In Memory Of.....
Stuart Moore
Pete Johnson
Pete was a gentle and caring person, but one of my favorite memories was out of character. One night after a
game there were a bunch of us at A&W on San Mateo. A fight started, not sure why or who with. Fights were
not uncommon with all of that youthful testosterone which surged in those days. There were a group of guys
from somewhere else. Before we knew exactly why a full fledged gang fight broke out. Pete was there and
managed to get hit and connect a blow to a rival. After it was over...quiet, gentle Pete was estatic. His black
eye was a badge of courage, at least with the guys....Bill Kraemer

When I think of Monroe Junior HIgh - especially that first year - 1962 - when so many of us were new to one
another I always think of  Pete Johnson.  As someone already noted on these pages, we were often seated in
alpha order and so in a few classes Pete sat behind me.  He had that laugh---.  That year in my family I was
known for telling  "Pete Johnson" stories at the dinner table and so my sisters and  brother felt like they went
to school with him too.  Recently I came across a black and white photo taken at the Monroe Junior High  
graduation picnic which was up the mountains and Pete is wearing one  of those madras shirts that were
popular then.  The best thing is  that you can tell in the photo that he is laughing.  It is a nice way  to remember
him........Martha Jackson

Pete Johnson was a very smart, good looking and charismatic fellow.  He had me hooked from the first time I
met him while flinging pats of butter toward the ceiling during lunch at Monroe Jr. High in seventh grade.   He
also was an imp and a rascal...and that  served to make him a better person.  He had enormous energy
radiated from him like the sun.  And all of us who got close to him felt it.  And maybe we even absorbed a little
of it and felt stronger ourselves.  He was such a positive force that even when he did goofy things like harass
Mr. McMullen in English class or throw spitwads in student council meetings nobody really cared because it
was Pete and Pete could do anything and it was charming.  AND IT WAS CHARMING.  Nobody else could've
done that.  Well...maybe Bill Kraemer. ................Bill Tracey

If there was ever a person I envied in school, it was Pete. When I think of Pete I think of the 1950s "All
American Boy" Pete had it all. Looks, personality, brains, a sense of humor, and a good heart. I was lucky to
count him as a friend and look back fondly on the Prom double dates, Dinner at the Petroleum Club with Mr.
Mack, and the crew, and selling him and, I think it was Billy Tracy, my old truck the night of my going away
party for the army. And then the memory of hearing about the accident that took his life. It was my honor to
have called him friend. Like too many others I have known, they took him to soon. We miss you Pete.......Rick
Evelyn Sunderland
Linda Krause
Evelyn lived in my neighborhood and I remember that she felt that her parents were too strict when it came
to what she wanted to wear to school so she was always changing  into something else on the way to
school. Also I remember that in junior high we would spend hours reading comic books that her brother
had. He seemed to have drawers full.......Gloria Simpson
My memories of Linda start early. As Kraemer and Krause we always ended up in line together, then
later, with lockers next to each other....continued sharing many school experiences side by side. We
were brought together by the alphabet; our friendship was always a touch stone. When we were young
life seemed endless, and now we know it is all so short.....Bill Kraemer

Linda and I went to Whittier Elementary and were in the same 2nd grade class. We were very good
friends but I moved and lost touch until Del Norte where we met again but didn't realize we knew each
other until Linda's mom told us.  We started hanging around together and even went to Texas Tech our
freshmen year together. I hadn't seen her in over 25 years but I will cherish the memories we
had.......gloria Simpson

I cannot remember when I first met Linda but I could drive you right to her house and would expect her to
come walking out with a gentle smile and that thin ribbon in her hair. I remember that when we were in
Junior High that she befriended me and I am so very sad to hear that we have lost her....Martha Jackson

