to Manzano Pass (I think it was) over 12,000 ft. elevation and
then all the way back into town. About 30 miles. Any other senior Mountain Bikers here among us? I LOVE it. Try
to get in about 20 miles every weekend.
Ron R.
2008-04-23 16:15:35 GMT
I have been talking to alot of classmates through contacts I have made. Some might be staying away from the
reunion as they are short on funds (medical, grandkids, or other problems) and might not want to come out and
say it. If there is anyone out there that would like to "sponser" a classmate and possibly their spouse, please let
me know. The classmate might wish to remain anonymous and you the donor can remain anonymous also, if you
choose. You can e-mail me, Janie, and I will keep it a secret. I won't tell anyone. Thanks Janie
2008-04-23 19:37:01 GMT
Ron R good to hear from you. What is your last name? I am glad to hear that you can bike 20 miles @ 58 Years
old. Mountain biking is real big here. I did live in Avon CO for 5 years and it is everything. Everyone asks me if I ski
and I tell them that I was world class in high I lie they do not know that. Kirk Feldman gave me some old
wood ski's with suicide bindings and I was a danger to everyone. Lot's of New Mexico plates up here. Colorado's
joke: What do they do when you fail the Colorado driving test. ans: they give you a yellow license plate. I can get
KOB up here and I follow the Lobos closley in FB and BB.
--Victor Crocco
2008-04-23 19:39:59 GMT
These bikes you two are talking about don't have any motors do they?--John Sweeney
2008-04-23 20:03:09 GMT
Victor Crocco: My last name is Rudolph. Funny though, I won't go skiing, too dangerous! I'll stick to zooming down
rocky mountain single track trials! I guess its whatever your comfortable with. Been Mountain Biking for over 25
years. Also been ALL over Colorado biking the Rockies. Crested Butte, CO. is the best!

John S. YOU are the motors on these bikes! Love anything with two wheels though. I have an OLD 1971 Triumph
motorcycle. Daytona 500cc with the shift on the right side of the bike. SO much fun to drive. Any other bikers
among us? Pedal or motor.
2008-04-23 20:57:15 GMT
I guess I will put that as the last item on my Bucket List; Thanks Ron!--John S.
2008-04-23 21:07:18 GMT
Hi everyone

Well having read a couple of weeks of entries, thought it was about time to check in. (plus got a spank email from
Janie, that the blog is for EVERYONE!!!!) (thanks Janie)

Rick R., I’m right behind you buddy, will be 59 in June.

John, agree 1000%, so happy (know this is the wrong word for what I mean) that we can now blame the politicians
and not our soldiers, sailors and marines like was done during our turn at war. I actually was ordered to wear
civilian clothes while I was station in London and Washington, DC, because of attacks on servicemen/woman.
What a change when I retired 21 years later and today. Thank to you too Rick R and everyone else that did what
we could.

Charlie R. – WOW!!!! Buddy, been so darn long!!! Always wondered what happened to you. Glad to hear you are
doing well and recovering nicely. No one was ever nicer to everyone they met. A TRUE role model that I hope
many other follow.

One thing I have really enjoyed, as I read everyone’s input, is having our senior yearbook by me and looking up
who is saying what, because like many of you have admitted, the memories are faded at best,

Janie/Gloria – thanks again for all you are doing.

Richard F
2008-04-24 03:05:59 GMT
RICK R…Ref your post on 8 April, yes, I was the owner of the Renault Ambulance. After Del Norte I attended a
couple of semesters at UNM where the Renault was the team vehicle for the fledgling UNM Cycling Team. I enlisted
in the Army as an Airborne Infantryman and after a quick detour to Cha Rang, VietNam, as a LRRP with the 173rd
Airborne Brigade (your beloved Herd), I was detailed to a counter-terrorism unit in Germany. After the Munich
Olympics debacle I took a job as a Deputy US Marshal assigned to a DOJ domestic counter-terrorism team. I spent
years playing with the American Indian Movement in the Dakotas and Alcatraz, chasing the Black Panthers and the
Weather Underground, and looking for Patty Hearst (I still do not know where Symbion is or why it needed to be
liberated). I then accepted a commission and joined the Air Force Office of Special Investigations as a Special
Agent. My assignments were primarily overseas postings working counterintelligence and counterterrorism with
foreign counterparts. After returning from Desert Storm, I joined the dark side of the Force and learned to speak
Arabic. I recently transferred from a government position with the DoD to a government position with DoE as a
BTFH (Big Time Federal Heat) Counterintelligence Officer assigned to the Albuquerque Regional Office. In
addition to my day job, I am still in the Reserves. I married my wife Joanie in Heidelberg in 1971. We have two
grown kids and a granddaughter. My dog wears a pair of your Doggles when he rides in the sidecar of my old
Russian BMW that I liberated in Czechoslovakia. If I am not deployed, I should be able to make the reunion.
Enshallah. Dever Langholf
2008-04-24 14:13:57 GMT
Dever- Thanks for getting us straight on the Ambulance, for some reason I had a vision of you standing next to it
in a safari jacket! When I guessed it was you, no one responded. I found a WWII BMW (without sidecar)When I was
in Germany in 1969 but was to poor and to low ranked to get it back home.What kind of dog rides in your Hack?
There's a question for you, or anyone else. Do you know why a sidecar is sometimes refered to as a hack? Don't
ambulances make great utility vehicles. I had a 52 Powerwagon ambulance for a while in the 70s. You have lead a
very interesting life, and one that I bet many people were surprised about if it was anything like me. What bat were
you in, in the Herd and when? When they moved me from the Rangers, I went to a LRRP paltoon. E co, 2nd of the
503rd.Sounds like we may have traded places. I went to Germany first and was assigned to an counter-terrior unit,
then Nam. I also spent time looking for Patty. Gotta say the smartest thing I never did was not take the offer to go
to the CIA after sniper school. Glad you caught us up on the last 40 and hope you can make the reunion for many
reasons, first being it would mean you didn't get deployed. Thanks for your service to our country, past and
present. Becky, Ever thought of self publishing? Buzzie, I was wearing boots with BF Goodrich soles on them and
the lightning exited through my left foot and blew part of the sole off! Sorry for those years I forgot you on
Secretary Day.Richard F- I currently have a Harley Electra Glide Classic but bought a Triumph 500 when I got out
of the army. After I blew it up Cary Bush sold me a 69 Norton Villers Cafe Racer. A 180 mph crotch rocket before
crotch rockets! And many others over the years. You are lucky to still have your triumph. I was just getting into mt.
bikes when I got hurt. Can't take the jarring on my spine anymore. If there are any more "passive" blogers out
there, please join us and write something or risk a spanking from "Jane the pain"... Rick R
2008-04-24 17:50:31 GMT
Hey....Richard Flores.....I remember a little car you had, think it was a Metro...we(and I don't remember who)but
there were a bunch of us, all went to the drag races stuffed into that little car, most of us hidden so we didn't have
to pay to get in. That car was about the size of a rollerskate, so I'm not quite sure how we did it but it reminds me of
some very fun times!........
and for the person out there asking if there were any other bikers among us.......I ride a 1997 FLHT Standard,
which is in the loving care of my brother until I bring it out to AZ in a few weeks......miss it immensely....
--Dean H.
2008-04-24 18:41:17 GMT
RICK…I do recall having owned a safari jacket in high school and getting good use out of those many large
pockets. My British mates told me that “hack” was a temporary solution to a problem and that attaching a chair to a
motorcycle was never intended to be a permanent solution, therefore the chair was a “hack” or “hack’ed.” Over the
years I have owned many Triumphs, including some of the newer non-Lucas models. I also have a replica Captain
America hard tail chopper that I built from scratch and a newer kidney-friendly BMW for longer road trips. My dog,
Charlie, is an attention deficit Beagle. For some reason he prefers to ride backwards in the chair and when I hit
35mph his ears go straight out. I reported in to the Herd in the Spring of 1971, just in time to help pack up and fold
the flag for the Herd’s departure from Nam. I was fortunate in that I was reassigned to a joint US/German CT team
based at HQ USAREUR in Heidelberg. A really posh assignment for an illiterate Grunt, especially considering that
if I had stayed with the Herd I was doomed to stateside garrison duty. Not sure if I was following you, or you
following me…but am confident that I beat you to Patty. THANKS for your service. dever
2008-04-24 19:22:27 GMT
A late congratulations to Rick on his pick for the Renault.It did belong to Dever. Now I know that more than 2
classmates drove cars to school. So I'm waiting on more pictures to put on the Car page. If you don't have a
picture but can describe it and I can find a similar one on the web I'll post it. While I'm talking about pictures I'm still
looking for some more to put on the "today" page. Thanks...gloria
2008-04-24 22:21:24 GMT
Hi Dean

Good to hear from you. Yup, your right it was a Metro and you DEFINITELY are right, it was amazing how many
people we could stick in the trunk that was behind the back seat. Probably some of those that were with us were
Richard Sanchez, Rod Ashley, Freddie Lovato, your brother, Steve McClelland (sorry to see he passed away),
Boyd Patterson to name a few. Now give me a break!!! Really as small as a roller skate!!! Know it had to be as big
as a skate board!!!! Yup, brings back some very good memories. Richard

2008-04-24 22:48:58 GMT
Hey, Dever. My husband was also in the 173rd, 4th bat in Viet Nam. He was there in 68-69. You have sure been
busy. See you in September. Holly
--Holly Horrall Dunlap
2008-04-25 01:33:00 GMT
A big thanks to the following classmates that have e-mailed me the last couple of days with contacts they have
made or will be making. Cindy Penneman, Vic Crocco, and Richard Flores.
Richard, please post a memory for Steve McClelland, the story above would be a good memory. Remember, this is
the only place where the classmates that are not longer with us will be remembered.

NEW THOUGHT--we need some classmate good with computers and technology to set up at the reunion on
Saturday. Gloria and I talked, it would be so cool to have the ability for classmates that are unable to attend, like
Buzzie, heath issues or if Dever is deployed, to be able to get on the web page and visit with the class during the
reunion. So, if there is anyone willing to take on this please let Gloria or I know and you will be doing us all a great
service. Thanks,
--Janie Bryant Banes
2008-04-25 02:48:01 GMT
First, I got an email from Charlie R. saying that he will be able to go home soon. His spirits sounded good in the
Ok, here is a story that only a few Del Norte Knights are aware of. The players are Gloria, Charlie Romero, and me
John Brown and my 1st ex-wife Barbara Beeler, Class of 69 at Sandia. We were all present at a party in the spring
of 1973, I had only been home from the Navy for a few months. The party was at George Provolts (aka Kraemer
Class of 66) house. I do not know why we were all there but we were. My memory is a little fuzzy as alcohol was
involved. Ok, so, on my part considerable alcohol was involved. Gloria, do you remember this…Charlie does. The
facts may be a little skewed, it has been 35 years.
The scenario as I remember was this, we were imbibing in adult beverages, dancing and have a very nice time in
the garage that had been converted into a party room. As my memory serves me, we were dancing, when a UNM
football player, lineman type guy, he made Kramer and Conkilin look like little boys, began to hit on Gloria, as she
was beautiful as she is today. I mean this dude was as big a house. This became an issue and Charlie was more
than a little pissed off. I was dancing close by as this was developing; Gloria did nothing to bring on these
advances. Charlie took offense, the football player pushed or did something really stupid to Charlie, as I remember
and then the whole place went up. Or maybe it was just a few people.
Within seconds Charlie had this football player on the ground and was whipping his ass. I got into it with one of the
UNM football players, I am sure he was bigger, but who knows for sure, as I am telling the story. I dispatched my
opponent and decided to help Charlie, he did not need my help, but we were friends and as Knights we always
helped one another.
So, the guy Charlie had subdued got up and then proceeded to kick my butt. He hit me so hard that he knocked
me through the door to the outside, he then hit me a second time and knocked me down a side walk, head over
heels as I recall. I got up for the second time, and he hit me for the third time. His fist covered the entire side of my
head and he knocked me under a car in the driveway. I was outmatched. The entire time, Barbie my Ex was yelling
at this guy to leave us alone. He yelled back at her, she then kicked him twice in the groin and he crawled away. I
wish I had thought of doing what she did. I went back into the garage and Charlie and I laughed. I think we had
another adult beverage. My most favorite memory of Charlie.
Anyway, as times goes on I am remembering things.
John Brown
2008-04-25 03:00:24 GMT
Alright, I will add a few memories of Del Norte. Maureen Mosier and I ditched classes so many time under the
excuse of going to check on the statis of the newspaper (did it come out daily?) Holly Horrall, do you remember me
cracking my tail bone skateboarding? we lived one summer on skate boards. I sat behind DeAnna Andresen and
told her all my plans to get married-how dumb was I at 19?? I have great memories of MYF-Susan Elliot's talk at a
retreat that your day will go as the corners of your mouth go( so just smile). Being embarressed that Michael
Martin smugged my glasses -my first kiss. I am at work so I better close for now-it's fun to reminess @ high school.
Some good memories!
--Susan McCreary Couch
2008-04-25 17:55:48 GMT
Dever- I left the herd in March 71, not to long after the 2nd Bat moved from Bong Song to Ane Ka. Don't think I
spelled that right. I spent my last 30 days guarding the radio relay station on Hong Kong Mt.I got letters from some
of the guys after they got moved back to the states, and they hated it! I too was assigned to a joint NATO CT unit
with the Germans but worked out of Gessin. One of my dogs likes to ride backwards in the sidecar too but I have
removed the seat to make more room and to keep them lower in the car. I spent a month training at the British SAS
center in Herford England and you can't trust those British Blokes to tell you the truth! A very old Harley guy told
me that the word "Hack" as it relates to side cars comes from the word Hackamau refering to an old kart or buggy
drawn by a horse.I think that sounds more reasonable but who knows.I think I may have seen you around town on
your bike and didn't know who it was. I have also had people tell me about "another guy" who has a sidecar that
his dog rides in, maybe it was you. Richard- It sounds like you guys could of had a great career in the circus with
that car... Another lost opportunity.Susan- when was that first kiss? Mine was with Patty Page in 4th grade.Then
she moved in the 6th grade and broke my heart.But she was just one of many that did that.How long did it take for
your tail bone to heal? Just found out mine's been broken for about 5 months. Now I'm my own pain in the butt!
Gloria-what's the source of the Ab photo? Did one of us take it or is it from somewhere else? Great photo!Did you
not get the ones I sent you of the guys in the trees, or were they not clear enough to use? Is the red Mustang on
the "who drove" page yours? Glad to see more people getting on the blog. Guess no one wanted to talk about
tattoos and piercings... Rick R
PS Dever, I concede on Patty Hurst.
2008-04-25 21:35:19 GMT
Author:gloria s
Rick, You must of been aware of your surroundings or you just loved cars because you seem to remember
everyones. The mustang was mine. I wish I still had it. My brother wrecked it leaving the rock house in the
mountains after a party. I don't know why I let him use it. If I hadn't I would of still had it because I never get rid of
my cars. I still have my 1978 280CE mercedes that Charlie bought me. The question now is "Do you know who
drove the '62 buick?
2008-04-25 22:31:49 GMT
Oh I forgot, Debby Sanchez sent me the photo of Albuquerque and I got all the photos you sent but haven't posted
them all yet.Thanks....gloria
2008-04-25 22:35:58 GMT
Since you are getting to be known for your "spank emails" I'd like to nominate you for '68's Class Mother. I would
also like to praise you and Gloria for taking on what appears to be another full time job. And we keep missing Mike,
who is following up with who is coming to what I think. Is there anyone else who should be thanked for their