This narration is actually a combination of  the  fondest of memories of two old friends,  whose names
must remain anonymous, collectively flashing back to an extremely personal, meaningful and extra
special,  space in time, when in our youth, Linda was both the rage of our age and the hour of the main
attraction.  So, having known her then and indelibly remembering how beautiful she truly was,  together
we are saddened  wholeheartedly, and mutually concur indisputably in the fact that this world took a
without her...................anomymous
Jeff Smith
Gordon "Woody" DeSato
Danny DeBerry
Jeff's name is etched on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. I look it up whenever I go
there, along with the name of Kendall Stake. Ken, the brother of our classmate Paul Stake, was a year
ahead of us at Del Norte. Jeff and Ken honored our school with their service and sacrifice..............Tim Palmer

Weekends were our time at the drag races Jeff could never sit still for long and he would race his car in the
parking lot with dust flying and music blaring Jeff loved his music. He was ADD/ADHD before anyone knew
what that was............Annette Mignardot-Gorenz

I did not know Jeff well but I know we were in school together from the second grade on. I too have visited
his name on the wall in DC..............Beverly Van Orsdol Fletcher
Woody was another little Grisham Park boy. He was not a social standout but he had a heart of pure gold. He was
beloved by his family and his mom and dad died shortly after his death in a motorcycle accident, we all thought
from broken hearts. After having known him since we were very small, I got to know him even better when we
were table-mates in study hall. He was funny and smart and so shy but he got up the nerve and asked me to a
DeMoley dance. My mother talked me into going and when I learned of his death I was glad I had.........Deedra

Woody was slight in physical stature and had a voice that was somewhat nasal and high pitched, which caused
occasional ribbing by some of the guys.  He took it all in stride and was always cheerful and smiling.  I think he
was a great kid and friend would have been a great friend to have had as a man...........Tony Lucero

It's been hard for me to write this, I have come back to this page many times and couldn't bring myself to write.
It's time I do. Woody was a very sweet guy and I admit I never treated him as I should have but I was 17 and
stupid. When Woody and I started to date the later part of our senior year he would give me rides to and from
school. I loved his cars and he took very good care of them. When he got his sporty little car it was his pride and
joy. We went to several dances and a couple of graduation parties. I even went to visit him for a weekend when he
was in college. I was in California when I heard that he had passed. I was deeply sadden by his passing. I will
always consider him to be a dear friend. - Beckie (Goodner) Sexton 8-28-09
Danny wore a carefully sculpted hairstyle like Zuko and Kenickie in the movie "Grease". Then one day
he showed up driving an old milk truck that had the potential to be a great hippie van. When I heard
Danny had been killed in a motor vehicle crash, I wondered if he'd been driving the milk truck, and
whether he'd fixed it up nice inside. We lost Danny early, and like every classmate we have lost before
and since , his death left us feeling mortal and a bit diminished. I hope to ask him about the milk truck
someday in heaven........Tim Palmer

I use to work at the snack bar during lunch hour with Melvin Finley. It was run by "Dairy Don". Danny
would be there every day to match quarters with Don for a hambuger or two. Sure he could have
bought it but he just enjoyed gambling for it. Danny was just an all around good guy in my book. I was
sorry to hear he had passed away…….Rollin  R. Robinson
Monico Madrid
Monico always had that smile you see in his picture. Last time I saw him, he was on a motorcycle
heading out to California.......Alex Lovato

Monico was one of the first guys that I made friends with at Bel-Air elementary, and we stayed friends
throughout high school.   He was always smiling, and I remember that he had a great propensity for
laughter.  The thought of him riding into the sunset on a motorcycle cracks (and chokes) me up!  --
Thanks for that image Alex!......Tony Lucero