2008-04-25 22:50:54 GMT
Gloria-I'm working on the 62 buick but like Dever's, it didn't hit me right away like yours did. If I kept all the cars I
ever had I'd have to rent a couple of airplane hangers.I think if I'm licky I'll have another 20 years to drive and have
bought my last car!My 98 SUV had 50K miles when I sold it in 06 so I bought an 07 Toyota FJ Cruiser in Oct of 06
and expect it to last until I can't drive anymore. It has 7000 miles on it now. Debbie if you are the one that took that
photo it is great! Something the Better Business Bureau would put on a flyer. The reason I'm back on is to tell
Dever if he has a year book to look at, ck out page 64. You are wearing that jacket in a photo with Susie Skinner.
Now if I could just remember if I had lunch or not! Rick R
2008-04-25 23:01:21 GMT
Richard F...Yes, those were indeed the people I remember being stuffed into the skateboard....good times for
sure!!! Great to hear from you as well.
--Dean Hart
2008-04-25 23:13:56 GMT
Thanks for your words, I will take that as the compliment you meant it to be. Guess since I never had children, I
can call of you mine, huh?
The comments has been funny, sleuth, work for CIA or FBI, relentless, remorsless, send "spank" e-mails (seems
many have enjoyed these, ha ha) and now '68 Class Mother. I accept them all. I started with the Jane the Pain,
and I do have a big mouth also. I had to learn to stick up for myself in 1979 when we bought our store, no more
shy Janie. I do so much enjoy seeing ones conversing with each other and remembering times past. I have also
been a sounding board for some and your comments are safe with me. Thanks to you all for getting involved and
to Gloria for starting all this.
One more thing, if you need an e-mail of a classmate and sondering how to get it, go to the sign in page and on
the far right side of the name, click the little box and their e-mail appears. If you do not use outlook express, write
down the e-mail and use in your own program. Is this as clear as mud??
2008-04-26 02:06:20 GMT
Check out the new "tab" on the home page, Still Friends. Gloria is making this web page so interesting, let's keep
supoorting her and send in pictures. Janie
2008-04-26 02:12:48 GMT
I live in the San Jose, CA area and work for Computer Science Corp. I am a middle manager for info technology. I
manage staff and develop softward that runs the business cumputer systems for SUN microsystems.
I have a daughter, age 21, who is attending George Washington University in Washington DC. She is studying
International Relations and spending all my savings, ha. She will be going to Taos, in May, with Habitats for
Humanity to build houses.
One more thing, this coming Wednesday, April 30, I take my last final and I will be completing a Law degree. By
June 7th, I will be a "JD". My mid life crisis. Thanks and hope to see you all at the reunion. Christine
--Christine Holdeman
2008-04-26 02:25:06 GMT
Jamie found me thiw past week. I have just finished scanning the blogs. Gloria yoiu should have my picture now.
This is a great website. I went to nursing school at UNM with several other classmates from DN. I married in 1971
and we will celebrate 37 years together in August. Our son was born in S, California in 1974. Our daughter was
born in ABQ in 1975. I worked as a Labor and Delivery nurse in ABQ until 1997. I had the pleasure of caring for
several of you over the years. Then I went to work for the UNM Medical School until 3 1/2 years ago when the
budget (legislature)ended my job.John said I had to keep working if I wanted to keep up my lifestyle. I said in that
case we are moving. Yes, we moved to Sun City, AZ. WE are the youngest in the neighborhood. We bought our
retirement home pool and all. Now I just have to make it to retirement so I can really enjoy it. We have made it our
sanctuary.My Dad lives here. Nothing like calling your parents and saying I am moving to town and town is Sun
City. I work for a very large hospital system and I now work in the I/T department. Computers who would have
guessed. We are a paperless hospital so I am very busy trying to keep things running.Our son is a nuclear
engineer working at the shipyard in Bremerton, WA he refuels subs. He has a beautiful wife and daughter. Have
you made contact with the Hickersons? My son and Kenny's son are close friends. When I was visiting last fall they
were talking about these friends then they said the last namethe last name. I said I went to school with some kids
named Hickerson. It's Kenny. Our daughter is in Florida with her husband and son. Tim she is majoring in
journalism. She writes for the UCF Future. She just changed her major from education last fall so not too many
articles yet. One was picked up be through U wire.In my spare time I quilt, read lots of books, love music
(all types), sing in the church choir, take voice lessons and swim. My husband says the best part of living in
Phoenix was getting to trade in the lawn mower for gravel and a pool. Ok, enough for now I have bored you with
over half my aloted character count. I will keep checking back and adding comments.
--Beverly Van Orsdol Fletcher
2008-04-26 21:41:36 GMT
This is Kirk Jackson. Here's my history: I married Beth Egley (Class of '69) in Nov 68 and shipped off to Navy boot
camp 2 days later. John Brown went at the same time. We were assigned to different companies, but were in
adjacent barracks. I also saw Jack O'neil there but he was few companies behind John and I. My first duty station
was the Amphibious Base in Coronado, CA. While there I ran into Benny Garcia who was on his way to Vietnam to
provide base security at , I believe, Danang. Also saw Richard FLores who was going through some training and
Leonard Torrison who I think was going somewhere in-country in Vietnam. I stayed in the Navy for 27 years until
retirement on 1996. For all you vets, but especially those who didn't serve as long as Richard FLores, Dever and I
did, I want to thank you for your sacrifices during the Vietnam era. Anybody who served during that period will
know how poorly we were treated by many of our contemporaries. Thankfully all that changed around the time of
Desert Storm. After I got back from the Gulf I finally felt like we got that monkey off our backs as I was passing in
review in front of President Bush and the other dignitaries at the victory parade in Washington D.C. So to Rick R,
Richard, John, Benny, Dever and all of our class vets, I truly thank you for your service. Off my soapbox.
Beth and I split up but remain friends. I married my wife Sandi 26 years ago and we have had a wonderful life
together. She was also in the navy and we both retired as Command Master Chief's. After the Navy, Sandi finished
her Masters in Teaching and is teaching 9th grade. I initially retired to take care of my, then, 8 year old
granddaughter who was living with us. After my wife retired a couple of years later we moved to Spokane. In 2000 I
quit my job with the county to take care of my 2 yr old twin grandsons and my 3 yr old granddaughter. My daughter
was going through a nasty divorce (she finally followed your advice Becky) and was working full time as working on
her Masters in Counseling. I quickly gained a much greater appreciation of stay-at-home moms. Chasing after 3
toddlers, still in diapers, is easily the hardest job I ever had. It has also been the most rewarding,I wouldn't trade
the experience for anything. There is also a little heartbreak there. You want so much for everything to be just
perfect for your kids and grandkids. My twins were diagnosed with Tourette's when they were in 1st grade, along
with associated ADHD for both and mild Asberger's. Thus far the Tourette's symptoms have been very mild.
Working with the ADHD has been a learning experience. However, having these issues to deal with just makes me
love them that much more. In addition to my 3 youngest grandkids,I now watch after my 4 yr old great-grandson.
(Am I the first great-grandfather of the class of '68?). In sum, I was a sailor for 27 years and have been a stay-at-
home grandpa for 12 years.
Any infor on the following: Richard Parks, Tom Scott, Fred Munden, Vicki McMasters, Paul Lujan, Kathy Grady or
John Fuentes?
Greg Robinett and I were good friends in high schoo, any info on how/when he died? I will write something in the
memory page when I figure out how to do it.
Victor Crocco, I believe you mom was my 5th grade teacher. Am I right on that?
--Kirk Jackson
2008-04-27 05:59:10 GMT
Kirk Jackson; My mom was a English teacher at Monroe Junior High in the early sixties.She passed away in 94.
Wow what a beautiful lady I miss her. Does anyone know where Steve Jackson is? He was my best freind. Janie I
will post the spandex law later.
--Victor Dominic Crocco
2008-04-27 20:32:17 GMT
Victor, the spandex law post better be as good I first heard it.
Holly, Vic e-mailed me and wanted me to start Lobo chatter, since I don't follow them, YOU start it and get the blog
going, Janie
2008-04-27 22:20:27 GMT
Here's a 1967 Mustang commercial, Gloria - lots of nostalgia:

I used to drool over Mustangs and Barracudas. I finally got a '73 Mustang Convertible, like the one Mary Tyler
Moore had in her show. I kept it for 20 years and sold it with 45,000 original miles when I moved to TN. I figured
curvy, wet roads would be too much for my teenagers with this car.
2008-04-27 22:54:11 GMT
Victor you're correct, I now remember reading Great Expectations in her class. She was strict, but a good teacher.
She's one of the few teachers from Monroe that I remember.
I do recall meeting one other classmate while I was in the Navy. It was in 1971 at 32nd St. Naval Station, San
Diego. I was in the chow hall when somebody called my name, turned out it was Bobby Malone, friendly as ever. I
remember the two of us throwing snowballs at cars going down Constitution near his house when we were at
One more question, where can I get a copy of that great photo of Albuquerque on the Blog homepage?
--Kirk Jackson
2008-04-27 22:57:35 GMT
My wife, my younger son and I are in Nashville en route to Atlanta, our new home. Cathy and I will be doing
Christian missionary work in the city's international community. More on that later -- please keep us in your prayers
as we travel the last leg and settle in.
Our farewell to Missouri was memorable. We went to see "Jersey Boys" at the fabulous Fox Theatre in St. Louis.
It's the story of the Four Seasons, who gave us so much of the soundtrack of our lives. Outstanding show.
Love to all ,
Tim Palmer
2008-04-28 11:59:06 GMT
You can right click on the picture and then save it to your computer. I now have it as my desktop picture.
2008-04-28 15:20:31 GMT
Tim, Bless you as you travel to Atlanta. What a challenge you face but I am sure God will use you to be a channel
of blessing to those people who need to know of God's love through His Son. My wife and I were missionaries to
Venezuela 22 years - 1978-2000. Hope to hear more about your ministry at a later date.
2008-04-29 01:08:32 GMT
Becky here,Dever, We must all know and embrace inshalla in all things.

Rick R. I have self published 2 books of poetry but hadn't thought about doing that with my book. You know the
funny thing is that i have never gotten anyone but my dad (who was my editor) to read it.

Mike Glenn, How many trips home did you make? My family and I were in Africa for 3 years without a trip back and
our readjustment here was horrific. How did you manage after that long?
2008-04-29 02:16:35 GMT
I submitted this to Glorida for Greg Robinett on the memory page, however for those who don't revisit that page I
decided to enter it here as well.

Tim C. is correct that Greg participated in some extreme partying. I think the partying, and the "bull-in-a-china-
shop" persona he projected, was an attempt to cover up for the insecurities he felt due to his weight and his self-
perceived lack of social skills. To me, he was a good friend, who was fearless in standing up for those of us who
were close to him. That need probably came up with me more than most. I recall a time when I was somehow
isolated and confronted by three guys who clearly meant to do me mischief. I was preparing to duck and cover to
limit the damage, when out of the shadows came Greg. He waded into the bad guys and single-handedly sent
them flying. Tough as he was though, I never saw or heard of him playing the bully with anybody at school. I was
lookng forward to seeing him at this reuntion before I saw his picture on the memory page. I regret that I never met
with him again after graduation. Kirk Jackson
2008-04-29 04:32:31 GMT
I don't know if anyone remembers but Greg Robinett had a brother, Charlie, who was severely disabled with
cerebral palsy and he went to school at least thru grade school. I don't remember Charlie at McKinley. I do know
Greg walked with him to and from school and took care of him. Perhaps that is why Greg would not tolerate bullies.
This is very fuzzy but I think Greg lived in Lovington or someplace like that and as I recall Charlie had died as well.
I was never purposely unkind but I doubt I ever went out of my way to be nice either. I regret that now.
2008-04-29 19:11:26 GMT
I knew Charlie from when I used to go to Greg's house. I didn't know Charlie had ever gone to school. His disabliity
was physical, but in his mind he was just a kid like the rest of us. I know Greg had a another brother a year ahead
of us and I thought I'd heard he married Kathy Grady. If Janie can find her she might have an idea of what
eventually happened to Greg. Thanks for your entry Deedra, perhaps his brother was the reason Greg used to
stick up for the underdog.---Kirk
2008-04-29 20:45:05 GMT
Becky, we would return on the average every three years. Since Venezuela is so close to the USA we would have
family and friends visit us, too. I would imagine that living in Africa and Asia would be difficult because of the
distance. When AA started flights between Caracas and DFW the flying time was only five hours. Our children had
difficult times when we returned because they didn't have the friendships that are often made in school. They were
outsiders. Many times MK's (missionary kids) suffer the most. I would like to talk to you sometime about your work
and ministry. We have been back eight years. Our children are doing well and I believe they are grateful for their
experiences for growing up in another culture. Our daughter uses her Spanish all the time in her line of work. That
is a blessing. All in all there were some adjustments but apparently not to the degree you had. Sounds like you
had it rough. Hope we can talk. Send me an email at I would love to chat with you.
2008-04-30 01:51:20 GMT
Kirk J,
I was glad to read the recap of your last 40 yrs. How are Mark and Annie doing?
2008-04-30 04:33:39 GMT
TC, Nice to hear from you. Mark is an airline mechanic for a charter outfit in Las Vegas, NV. Annie is a real estate
broker in Albuquerque. See you at the reunion---Kirk J
2008-04-30 14:50:18 GMT
Buzzie- I too was a Mustang and Baracuda fan and owned a red 66 Mustang in 66 and have owned serveral
others over the years. I also had a Barracuda right after I got out of the army. I bought it rather than a Bronco
because Deona didn't like Broncos. I didn't know that it was a moot point at the time. But my best car by far had to
be my 86 Mustang GT. It was my police car while I was the Chief of Police in Cuba 86-87. There is only one thing
better than having a 160mph plus car and that is having one that has red lights and siren! I know it would go that
fast because a State Police Officer got me on radar during a chase going 162. I confirmed that speed later when I
raced a US Customs Black Hawk at over 165. The speedo only went to 140. Speaking of cars, Gloria I am still
trying to remember the Buick but the Morris Minor belonged to Craig Johnson. Kirk J, Great Grand Father? WoW!
You gotta be the first. The last time I am aware of anyone knowing about Steve Jackson was in 1978. He and Mike
Crinch were Frat brothers at State with John Coffman (Sandia 68) in 1971. When he graduated he dropped of the
grid. We tried to look him up for the 10 year reunion and he wasn't interested We couldn't find him after that.Sorry
but I don't even remember where he was in 78.I think you are right about Greg Robinett. He was never a bully and
I even got to glimpse the sofe side once.I think there were a lot of us that did things to cover our juvenile
insecurities. I tried to be friends with everyone and tried to be funny. Becky, that's the disadvantage of self
publishing, you have to do the marketing. It's great hearing from everyone, keep blogging. we really don't want to
hear from "Mother Pain!" Or maybe some of you do... Rick R
2008-05-01 19:28:47 GMT
Who is Mother Pain???
2008-05-01 22:11:09 GMT