... a great football player....Randy Sanchez

= Hello my name is Pete Gutierrez and I am married to Maxine (Grant)she gradutated in 1968 from Del
Norte. I was working with Air National Guard at Kirtland around 1975 this young guy was hired in the
Aircraft structural Repair (sheet metal) shop I was assigned as his trainer. This guy was always
laughing and always had me doing the same, anyway we got to be really good friends,especially when
he found out I was married to Maxine. I went home and told her about this guy and she said he was
the same way in school and they both knew each other real good, she couldn't believe it was him. We
worked together for quite a few years, had alot of great times his family and mine. He was married to
a girl named Barbara and they had a little boy. He had a accident at home and developed a blood clot
which did him in, in 1982. I think of him and things he did and I can't help but get a smile he was just
that kind of a guy, never in a bad mood, happy-go-lucky dude  we'll never forget Monico Madrid!!
Rick Rose
Dave Stinebaugh

David Hanlin
help anyone in trouble.  I believe that even though he tried to convey a "bad boy" attitude, he had one
of the biggest hearts of anyone I know.  Our life choices may not always be the right ones, but that
does not diminish who we are or why we are here......Dean Hart

Dave had a family name that was tough to escape or follow. David was a fearsome fighter, with a
great smile and a big heart......Bill Kraemer

I agree with Dean. David's family lived on the corner over looking the park and the 5 Steinbaugh
brothers ruled. I know bad fortune befell these boys over time and sadly David did not fair well but my
memory of him was of a handsome, little blond boy with a tough fraternal legacy. He would stop by
and talk to my dad when he was out in the yard and I think Daddy let David know that the Johnston
girls had better not be the target of any meanness. I think he did have a kind heart and I think he
would have been a good man with half a chance. God bless him.......Deedra Johnston

With David you just wanted to find his good side and stay there and that’s what I did. Just seemed
like if there was trouble Dave was in there someplace. But if you were gonna have trouble you
wanted him on your side. His older brother Chris was the same way. Rumor had it his brother Chris
was mowing the lawn one day and somehow ran over his own foot cutting off his big toe. True or just
a crazy rumor anybody out there know for sure? Bad luck or bad choices or both seemed to plague
these guys……..Rollin R. Robinson
of the world or country we always kept in touch. We had many adventures together,
too many to put in this space ....Alex Lovato

Rick was in the group I hung out with. He was warm, caring, and humorous. I will always think of him fondly .....LaQuane Kilpatrick Barham

Monroe Jr. Hi. track practice is my first memory of Rick. We formed a friendship, never super close but one that lasted for many years.......
Bill Kraemer

Rick was a great guy.  I remember him as a good student and an excellent baseball player.  Even though we were involved in different
activities most of the time, he was a good friend.  We didn’t stay in touch after DN, but I was sad when I read of his passing a couple of
years ago......Tony Lucero

Rick Rose was a very good friend. My cousin Dee Wallerstedt and I used to hang around with him. It was true he was a very loyal friend. I
think my cousin Dee dated him at one time.........Jo Ann Wallerstedt

A good friend and teammate.  They say the good die young.........Jim Elifritz

I remember Rick well. I was Manager/Trainer for the Football and Track teams. While he did not play these sports our paths crossed
many times on the field when he was practicing on the adjacent baseball field. He was a great player and I could see that he was very
disciplined. I always thought he could make it to the Majors. Rick was a quiet fellow, very reserved. I appreciate the talks we would have
during the practices. I am sorry he will not be with us in September...........Mike Glenn

Ricky was my best friend from the third grade to HS graduation. I will always remember him fondly.  A true and loyal friend!  .......Dave

I met Rick on the baseball diamond – and what a player he was!  He was the only non-senior to break into the regular starting line-up
during the 1967 season – and he came through for us in more than one clutch situation!  I remember his unique batting style.  He loved to
swing at pitches above his head – drove coach Dickson crazy – but Rick hit several homers that way.  I never saw Rick after high school,
but thought of him often.  He was a good friend and teammate. ........
.............Gary Wolfe Class of '67    

Rick was my best friend for over 45 years and he was with out a doubt one of the best people I have ever known. He was my brother in
every way, and always had the best interest of all people around him He passed at too young an age, but his memory will never be
Polly Labor
What a great gal, with a infectious laugh. We worked together on the Shindig, what fun she was.  ....Janie Bryant

I remember Polly being involved in all kinds of school activities. I always thought that she would go far in the world. I
hope she did ......Alex Lovato

Polly was one of the "Grisham Park Girls." She had a lovely singing voice. Does anyone remember her singing "
Sunshine, Lollipops and ? " and "Try to Remember" at our homecoming assemblies? She was always so happy for
the successes of others. She was a sassy little thing and she talked me into walking home with her one night when
she had stayed at my house until after dark. As we walked past the park, we both got scared and started running and
screaming and giggling at the same time. I'm sure one of us wet our pants. It makes me very sad that she won't be
with us this summer....Deedra Johnston

Polly was one of the smartest girls that I knew, but she didn’t flaunt it, she just was.  She was always friendly and
succeeding at something!..............Tony Lucero

Polly Labor was so outgoing and such a delight to know. I still have a drawing she made for me tucked away in a
photograph album. I remember she worked in the activities office and I worked in the counseling office so we got
together periodically and walked the halls delivering messages to classrooms. She loved "Along Comes Mary" by the
Association and I still think of her when I hear that song……..Bobbi Jansson-Clementi

Polly and I became friends soon after I  moved to Albuquerque. We went to the same school and church. We even
joined the same Brownie troop. Our special time was Junior High. We had such a special group of friends at
McKinley that did everything together. Polly was there to give support when needed and could always make me
laugh. She had such a beautiful singing voice. She was truly talented............... Miss you, Annelle
Jan Massey
Jan was my first friend after my family moved to the Grisham Park neighborhood in 1957. We walked
to Bel Air ES everyday and joined the same Brownie Scout troop that year. We learned to swim in her
backyard pool and Jan's big sister taught us to dance in their living room. We spent hours playing
records and listening to The Everly Brothers. There were a million little 7 yr. old girls in that old
neighborhood and we played long and hard most days. It broke my heart when Betsy Carlson called
to tell me Jan had died.........Deedra Johnston

Jan was a very nice girl, and also one of my first friends at Bel-Air.  I remember that she would have
our little McKinley group over to play records and dance after school sometimes...........Tony Lucero

Jan was a great friend from second grade on. I think she started our McKinley get-togethers where
we would listen to music and have fun. She was a true friend to many............... Miss you, Annelle
Carolyn Martin
I grew up only a few blocks from Carol and Cheryl; we walked to school (Cleveland Jr. High) together many
mornings. I am so saddened to learn of her loss. My thoughts are with her twin sister Cheryl ....Pam Carlson

I was very saddened when I read of Carolyn’s passing a couple of years ago.  I remember her pretty smile,
her kindness, and her fun-loving nature.  I also remember several of us going to the Martin’s house and
howling to the latest Bill Cosby album, or just vegging to the Moody Blues....Tony Lucero

Carolyn's (and sister Cheryl) parents were very good friends of my parents. We attended Mark Twain
Elementary school. I moved away during the Jr High Years but returned to Albuquerque my Sophmore year.
We reunited during high school. We attended the same church and were members of the youth group. I was
saddened when I learned of her passing. I am most grateful for the church youth group memories we
shared............... Mike Glenn

Carolyn, Cindy Penneman, and I started hanging out our junior year and we stayed "buds" after high school.
Carolyn seemed quiet, but she always had a plan. I remember one Friday night a big school fire extinguisher
"appeared". Full of water, we headed to VIP's and proceeded to cruise down the street spraying everyone
sitting on the hoods of their cars. Suddenly - the police! We tried to put the extinguisher on the floor under
our legs, but it went off, and by the time the officer got to the car window, water was dripping off of the
inside roof, windows, and us! Weekends were always an adventure with Carolyn. I miss her
dearly.............................Susie Bahlman
Shelly Navoda
I remember Shelly as being pretty, always energetic, and just a real fun girl.  We were great “school buds”.  Still,
when I see the term “youthful exuberance” her image is one that comes to my mind........Tony Lucero