Blog can read about HER..she tracks a blood hound..hey Rick she might need doggles
2008-05-02 04:47:49 GMT
Okay. Time for my stupid question. What are doggles?
Ron R.
2008-05-02 14:18:25 GMT
Okay. Time for my stupid question. What are doggles?
Ron R.
2008-05-02 14:19:09 GMT
Hey, are you all taking smack about me?
I would love a pair or doggles, might help my golf game in this wind. Ron Rudolph, read the blog to learn about
doggles--it is toward top of blog. Also, Ron, now that Ron Reeves is signed on--going to have to use your whole
last name. Thanks from Mother Pain

Charlie--where are you??? Need to blog.
2008-05-02 19:03:19 GMT
Beat me! Abuse me! You don't have to respect me!I think I have a pair of doggles that would fit you Mother pain
but you have to sit up and roll over to get them. Now I have this image of you with a whip and doggles... Rick R PS
Ron R find my blog from 12-17-07 about "Doggles"
2008-05-02 20:22:16 GMT
Rick R Thanks. Found it. I have been enlightened!
--R Rudolph
2008-05-02 21:45:38 GMT
Ok Rick, I might be able to sit up but do not know if I could roll over after keeping track of 520 plus kiddos, but will
do my best. How about doggles and a telephone?? Might bring the whip to the reunion to keep a few in line, ha ha.
Mother Pain back at ya.
2008-05-02 21:51:39 GMT
Aloha, Howard Gregg here. I have been reading and enjoying the blogs from time to time so keep em comin. My
long-term memory remains pretty good. It's the darned short-term that gets me into trouble. As I remember the
infamous Frank's Pizza event, Bill T. & I ducked through the kitchen to avoid being pummeled by this local gang of
at least 500 mean #@*#%. I would do it again, too! Bill, Mrs. Thorwaldsen (Karen's Mom) is so excited that you
contacted her and sent her photos. She was a terrific second Mom to a bunch of us, including Sig O., Steve H.,
and Charmaine A. -- still is to me and now she's adopted my wife, Maureen, who adores her. It would do Mrs. T's
heart good to hear from everyone she used to constantly welcome into her home. Hi back to Sig and Carol and
Rick. Also, I want to wish Charlie R. a speedy and complete recovery!! Looking at your alumni "TODAY" mug shot
Charlie, I am certain you are still a strong fellow even if you are a senior citizen along with the rest of us. We'll just
keep on trucking. Speaking of trucking, what a hoot to see photos of the old cars we dearly loved during high
school. We were so cool ... legends in our own minds.
--Howard Gregg
2008-05-02 23:13:04 GMT
Hi everyone from Charlie Romero. As most of you know I am home now and doing well after I had nerve repair in
my neck that was causing some weakness in my hands. My voice is still messed up from the procedure but they
say it could be awhile. I am feeling good! For the first time besides looking at pictures, I have read all of the blogs
from the beginning and can't believe how many people that I remember from the past are scattered all over the
world. Lots of exciting people and careers came out of our class. Besides lots of travel I have stayed in Albuq.
since high school. After my accident in May 68 I never went back to DN to school except to graduate. I guess if I
hadn't been in excellent condition from all the sports I would have been on the memory page along with many
familiar faces. There was only un-insured motorist insurance which didn't cover my hospital expenses, but thanks
to all of you and others who had Charlie Day etc. I was able to go to a rehab. center in California where I learned
many of the things that I needed to go on to have a successful life. I learned things fast and had a good attitude so
I came home early and still had around $10,000 in my account. Mr. Thibert and Ron Sloan's (DN66) dad who
worked at Galles on Central bought me a forest green Cutlus 442 for $2600. I really liked that, because it gave me
lots of freedom. I invested the rest of money with Hooten & Stahl Reality in real estate. This is the main reason that
I was able to retire a few years ago in comfort. In 69 went to UNM and studied business, but after 2.5 years I had
started my own jewelery business and wanted to pursue it full time. At UNM I first lived in the dorms where they put
me with a one legged guy because they thought we would have something in common but we didn't. Then lived in
Pat Gallego's DN67 house on Aliso Rd. off Candelaria with lots of other guys and that was much more fun. Pat
always thought h e was a good cook, but he was terrible. Luckily mom lived only a few blocks away. Joined a frat
and lived in the EX house for a year which broaden my horizons. While there Gloria Simpson came on a weekend
visit from Texas Tech and attended a party and we started dating and got married soon after. This is getting long
so part II will follow, I may lose it all like Rick R. since this is my first Blog. Charlie
--Charlie Romero
2008-05-03 15:31:06 GMT
I just talked to Greg's brother, Ron Robinettt(Class of 67). Greg had been working as a construction
superintendent working out of Lovington. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer Dec 2006 and died 18 days
later. His brother Charlie died about a year ago. He was 61. Deedra thanks for the information about Lovington.
That allowed me to track down Ron---Kirk J
2008-05-04 21:43:26 GMT
It has been an extremely long time, dont quite know what to think about being old, much less about seeing friends
from 40 years ago! I last lived in Albuq in 1974; since then everywhere in the US at the behest of work - US Navy,
HP, Semiconductor and Electronics Companies. Places like Boise, ID, Charleston, SC, San Jose, CA, Bremerton,
WA, New London, CT, with travel to Asia, Europe, and India. It has been a good experience, though wearing. A 3
time looser at marriage, I have more enthusiasm than skill. My Dad just died in January this year, so it is just me
and my two sisters and a niece and nephew - not a large contingent of family.

I am moving into semiretirement as soon as I discover which of the rocky mountain states is right for it, NM and CO
are at the head of the list. I am talking to people about their perspectives on lifestyle, employment, and the like, so
if you care to wade in I would be pleased to hear from you by phone or email (8479095704, jimboswell@earthlink.
net). It is daunting, but exciting at the same time. Branching out, I now drive a motorcycle, do adrenalin adventure
things, cook, and experiment with all the things I put aside to be a mature husband and breadwinner. It is really my
first childhood, I think, but call it what you will.

Congrats to the organizers, good work! Till later,

--Jim Boswell
2008-05-05 18:48:21 GMT
Jim B- You aren't alone! After my 3rd failed marrage I gave up! My mom died in Oct leaving no one I needed to
take care of for the first time in my adult life.While I have managed to be an adrenalin junkie most of my life, I found
people that would pay me to do those things. Now I am retired (I don't count Karate because I don't take a check) I
am now focused on what I want to do instead of what I need to do for someone else. But I almost waited until it was
to late! (Rode hard and put up wet!)So enjoy your first childhood without guilt!!!! I got on the blog to leave a
message for everyone.Gloria has informed me she might be moving this month into a new home. She is worried
she is getting behind in posting photos and such. She has done such a wonderful job getting all this reunion and
web page together that I think we can cut her some slack. SO,if you have sent her something and it isn't posted
yet you know why. Pass the info around to those that might not see it on the blog... Rick R
2008-05-05 23:06:10 GMT
Author:gloria s
Thanks Rick, I appreciate your comments. Anyway the last 2 weeks have been crazy for me. We knew that the
lease on the house that we have been living in for the last 4 years was up this month but we couldn't find a house
that we liked. We have been looking for about 6 months and I guess I just wanted what wasn't in the budget so
when we decided to extend our lease for 6 months they said no it would have to be another year and they raised it
$300 @ mo. Well...that made me get more serious and decide not be so picky. Yesterday we looked at 10 houses
and we found a house so we are going to make an offer tommorrow. The leasing agent for the house we are living
in now told me that she was going to start showing the house this Thursday. Today I spent packing and cleaning
then I went online to post some of the pictures that I've received and when I tried to publish the changes another
program that contains different codes tried to upload itself. Last time that happened it hide the site that everyone
sees and showed another site. It took me hours with the support tech to remove it and republish the regular site.
So when I saw it trying to do it again I canceled the upload. The changes and additions to the site will have to be
on hold until I can remove the rogue program. "When it rains it pours" ....gloria
2008-05-06 05:24:55 GMT
Jim B & Rick R-Isn't that the key to life! To stay in touch with your childhood youthful years. I do it by riding my Mt.
bike and collecting Superman comics. Age is just a state of mind. To hell with this getting old sh--! ...R Rudolph
2008-05-06 21:16:06 GMT
Where was your Caboose relative to the current Trigo Fire?
2008-05-07 02:00:25 GMT
TC- The fire was further south than my caboose, It's a few miles closer to Tijeras and wasn't threatened this time. I
did have visions when the fire first started that I would be looking at a burned out shell when I got up there. I'm a
little "gun shy" after almost losing everything in a house fire in 05! It would have gotten me too but the dogs woke
me and took me to the part of the house that was in flames. "Dodged another bullet" in a life spent dodging bullets
of one type or another! I had lunch with Charlie, Whitson, and Springer yesterday and Pete seemed to be a bit
surprised that I appear to be OK after all my mis-adventures and still have a sense of humor. I'm with Rudolph, you
just have to see the lighter side of life and keep on smiling. Being a little childish about life keeps me going.I try not
to take myself to seriously.
When I got home from Charlie's yesterday I took some notes so I wouldn't have to wait 6 months before I could
recall it all. We decided we needed more practice before the reunion so we are going into training! We took a "still
friends" photo we'll send Gloria when she gets caught up some.Charlie sent it to some of you already.Notice the
hair is either white or gone! Rick R
2008-05-07 21:31:32 GMT
Sadly to say, another classmate is no longer with us. Kathy McCowan passed away. Sara Wakeland or Paula
Arroya might have a picture of her, so girls, PLEASE sign the guestbook and send Gloria a picture of Kathy. Of if
anyone else has one, send it in. The memory page is the only place we can remember our classmates.
Thanks, Janie
2008-05-08 22:38:27 GMT
Wow, Mother Pain was surprised with a beautiful basket of flowers from one of her kiddos. Thanks so much Rick.
This Mother's Day will be hard for us both, but we will get through it.
Love to you all and Happy Mother's Day to all of the ladies in our class.
2008-05-10 23:07:57 GMT
Hi, Thanks Janie for finding me through my son Frank in Phoenix. Bernice Benavidez, Bill Tracy, John Sweeny,
Jacki Judd and many others. Real Folks in time that I haven't thought of in a long time, but would love to see again
soon. I did not get to go to Frank's the night of Graduation. Mom was not going to let me be the first class fatality.
The next day I was in my 63 Cutlass on my way to New Orleans to work in the oil patch. Thirty miles out of town the
car overheated on the way to Dallas to meet my Father. After several stops to replace water hoses thermostats
etc. it became apparent that I would not reach Dallas unless I drove with the heater on. So with the heater on in
west Tx. the car would cruise @ 60-70 mph. I made it to the hotel @ about midnight. My eyes felt as though they
were sandpappered. We made it to NOLA. The summer was great before returning to UNM that Fall. The next
summer while once agian living with my Father and working in the oil fields I happened to run into my future bride.
Dad and I were in the Quarter when Sweet Weezie, my 6th grade heart throb tapped my father on the back of his
shoulder to ask him if he was Mr.Minor. Well that was it! Good Bye 0-10 UNM, Hello LSU!Sure missed the old
Buddies Steve Gillard, Dennis Green, Lyle Kuck, Alan Reinkan, but the marriage had to go on in NOLA, on 30 Dec
72, followed by LSU Med School. Frank was born on the first day of my Senior Year. Jon,now tidying up his
Medical Degree @ Tx.A&M was born during our[yes we can't leave Miss Weezie out of this] first year of
Orthopaedic Residency. Ross, now with three adopted children and teaching H.S. English was born in Truth or
Consequences NM while we were doing the Pediatric Rotation there. Andy, now trying to find himself in
Landscaping was born 6 weeks before we started our 3.5 years in the USAF. We were going to go back to UNM to
do a Hand Fellowship After the USAF. It was to pay 15 thou for the year. So we were saving lots to help us through
the year with four growing boys. One fine morning, Dec'84,Miss Weezie brought me a Cup of Joe while I was
reading the paper in the tub. I asked her if we could stop saving and use the moola to learn to fly. It was fine with
her so we proceded to sign up for flight training @ Kirtand AFB. Nothing like a 10,000+ foot runway to learn on.
Since we were getting out of the USAF{possibly a mistake}, we needed a job. It was found in Tulare Ca. After 9
years and several planes we relocated to Grass Valley Ca. in 1994.The town is located in the Sierra Foothills near
Lake Tahoe and Sac. Ca. @ 3000'.Life has been good until recently when we lost our dog Junior,an Am. Eskimo,
had my identity stolen, the VA leaked my SS#, and found out that the hospital has decided to bring in a Pony
Express group to manage the Orthopaedic coverage beginning on August 1st. So we are working our hoofies to
the quick to make adjustments. Let me digress...Dennis Green lives in Redding Ca. He stays busy in the summer
on Lake Shasta. I have noticed several messages abuot the coaching staph. Does anyone remember what
happened to that English teacher,Mr. Yost[ you know Yost Toasties] and the student that he ran off with? Is our
dear History teacher Mrs. Reinhart still with us? I greatly appriciate the work that Gloria and Jamie have gone to to
bring this blog to fruition and to locate us. In 1988 I tried to find the reunion through the school and one of our
classmates, Terry Romero without any luck. Best Wishes to all Frank Minor.
--Frank Minor
2008-05-10 23:27:43 GMT
OUR TEACHERS--I just started looking for some of our teachers-- Richard Johnson, woo woo, have e-mailed him.
Mr. McGinnis passed away in 1999, Mrs. Cravens passed in 2006 and our lovely Anita Reinhardt passed away in
1991. I just got off the phone with her daughter Alex, and she told me the story. It is so very moving that I MUST
share with you all. Mrs. R. used to ride her bicycle to school. One evening riding home from school, she was
attacked and beaten up. She was left severly brain damaged. She lived in this state for 15 years and passed away
on the date of her attack. No one knows, but they feel it was a student, due to the fact a student she had had
trouble with left school right after the attack. Let us say a special prayer for Alex and her siblings, they lost their
Mother two times. I thank Alex for sharing this story with us. Janie Bryant Banes
2008-05-11 03:00:59 GMT
Teachers--I forgot to say that Mrs. R. was attacked in 1973. If she lived for 15 years, she would have passed in
1988. I caught the daughter off guard so the dates were not fresh with her. Thanks, Janie
2008-05-11 03:11:39 GMT
Hello all you old folks and farts. I do not talk much and never did cuz its always been my belief that--if you don't
anything useful to say--shut the f up. Sorry that is me. I would love to say hello to everyone whom I knew and to all
who knew me. I really would like to say hello to Vickie Mcmaster. Have not seen/heard about or from her in many
yrs. She always was special to me. Anyone know anything about how to talk with/to her? Anyway am looking
forward to seeing all of you this year. You will find me riding my Harley in leathers, toting my pistole and badge and
looking for the bad guys. Love to all.--P.S. I still dance (2-step) pretty damn good.
--Marty McGuire
2008-05-12 00:09:09 GMT
Frank, I saw an article in Time magazine (of all places) on Mr. Yost and our former classmate in the mid to late
eighties. They were living in northern New Mexico. I think they're house might have been in a geodesic dome. As I
recall the gist of the article was they were self-sustaining, living off the land and being kind to the environment. I
had a crush on that classmate. Mr. Yost broke my heart when he ran off with her.
Marty, I last saw you when I had a break in service in 1973. You were giving some kids at a football game at Milne
Stadium a hard time. I thnk they had snuck some alcohol in. Did you say you retired from APD? 1973 is the last
time I saw Vicki McMasters also, she was working for Hertz at the airport...Kirk J
2008-05-12 15:08:38 GMT
Yes, I RETIRED FROM APD THE END OF 92. Thnx Kirk I appreciate your mail. Now Iam working as an armed
security guy for the feds. Life, all in all, is pretty decent for me, however, really would like to touch base with Vickie
McMaster. Take care
2008-05-13 00:29:06 GMT
All right, who's the classmate Mr. Yost ran off with? Enquiring mindz want to know.
2008-05-13 02:23:01 GMT
Ok, it was Ron Oest and he married Nora Herrera from our class. I understand, Ron is now deceased. Charlie
Romero is working on contacting Nora, aren't you Charlie? Marty, e-mail Gloria about Vickie McMaster, her name
is whited out on classmates list. Janie
2008-05-13 04:08:35 GMT
Google Ron Oest. The story is at the following link.,9171,965669,00.html?promoid=googlep

Hey Kirk J. Sounds like life has been good. I will email you soon. You too, Marty.