Hey, Just heard this phrase on the radio and had a flashback of Shelly coming down the isle in English class to her
desk, stopping at each desk and saying "Parle vous francais?"  she was quite the gal...... Jane Bryant

Shelly was my dear, dear friend in high school and also during our undergraduate days at UNM. We took a lot of
classes together including French and history. I marveled at how easily she retained lecture material because I really
had to study hard. She was quite intelligent and yet, so much fun. We did so many goofy things. But my fondest
memory was when the movie "A Man and a Woman" was being shown at the Lobo Theatre. It was advertised as
"See it with someone you love", so we saw it together. We laughed about that for years. After I moved to Colorado I
fell out of touch with Shelly and Alex (her husband) but of all things, I passed them on I-25 between Colorado Springs
and Denver one day many years ago. We pulled over and chatted for a while and promised to stay in touch. That was
the last time I saw Shelly. I read about her passing in the UNM Alumni magazine and I was shattered. Shelly was a
very special person.....Bobbi Jansson-Clementi

Shelly Novada and went to school with me  from elementary to High school.
I lost contact with her for a while until my college room mate, Alex Wallace brought her to our appartment; what a
surprise!!  Alex now lives in Chicago and we see each other often and keep in touch. We talk of Shelly............David

Shelly Navoda loved "Do You Believe in Magic," by The Lovin'Spoonful.  A good friend of mine in high
school, she was a member of our group, The Zoo.  Our group song was "Barbara Ann" by The Beach
Boys.  We wore velour hats as identifiers.  (Other group members were Mike Campbell, Gary Vanderhoff, and Bob
Hayes--all from Sandia.  We met at Winrock.)  Ruth
Stuart was more reserved than most, sometimes coming across as rather quiet and shy. I remember
him also as a true gentleman, but mostly I remember he was just so damn cute.......Pam Carlson

I remember Stuart from not only high school, but grade school. He was a really nice person. I'm not sure
but I believe he was one of the first of our class to die. I understand he died in an accident. We will miss
him at our reunion but will always remember.........Jo Ann Wallerstedt

I didn't know Stuart well in school but we ran around in circles that overlapped and were friends. Stuart
got out of the service before I did and was working and racing motorcycles when I got out of the Army in
March of 1971. We were on our way to becoming good friends when he was killed while test driving a
motorcycle he had been working on. His mother asked Robbie Crnich if we would wear our uniforms as
his Paul Bearers. Stuart was buried at the national cemetery in Santa Fe on the day they burned
Zozobra. It was ironic that a short time later I married his ex-girlfriend, Diane Bickel from Sandia's class
of 69. Stuart's funeral was the last time I ever wore my dress uniform.............Rick Reynolds
Victor Sirwinski
Victor was one of the smart guys at DN who also had a great personality.  We had a few classes
together and were good school buds.  I’m sure that he accomplished quite a bit during his time
I am sorry to hear of Vic's passing.  I remember at our 10th reunion, he was so proud of his"movie"
role in Grease II.  When you lose contact with people it leaves a hole....................Ron Franklin

I seemed to have had a lot of classes with Victor. Mainly science and math.  He was a smart, soft
spoken type of person.  I called him Ski, which I think he liked.....................Tim Conklin

My first school dance was at Monroe and my date was Vic Sirwinski, I think it was the Sweetheart
dance. We had a great time doing the "Locomotion" in the cafeteria. .........Joyce McCullough Burns
I didn't know Vicki in high school; we became friends a few years later.
She was a sweet, shy girl with a big heart. I hope good things came her
way during her years on earth, and especially for eternity. ...........Tim Palmer