John Brown
2008-05-13 13:41:36 GMT
Hi again everyone, It's Debbie again. First let me remind Gloria that my name is spelled D-E-B-B-I-E, NOT Debby. I
don't know where she got that. For those of you that haven't seen Gloria in a while, she's like everyone else our
age, she can't remember some things. All my friends are in awe of Gloria and all her talents. They cannot believe
how fabulous our BLOG is. Anyway Marty, Vicki McMaster and I are still best friends. We have kept in contact
throughout the years. She is still the sweet and sincere person that she was in high school. She lives in
Albuquerque. She is divorced from Steve McFall. Her cell number is 505-661-2982, home number is 505-822-
0209, and her work number is 505-268-4313. She would love to hear from you. She will be coming to the reunion
with me. We're having a mini-reunion this Saturday here in Dallas. We'll be talking about all of you. Yeah, that was
a beautiful picture of Albuquerque. One of my friends sent it to me. Gloria can send a copy to you. Has anyone
heard from Skinner, Susie Jackson, Nancy Turner?? Charlie, you should know something! I have a new e-mail

--Debbie Sanchez Hudnall
2008-05-14 03:42:40 GMT
I ran into Mrs. Green in the mid 70's and she told me about Mrs. Reinhardt. Evidently, the person(s) responsible
for the attack got away scot free. Does anybody know different? What a tragedy.
2008-05-14 05:56:43 GMT
Tim, Mrs. Reinhardt's daughter told me there were never any charges filed, so he one who attacked her did get off
scot free. Such a sad ending for such a beautiful lady. Janie
2008-05-14 13:48:33 GMT
Dear LittleDebbie,
Do you and your husband keep in touch with Ross Hightower? He was my landlord in Artesia, and his wife worked
with me at the newspaper.
Their kids must be grown by now. Funny how that happens.
Tim P
2008-05-14 17:31:23 GMT
MEMORY PAGE--Since Gloria is busy with a move, she has not had alot of time to post things on the web page. I
have just learned that Larry Leyba passed away in 2000 and also no longer with us is are Gordon Hinds and
Kathy McCowan. They will be on the memory page soon, just keep checking. Thanks, Janie
2008-05-15 16:56:59 GMT
Just catching up. So sorry to hear about some more losses. I am currently sitting at a go live providing computer
support. This is day 3 and the hospital staff and docs are doing pretty well so things a quieting down.
I to am curious about a former teacher. Does anyone know about history teacher Mr Perionet? I have want ed to
tell him thank you for years for something he did for me and he never knew it. He showed a movie in class about
alcholism and then said if anyone was having these problems at home we should come talk to him. Well, that
movie told me what was going on at home (my mom), but I was to shy and embarrased to ever go talk to him. I
have managed to work though lots of emotional stuff over the years and have had a nd continue to have a great
life. I always wanted to thank him for helping me make take that that first step of recognizing what was going on. It
helped so much and I will always remember.
Well, so much for the sadness.
I have made contact now with some old friends thanks to Janie and Gloria and this fantastic web site. I won't know
for sure if we can come to the reunion. We have 3 big projects all going live in September and I will have to provide
support. I might be able to sneak away from the heat for some fun for a couple of days. Keep your fingers crossed.
--Beverly Van Orsdol Fletcher
2008-05-16 02:37:19 GMT
Today, John Brown, Lauralee Faulhaber, Debbie Sanchez, Gloria Simpson and I had a wonderful get together. We
have changed very little....hahaha It was a lot of fun talking about old times, sharing stories and talking about
many of you...hahaha! We hope to have another meeting soon with our respetive spouses. It is a blessing for me
going into the Sept reunion having made this contact. I was sorry to know that Larry Leyba passed away. I called
his mother last week. She still lives in Albuq. She remembered me from HS days when Larry and I played in the
same band. Larry's daughter is now 40 and she and her two children remain in close contact with Larry's mother.
2008-05-17 19:48:30 GMT
Was glad to see by the "blog" that Edward Hofheins is still among us. He was my neighbor all though school. Hope
he attends the reunion.
2008-05-18 13:46:23 GMT
RE: Mike Glenn's post on his get-together with John and the ladies in Texas...looking at the photo in the "still
friends" all haven't changed very much. Tell me this,though...does Faulhaber just hire out for these
things? She's showing up a lot in this section. I think I see a Laura finger in the background of the Charlie John
Rick and Pete photo. It could be a "Where's Waldo" sorta thing?
--bill tracey
2008-05-18 18:10:21 GMT
Hello classmates –

I wanted to “jump-in” the blog again but was wondering how to ?? since my memory of our high school days isn’t
that great and I am really more interested in what’s happening now.

Was wondering if anyone wanted to take a different direction and blog about some other topics? For example, we
could start a “List of 10”… series … composing lists (instead of longer dialogue) on any topic and begin to find out
who we have things in common with … before the Reunion itself. Personally, I would find blogging like this very

As a communicator – I am always trying to get to a deeper level.
So, the only way to know what you all THINK about this idea is to put out a first (safe) list … and see what
happens… Feel free to start up another List of 10 and we’ll see where we end up by September!

List of 10: Places lived and/or visited since High School

Places lived
1968-71 Las Cruces, NM
1971-72 Owen Sound, Ontario
1973-74 Toronto, Ontario
1974-80 Montreal, Quebec
1981-94 Ottawa, Ontario
1995- 2001 Kelowna, British Columbia
2001-now Niagara Falls, Ontario

Places Visited (here in Canada, many of us go “south” if we can during the winter
months – Florida is an easy drive and a very popular destination)
Tampa, Florida
Orlando, Florida
Nashville, TN (Penny & Dean’s wedding)

2008-05-19 23:13:03 GMT
Peggy, great idea. That is what kept me from the class reunions. CAN'T relate to high school stories. Like you I am
also more interested in what’s happening now. So here's my list.

Places lived:
1968-70 Jacksonville Fl. (service)
1970-72 Charleston S.C. (service)
1972-78 ABQ.
1978-80 Denver Co. (school)
1980-now ABQ.

Places visited:
Island of Malta
Former Yugoslivia (sp)
(Of course all of these visited places are service related.)
--R. Rudolph
2008-05-20 16:52:35 GMT
OK all ou American Idol fans, who won tonight? David Cook or David Archuleta? I think it will go to little David
tonight. What do you think?
2008-05-21 01:59:05 GMT
OK, Peggy Sue, here’s a list for you. I heard it on the Atlanta oldies station.
The top 5 songs on this week in 1968 were:
5. Honey by Bobby Goldsboro.
4. It’s a Beautiful Morning by the Rascals (first hit after dropping “Young” from name).
3. Theme from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly by Hugo Montenegro.
2. Mrs. Robinson by Simon and Garfunkel.
1. Tighten Up by Archie Bell and the Drells.
One day at school, Fritz Blake said Gail Allen had told him that the chords in “Tighten Up” were the ones that
caused a listener to become romantically stimulated. From that moment until now – 40 years in all – I have
wondered about the existence of a body of music, which, when played, caused a person to want to get cozy with
the one he/she was with.
I figured if such music existed, only music majors and musicians knew what it was. Does it exist? Do they know?
The only clue – other than Archie Bell and the Drells – I have found over the past four decades was Ravel’s Bolero
in the movie 10. And I never got around to buying a CD to see if it worked.
How about it, Pete? Would you ask your bride if she has any recollection of telling Fritz about Tighten Up?
Perhaps you could figure all of this into your song selection for Saturday night. My request would be While My
Guitar Gently Weeps, which I heard on the Atlanta classic rock station.
-- Tim P
2008-05-21 03:19:48 GMT
I bet Little David won the idol tonight. He is cute, young and talented.
2008-05-21 04:07:34 GMT

For those of us who do not want to go shopping - Is anyone interested in going trail hiking (1/12 hours or so) in the
foothills Saturday morning of our Reunion Weekend?
It may be the only time we have to do that while in NM. Can anyone recommend a established trail (without
rattlesnakes!!!) ?

--Peggy Sue
2008-05-21 12:49:46 GMT
That’s 1 and ½ hours ….
--Peggy Sue
2008-05-21 12:56:04 GMT
Somebody better alert the rattlesnakes...
2008-05-21 13:41:00 GMT
Peggy - There are numerous hiking trails at Elena Gallegos picnic grounds. It's up off of Tramway between Spain
and Academy. Need to look for the brown signs for the turn off. It heads east towards the mountains. Parking is
two dollars. Very nice picnic area with tables and a lot of parking spaces. I do a LOT of mountain biking up there.
And it's on this side of the mountains! As far as wild critters, well you're in the wild so they live there. But are
seldom seen. - R. Rudolph
2008-05-21 16:54:13 GMT
R. Rudolph - Did you enter Malta from the sea? That is the most picturesque port I ever sailed into. Nothing but
sandstone colored fortifications. Quite a sight.
Peggy - A mountain hike in the morning is a great idea. Put my name on the list. Maybe Ron could map out a route.
---Kirk J
2008-05-22 01:40:35 GMT
Hi all,

Janie Bryant Banes has been gently persist about getting me to
sign in on the guestbook that I've been located, and the impediment
has been coming up with a reasonable account of what I've
done for the past 40 years. (That and a current picture).

Maybe best to start now and go backwards - I'm currently working
for the computer science department at UC Berkeley, doing technical
support. Sometimes I actually get to program and act like a research
assistant and other times I just do sysadmin.

Outside of work my passions have been musically related; I've played
oboe in a straight community orchestra (,
for 26 years, and also in the San Francisco Lesbian & Gay Freedom band
( for 27 of its 30 years. This also marks the
beginning of my 3rd season playing in the (union) band that gives
concerts every sunday afternoon in the major park in San Francisco
during the summer half of the year.

A third level hobby has been as a recording engineer - I record mostly
groups that would otherwise go without if they had to pay commercial
rates (including the two amateur groups I play in), but occasionally
get to do professional gigs - like a Chamber Music series in
san francisco. When CD recorders were expensive and rare, I
transcribed DAT tapes to CD's for the Kronos Quartet and even
once for the San Francisco Symphony.

My mother was of the opinion that kids owe a debt to their parents
for raising them which they pay off by raising their own kids;
that's not likely to happen in my case, but I hope to do some
good in the world and I'm really lucky enough to work for a department
in a public university that believes that the intellectual property
it develops should be given away fee-free so long as the
work is acknowledged.

Aside from publishing papers, one of the criteria for advancement
in the university is what impact you've had - and a shining example
of that is a bassoon player in my orchestra who happens to be a
public health professor - it was her research on the effects of
second hand smoke that led to the banning of smoking on US flights.

If you've made it all the way to the bottom of this account,
I'm flattered by the interest. Way up above somebody mentioned
my name as possibly being a mystery pianist who carried a leather
brief case. I still have the brief case from high school
(in disrepair in storage), but didn't play the piano ever on campus.


Keith Sklower

--Keith Sklower
2008-05-22 05:12:00 GMT
REUNION EVENTS----Hey, classmates, let us not get off the beaten path here. If you have an idea for an event
you rather have other than the bus trip, please e-mail Gloria and let her put it on the events page and get
responses there, the blog is not for starting new events.
We did have a golf game at one point, but not good response on that one. Also too hard to bring golf clubs. We
are trying to have the tour of DNHS campus on the morning of bus trip to Santa Fe, details to be worked out. I am
not begruding anyone for offering suggestions, this is good, but PLEASE go through Gloria first.
The work started on this this reunion almost a year ago and alot of man and girl hours have gone into it, so let's
get with Glo first and see what else we can offer for events. Thanks again Janie aka Mother Pain.

--Janie Bryant Banes
2008-05-22 16:20:46 GMT
Keith S.My image of you in school will always be of a guy dressed in black carrying the ever present brief case, as
my image of Dever L was him in his safari jacket. It makes me wonder what people might connect me with? I
continue to be amazed and awed by the lives and successes of my fellow classmates. Some I expected and some
have been a surprise to me but I think we can be proud of the foot print the class of 68 has left on the world. I for
one have throughly enjoyed getting to know my classmates better and seeing how we have all turned out. My
receint visit to the photo gallery was a joy, I will be happy to look at everyones photos of the grandkids, etc. I
thought the choice of photos from Penny and Dean tell a real love story and being the romantic that I am, even
after all my ex wives and girlfriends, I can still hold out hope that there is someone out there for all of us!I could tell
by the twinkle in Dean's eyes that the boy is still "Love Sick!"
I agree with "Mother Pain" that we should run our ideas for activities by Gloria as a courtiousy if nothing else.
Certainly nothing wrong with suggesting things on the blog and if it shows interest, let Gloria know so she can help
by putting it on the events page as not all of us are into the blog. Just my 2 cents... Rick R
2008-05-22 18:32:17 GMT
Guess I should proof my blog before I post it! I was trying to say courtesy in the above blog.
2008-05-22 18:48:08 GMT
I must have missed something...after re-reading the last hundred or so entries, I didn't read where anyone
suggested another activity for the reunion proper. This site has served exceptionally well as a venue for our
classmates to re-connect with old friends, or maybe even make connections so many years later, and likely plan
things to do with each other...sounds pretty good to me!

By the way, I have received several checks since January, but expect lots more this summer so that we can fill the
venues (very nice ones, too)!
--Tony Lucero
2008-05-23 00:11:35 GMT
To Gloria,Debbie & Peggy I believe your idea of BaloonFiesta Park is exceptional and think you guys should keep
with that program. You gals put this all together and I think you had/have a great plan so stick with the ticket. Love
ya all. Mr. Mcguire
2008-05-23 02:45:36 GMT
Hello Classmates –
Gee…sorry I was off-track a bit with using the blog with a question of interest – this is new to all of us. Just
wondered if anyone was interested enough to organize something.
I don’t know enough about the Albuquerque area to start planning the details (ie. Distances, directions) – but I will
contact Gloria direct so she can post it in the proper place. Maybe look for it on the events page if interested.
Re: hiking
I tried to upload a picture on my photopage this morning – it was a picture that J. Sweeny sent Pam C. re: hiking –
it’s gonna give me nightmares! Also posted a couple of our hiking spots here in the Niagara area. Have no idea if
the pictures actually made the photo album??? Uploading the pictures requires… patience to say the least!
I talked with Pam C. today by phone – what a joy to hear that TN accent… and to chat for maybe an hour!?!?
It’s great to read so many entries from so many different people. Janie – you are doing an amazing job in locating
people… making the EXTRA effort. I like that.

--Peggy Sue
2008-05-23 17:06:14 GMT
Janie was not saying that anyone had suggested replacing any of the activities for the reunion proper. I believe
that what she was saying was that there are people who don't want to go to Santa Fe and have lunch and look at
Galleries. Those people have suggested other activities like hiking. If they want to find others who might be
interested in participating in their activity it would probably be more effective to have me put it on the question area
of the Events Page so that a list can be kept rather than trying to look through all the blog entries to see who the
interested parties are. Sorry that some misunderstood.........gloria
2008-05-23 17:15:04 GMT
ROSS HIGHTOWER was in our wedding. When Bobby was in Law School at Baylor, somehow Ross was in Waco.
They had always been good friends in college and they were in the same fraternity. Isn't Ross funny? I'll tell you a
story about him at the reunion. It's x-rated!! We've lost touch with him. Last time we talked to him he was in
Phoenix. Have you heard from him? I'm so looking forward to meeting your wife and talking to you You were always
such a nice young man, but I'm so happy to know that you are so close to the Lord!
--Debbie Sanchez Hudnall
2008-05-23 19:32:16 GMT
It was great to meet up with some other “old friends” last week here in the Dallas area. It was fun to see how we
have all changed and yet stayed the same in many ways. Bill T., you too can come to our next gathering and be in
the picture…but we’re not paying you! I will be happy still to be your friend and pose with you too! I bet you had
your son Photo Shop my finger in the picture with Charlie, Pete, & Rick!

A quick synopsis for those of you with whom I’ve lost contact or missed at past reunions. I went to TCU right after
graduation, transferred to UNM my junior year, and did my graduate work at the University Denver. I have been
working as a speech and language pathologist ever since. I married a Hill Topper from Los Alamos 31 years ago.
We lived briefly in southern California and Albuquerque before settling here in the Dallas area in 1979. I have had
a private practice in Plano since 1980. Both of our kids are Texans. We were late bloomers in the kids’
department. We have a 23 year old daughter who is completing her externship with a plastic surgeon and will be
off the pay roll (we pray) in June. Our 19 year old son just finished his freshman year in college, so we have to
stay young and financially supportive for a while longer.

I look forward to catching up with so many of you in September. I still love New Mexico, especially in the fall.

Laura Faulhaber Campbell

2008-05-23 21:58:23 GMT
Peggy Sue-Not to worry, I did the same thing with the question about other activities.Jane and I were just trying to
address a potential problem that was brought up off the blog and it apears that some misunderstood.I think the
bottom line is that if we have an idea for activities related to the reunion we should run everything through Gloria. I
don't think this is like most blogs because of the reunion but you are sure right about blogging. From what I've
read, none of us had ever done any of this sort of thing before now. Bottom line is I think we are all having a good
time and looking forward to Sept. I'll stop now because as usual, I probably didn't need to say any of this...
Rick R
2008-05-23 21:59:26 GMT
Laura...I would love to hang out with the beautiful women in your "Still Friends" photos. I'm thinking you all sleep in
hyperbaric else could you have aged so little since high school?
--bill tracey
2008-05-24 23:30:40 GMT
Today is Memorial Day. It is a day to reflect on those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. First
established for the Union soldiers from the Civil War, it was extended to honor those killed in the service of our
country during World War I and all wars thereafter. We had a classmate, Jeff Smith and the bother of a classmate
Kendall Stake (Class of 69?), that gave their lives while serving our country so that we could enjoy the freedoms
that we hold dear, namely the ability to think, act and say the things that we feel and believe and to enjoy the
freedom of being an American. We enjoy this freedom because of the sacrifice of veteran’s and their families. I feel
blessed to be an American who has the freedom that I enjoy because of these sacrifices, the Rule of Law that
protects me and those that continue to protect us. So here is to those that gave the ultimate sacrifice, served their
country in all the Armed Forces, served humanity in other facets and feel that being an American is great. So here
is a toast, as I raise my glass of Glenlivet, to those that gave and those that served. Happy Memorial Day and

John Brown
--John Brown
2008-05-26 04:01:04 GMT
Dear Knights:
The last two mails I bombarded you all with has paid off!!! I so appreciate, Pati Pollard, Greg Corley, Kirk Jackson,
Dean Hart and Curtis Hunt
stepping up giving me leads and contacting classmates to let them know about the reunion. I will send out one
more list, this one of ones that we have NOT had contact with. So please don't hate me for cluttering up your e-
mail box. I just cannot leave a stone unturned, we need to contact as many as possible. Last John told me the
percentage of classmates contacted was 63 but I am sure it has grown over this weekend. We are doing a great
job and we should all be proud. Thanks, Janie
2008-05-27 04:35:12 GMT
Thank you, John for a beautiful tribute. Tony and I had the privilege 2 yrs. ago of taking my dad to see the WWII
memorial in DC. It was a thrill for all of us. We were there over Memorial Day weekend along with the Rolling
Thunder, amazing! It touched us to see the WWII vets acknowledging and being acknowledged by the Vietnam
vets. The WWII memorial is awesome in its complexity and is somehow rivaled only by the quiet simplicity of the
Vietnam Memorial.
2008-05-27 11:49:10 GMT
Thanks Deedra, I am always in awe of the monuments. Each one is fascinating in its own way. I find that Lincoln
appears to just want to reach out and shake your hand. I enjoy them all but the smaller monument by the Viet Nam
Wall recognizing the nurses and wounded brings tears to my eyes as does the Viet Nam monument.