She used to come to my shop. A nice girl, I'm sorry to hear of her passing....
....Randy Sanchez
Vicki Dickinson
John Harrelson
Greg Robinett
Frances Fox
Charles Engel
John was "the man" on our basketball team. He had more athletic talent at the
game than anyone else on the team. Although he took the game we played
seriously, the smile on his face came to him quite easily. I lost complete track of
John after high school until I ran into him driving a cab at the Albuquerque
airport. Since then, I've always wondered what path in life John had taken to that
point. I'm sorry that I didn't talk to him at length..........Kim Zahm

John  was a great basketball player, but had a caring nature for people. John
was a consummate team player and friend..............
I remember Greg, a.k.a. "The Grape", Robinett as one of our classmates most into extreme partying.  I
am sorry that he, along with all of the others in this section of the web site, will not be able to join us
for the reunion in September.................Tim Conklin

Greg participated in some extreme partying.  I think the partying, and the "bull-in-a-china-shop"
persona he projected, was an attempt to cover up insecurities he felt due to his weight and his self-
perceived lack of social skills.  To me, he was a good friend, who was fearless in standing up for those
of us who were close to him.  That need probably came up with me more than most.  I recall a time
when I somehow got isolated and was confronted by three guys who clearly meant to do me some
mischief.  I was preparing to duck and cover to limit the damage, when out of the shadows came
Greg.  He waded into the bad guys and single-handedly sent them flying.  Tough as he was though, I
never saw him act the bully with anybody at school.  I was looking forward to seeing him at this
reunion before I saw his picture on the memory page.  I regret that I never met with him again after
graduation............  Kirk Jackson

I grew up with the Robinette boys – we were friends from our days at Bel-Air Elementary on through
McKinley Junior High and DNHS.   Greg and I were in the Boy Scouts together (yes – Greg was in the
Scouts!).  His tough exterior disguised a big heart and gentle soul.  I will always remember one time
during wrestling practice when Coach was having us do take-down drills.  We started with the little
guys, worked up through the weight classes and then back down, with the winner of each match
taking on the next challenger.  Greg was our heavyweight, and he outweighed me by at least 70
pounds.  By the time it was my turn to have a go at Greg, he was getting awfully tired and I thought I
may have a chance and getting him to the mat.  I quickly dropped to one knee, wrapped my arms
around the back of one of his massive legs and heaved with all my might.  I might have just as well
been trying to uproot an oak tree.  He didn’t budge.  And then he picked me up and “gently” body
slammed me to the mat…and with sweat pouring off his red face, looked down and gave me that
famous grin of his. ........Gary Wolfe Class of '67

Yes he liked to fight and yes he like to party but Greg was a Teddy Bear last time I saw him about 5
years after graduation I got his BIG SMILE and a BIG HUG...he will be missed..............Annette Mignardot-
Frances and I shared Miss Estes's  PE class in which we were locker mates. I remember her
as being so very funny and extremely nice.  Though I hadn't seen her in a very long time, I
thought about her numerous times over the years.  I am very saddened to hear of her
passing..............Brenda Harger Shott
I remember Charles as quiet and soft spoken. He kept to himself, but he was always willing to talk if
spoken to. I had a wonderful conversation with his Mother when she told me of his passing. I told her
he will be remembered fondly...........Janie Bryant Banes

He was quiet but very thoughtful. This world could use more like him..... Steve Ashley
Steve McLelland
Richard O'Bryan
I knew the name Richard, but could not put a face to him. I met with his
Mother, Alice and spent some time talking about Richey as she called him.  
I do remember I had English with him, he was a quiet young man and had a
smile for most everyone.............Janie Bryant Banes

Seems we always ended up close to each other when we had to stand in
line. He was just so darn cute.  I am sad to see he is not longer with
us........  Anomymous
Steve made my humanities class fun. He was always one to come up with a real wise crack and
make the class laugh. Didn't he have the nicest smile?.....Janie Bryant Banes

Steve and I met at Montgomery Elementary.  He had recently moved from Oklahoma .  At Cleveland
we were friends and he was so cute and funny.  He was pretty shy, but had the cutest smile.  After
college he, his wife my husband and I became good friends.  I will always miss this gentle man..........  
Marti Counts Brittenham