John Brown
2008-05-27 21:04:23 GMT
John, we were all brought to tears at the nurses memorial. Were you aware that the sculptor is Santa Fe artist
Glenna Goodacre? I think by the time you round that corner you are just overcome by the whole experience.
2008-05-28 02:46:51 GMT
No, I was not aware. She is a marvelous artist and really captured the emotion of the time and situation.
John Brown
2008-05-28 02:54:21 GMT
I have to start by saying that Memorial Day and Vets Day have become two days that are very hard on me. Today I
opened one of the sweetest and most heartwarming E cards I have ever gotten!! It was addressed to a couple of
us vets from the class with an apolgy to the rest of you because she couldn't remember all of us by name.It was
from Peggy and I could tell it was from her heart. I'm sorry I don't have the patients to rewrite it here but wanted all
the vets from our class to know she was thinking of us on Memorial day. If you are like me, you still aren't used to
getting a thank you at all. My homecomming was to have a coke thrown on me, being spit on, and called a baby
killer.It wasn't until after 9-11 that I got my first welcome thanks for serving, and that was from another vet. Then I
became a "PIG"! I tell this because I'm sure many of the others that served had the same type experences and I
want the Peggy's of this country to know how much that means to me and the countless others like me. I can't
remember who said it but the saying is ; "The war never ends for those who survived," or something like that. This
Memorial Day was even harder than the past ones because we have been getting to know each other again and
bringing up old memories including those that are not here with us. It is even more personal now than in the past.
When I saw the "Wall" for the first time, I was in Washington in the winter and a friend dropped me off at the
memorial. I was overwhelmed and as I walked down into the center of it I didn't realize I was the only living soul at
the memorial! It was such a powerful moment in my life anyway but to be there alone among all those who gave the
ultimate sacrafice was truley a humbling experience. I went and visited the 3 GIs at the top after that but I'm sorry
to say the other statues were not there then. I have seen the photos of it and even those are powerful so I'm sure
the real thing is amazing. I read about Goodacre at the same time.
But my main reason for getting on the blog was to share the "THANK YOU" with the rest of my brothers and sisters
who served. Thanks again Peggy... Rick R
2008-05-29 02:05:43 GMT
This is a call for Ed Hofheins. I,too, was glad to see that the report of your passing was premature. I tried to e-mail
you but it got returned "undeliverable". Please e-mail me 'd like to see what you've been doing for these 40 years.
--Charlenea Hendry Ellis
2008-05-29 11:26:18 GMT
This is a "call" for Ed Hofheins. I,too, was glad to see the report of your passing was premature. I tried to e-mail
you but it was returned "undeliverable". Please e-mail me. I'd like to see what you've been doing these 40 years.
--Charlenea Hendry Ellis
2008-05-29 11:31:21 GMT
Couldn't agree with you more Rick R. But the one saying that really resonates with me is: “The REAL casualties of
war, are not the dead.” And from one vet to the rest of the class of '68 vets...THANK YOU!
R. Rudolph
2008-05-29 15:05:07 GMT
These last few days have been a trip reading all the info in the blog. When Janie called and said Pati had
wondered if she had found me yet, I was so excited to hear about the reunion. Pati and I have been emailing since
then and found out two of our kids live about a mile from each other in Gilbert AZ. Small world! My husband and I
live in Chandler, AZ and have a son and daughter, both married and 5 grandkids, ages 11 to 4. I still have family in
Albuq. so I hope to be able to come in September.
Thanks Gloria for all the work you've done to get this amazing website together.
--Janet (Stump) Tipton
2008-05-29 19:09:25 GMT
R Rudolph- My lightning fried brain got a couple of quotes mixed up. The one you quoted is the one I was trying to
quote How ture, how true. Rick R
2008-05-29 20:21:52 GMT
Responding to Tim Palmer’s February blog – I only discovered this blog today, or I would have responded sooner.
Your memory is better than mine – I have no memory of playing the piano at school (although “Last Date” was one
of my favorites at the time). “Piano prodigy” is an extreme overstatement, but thanks for the compliment! Never
carried a briefcase.

It is marvelous to see your (and Mike Glenn’s and others’) dedication to the Lord! Though raised in the church, I
raised a lot of H*** from age 15 on. Took a year off after high school, then made a 30-year career in the enlisted,
warrant, and commissioned ranks of the Marine Corps. Upon retirement, joined the Marine Corps Scholarship
Foundation, where I remain. In 1989, I met Kathy, a wonderful Christian “civilian Marine” who encouraged me to
get back in church. I eventually did, got my life straightened out, and ultimately dated her for 18 months. But I didn’
t feel I would be a good father for her 9 y.o. son and 6 y.o. daughter, so we parted amicably. (By now, the organ
had become my instrument of choice, and I’ve been a church organist ever since.)

At Thanksgiving of 2003, Kathy’s daughter asked her, “Whatever happened to Alan?” Kathy tracked me down, we
dated for a year, and were married. We share laughter every day, and haven’t had a single fight in 4 ½ years! I
now play the organ at one church on Sunday mornings and serve as chaplain at a retirement hi-rise in Alexandria,
VA on Sunday nights. Kathy teaches Sunday School on Sunday morning and serves refreshments Sunday night.
God is good and, thankfully, slow to anger! Kathy works for the DOD Comptroller in Crystal City (Arlington, VA);
Amy, my stepdaughter, is now in the Navy, a Medical Corpsman deployed to Kuwait; Christian, my stepson, is CO
of a NC National Guard Mechanized Infantry Company, gearing up for his second Iraq tour.

college age. Go to for information. Likewise, if you’re in the D.C area, give me a call! Our office is in
Old Town Alexandria, five miles from D.C. 703.549.0060.
--Alan Hammer
2008-05-30 22:07:40 GMT
Failed to include one item in response to previous posts – Kathy and I still enjoy riding my 1993 Yamaha 1100
Virago which I purchased new.
--Alan Hammer
2008-05-30 22:23:02 GMT
I don't know where it is, will try again tomorrow.The blog gremlins are hungry tonight, Janie
2008-06-04 05:14:45 GMT
Hotels, several at exit 321 near baloom part which is exit 233 to the north. a this exoit is also Denny's and a
Cracker Barrel. If you talk to classmates, this can happen. Most require that 10 rooms be blocked and will get the
group rates. Hampton Inn 505-345-1555, group rate 85/nite; La Quinta 505-345-7500, 75.60/nite; Homewood
Suites, 505-998-4663 89 or 99/nite;
Hilton Garden Inn 505-314-0800; Quality Suites 505-797-0850 65/nite if we book 5 rooms. All have breakfast,
coffee and hairdryers in the rooms are are suites. The hairdryers are important for some of the guys in our class I
know. There are several b/b on Rio Grande and Paul G. made mention of one on the guestbook page. If you want
to stay near Coronado Mall, there are Homewood and Ameri Suites. Plenty of motels and hotels in Albq. you can
search on the net for more. These are only names not suggestions. HOWEVER, I do suggest you make
reservations early as our reunion is weekend of the State Fair. I will be staying at The Quality Suites so if 4 more
want to stay there, let me know and I will get the 65/nite rate. This is a new facility and I saw rooms, nice. Hot and
cold breakfast. Thanks and looking forward to seeing everyone soon. Janie
2008-06-04 14:47:11 GMT
Where have all the bloggers gone, long time passin. Where have all the bloggers gone, long time ago. Rick has
written most every one. When will Tim be back, when will new ones blog on ???
2008-06-05 04:33:36 GMT
To blog or not to blog, that is the question! ;-)
R. Rudolph
2008-06-05 15:01:33 GMT
With apologies to William Shakespeare..

My cousin Rick? No, my fair cousin;
If we are mark'd to blog, we are enow
To do our web site loss; and if to live,
The fewer bloggers, the greater share of honour.
I pray thee, wish not one more blogger.
By Jove, I am not covetous for high speed connectivity,
But if it be a sin to covet blogging,
I am the most offending soul alive.
No, faith, my cousin Rick, wish not a Del Norte Alumni.
I would not lose so great an honour
As one alumni more blogs away from me
For the best hope I have. O, do not wish one more blogger!
Rather proclaim it, Cousin Rick through the web site,
That he which hath no stomach to this fight,
Let him cease blogging; his e-mail account shall be made.
We would not blog in that person's company
That fears his fellowship to blog with us.
This day is call'd the feast of High School Reunion.
He that outlives this day, and comes safe home,
Will stand a tip-toe when this day is nam'd,
And rouse him at the name of Del Norte High School.
He that shall live this day, and see old age,
Will strip his sleeve and show his scars,
And say 'These wounds I had on our reunion dance.'
Old alumni forget; But we bloggers remember, with advantages,
What feats we did that day. And those who did not attend,
Nor blog, or sign in on the web page,
Will think themselves accurs'd they were not there.
2008-06-05 15:49:56 GMT
I was reluctant to plunk down $11.99 for the Time magazine special on the year 1968. But after devouring every
word on its 121 pages and admiring its dozens of photographs, I felt like I got my money’s worth. It was interesting
to read about the major events of the year, because at 17 and 18 I wasn’t paying all that much attention. The book
provides a history lesson on the Tet offensive and the siege of Khe Sanh in Vietnam; the assassinations of Martin
Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy; the protests at Columbia University in New York and the Democratic National
Convention in Chicago; Johnson declining to run and Nixon winning the presidency; the Summer Olympics in
Mexico City. It hits the pop culture highlights: Hair on Broadway; 2001 -- A Space Odyssey and The Graduate at
the movies; Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In on TV; the Beatles traveling to India for enlightenment. As the year ended,
Apollo 8 was circling the moon – a first; the collegians among us were completing our first semesters (I notched a
0.8 GPA at the University of Albuquerque); and Led Zeppelin was making its U.S. debut. After a year like that, no
wonder so many of us were dazed and confused right on into the ‘70s.
2008-06-06 00:32:03 GMT
Hey, I think it is great that Ricky is blogging. He has kept this site going and brought up lots of memories. It has
given me insite to a fellow I wish I had know better in DNHS days. Keep up the good work Rick and Ron R.,thanks
for sharing also. We do need to get more people talking, so don't be shy? I do not understand why someone would
write a blog, and NOT sign their name. Janie