Steve McLelland was one of my best friends in high school. Steve, Richard Sanchez ('68), Dennis
Pyles ('67) and I hung around together a lot in those days, and Steve was so mellow and laid back. I
doubt anything ever got under his skin. We always had fun together, whether we were "just
cruising", hanging at a drive-in, or chasing girls. If memory serves, he died when he was only 46
years old. I never heard how, and if anyone knows more, I hope you will share the information here. I
remember being totally stunned when I heard of his passing. I had seen him only a couple of years
before his death when I did an appraisal for him and his lovely wife. I still miss him. - Tom Harrington,
Class of '67.
David, boy was he a big guy. I remember he carried his musical instrument into class one day, can't
remember which class, but I am thinking Mrs. Reinhardt's, she promptly told him to take it out of her room.
He had such a nice smile. Talking to his sister in-law, she indicated he accomplished a lot in his short life
span...........Janie Bryant Banes

David filled a vacuum.  I knew David best from our time in band together where David was often the target of
Mr... Kennedy’s infamous tirades.  David and Hubert Beavers were the brain trust behind the “audio-video”
technical support for Del Norte, back in the days before VCRs and DVDs when 16mm projectors were state-
of-the-art.  They provided the microphones, amplifiers and technical expertise for those assemblies in the
gym that lasted forever, sock-hops in the cafeteria, pep rallies and talent nights.  After graduation, David
worked as an engineer for KRST-FM and KRZY-AM where I was working as a DJ.  This is where he earned his
alias of “Dirty Dave” because he did all the behind the scenes dirty work that kept our antique transmitters
up and running and us on the air.  Last I heard, David had moved to Texas and was working for a Christian
radio station.  David was a good friend and a good man…and is missed………..Dever Langholf

Dave lived  next door to us on La Veta. One time He was lecturing us on Atoms, Protons and Neutrons. He
may have been recruiting us to help him build an Atom Bomb..........Ken Waker
David Briggs
David Bell
I didn't have a lot of classes with David but he was always nice to me and friendly but a little shy.
I was really sorry to hear that he passed and he will be missed.....gloria
Mike Driscoll
It has been many years now since I heard Michael was gone, but I think of him from time to time.  We knew him
you either liked him or you didn't, but either way most would remember him.  Youthful memories.  Some good,
others bad.  Some are funny and some are sad. And that's what Michael gave us, all the memories we still
have....Denise Griffin

My parents were out of town and my grandmother was staying with us. It was a Friday night and I was out with
some of the girls and we heard that there was a party at the Driscolls. We just walked in the front door and a few
minutes later someone started banging on the door. When the door opened cops ran in and everyone started
running out the back. The cops yelled to stop and of coarse I was one of the few who did. Anyway they took us
down to the station and I begged for them not to tell my grandmother because I thought that she would have a
heart attack. I don't remember who I was with but their parents were able to sign for me and I never told my
grandmother or my parents. The Driscoll's always had wild and crazy parties.......gloria

I remember walking down the hall between classes when someone, (I think it was Serencha) lit a whole book of
matches and dropped it into a trash can.  As the flames rose, Dave took control of the situation by uncoiling an
emergency fire hose from a glass case in the wall and turning it on full blast.  The water stream pushed the can
down the hall at high speed and flooded a good portion of the area.  Several teachers grabbed him and turned it
off, but the fire was out.  Dave was a real hero that day.
...........Tim Conklin

Mike Driscoll was the first love of my life. We met at St Pius, before he moved to Del Norte. I'm sorry to know that
mike is no longer with us........................... Mary Kay Himmelsbach.
Bob Malone
I met Bob in the 4th grade during the time I was fighting with all the guys that had been picking on me.
Bob was a lover not a fighter and it was his best friend Clint Wright that I had the fight with. Anyway,
Bob and I became best friends and by the 6th grade his family adopted me as the son they never had!
That was the joke then. When my parents divorced it was a time when that was more rare and
almost a “stigma.”  The Malone’s would let me drive the family cars but not Bob and when he got an
around the world cruise for graduation, it was with the condition that I went along too! Bob was pretty
mad that I was going in the army and wouldn’t be around for the cruise.
As the years went by and he became a drug dealer and me a cop, it made our relationship all the
more complicated, but we continued being brothers, however difficult. As Tim P and I have
discussed in the blog, Bob could be the source for many a good story and despite the fact he was a
meth cook and dealer, didn’t alter the fact he had a good heart!
So it was ironic that getting off the speed and cleaning up his act is what actually killed him. He fell
asleep at the wheel between Cottonwood Az and Flagstaff, crossing the double line and having a
head on collision. Luckily no one else was killed. Both of Bob’s parents are gone now but I can’t
imagine how it must feel to out live your child. Bob died in 1987 or 88, I can’t remember right now. I
scattered his ashes in the Jemez mts where we used to go camping with his dad. I still miss you
brother… Rick Reynolds

Bobby hung out in the neighborhood with Rick we played baseball in the street, kick the can and hide
n seek.  Bobby's favorite thing to do was to go home when everyone was hiding.  And yes those were
the times of innocence......... Annette Mignardot-Gorenz
James Fortenbury
James and I had English class together.  James was soft spoken, but always had a smile. I am sorry
to learn of his passing……...... Janie Bryant Banes

During our sophomore year, I went on the Spanish-class sponsored trip to Chihuahua.  None of my
friends came and, being very shy, I was feeling very alone and intimidated.  On the bus down there,
James noticed, and made a point of befriending and including me throughout the trip.  I hadn't known
him before the trip and don't remember seeing him afterward at school, but his kindness made all the
difference for me and my enjoyment of the trip.  (James Hewitt -- I remember you there too.)...........
Carla Mercer

James Fortenbury and I were good friends and we often went out on Friday and Saturday nights often
with James Hewitt and George Pitts. Sometimes we'd actually have dates!  I'm not sure how he
passed away, but I know that he was 36 and died in April 1987 and that his younger brother (by two
years), also a graduate of DNHS, "Ogie" passed away in May, 1991 as it was in the news. We went on
that aforementioned Spanish Club trip to Chihuahua and while on the way there, we made a stop at a
cafe in Mexico and he complained about the coffee and said, "This coffee tastes like mud!", to which I
said, "Well it was ground this morning".  He laughed in a groaning way as James H. and I thought it
was funny. Mostly, though I remember that he and I had great times throughout HS as we were best
friends along with my other best friends, John Robards and Greg Cole. I had a dream of James F. one
time in 1991 and I couldn't see him directly, but I only saw a faint image of him and I found out that the
dream meant that he had passed away.  I then checked this out to find out if it was true, and (being a
former Private Investigator) I did ascertain that it was indeed true, much to my chagrin. I will always
remember him.  Raul C. Huerta
Charlie and I were best of friends from our days at Zuni elementary, through Cleveland Junior High and  
into high school.  We had a thousand adventures together, some of which will never be recounted to
protect the guilty.  I know that he had a tour or two in Nam, but I think that he made it back.  We lost
contact.  Does anyone know what happened to Charlie?.....David Redmond
Larry Leyba
Gordon was my closest friend during high school.  We shared good times together, tended to get in
trouble together, and left Albuquerque for the west coast together a short time after graduation.  In
his time Gordon was a husband, father, soldier, and loyal friend.  He was quick with a practical joke,
of which I was frequently the target; he was also ornery, reflective, caring, and fun loving.  I had
many friends in my life, but he was one of the few that I didn’t have to look to know he had my back.  
The life that Gordon worked so hard at enjoying finally took its toll on him, and he left us too soon.  
He was, and always will be, my friend.............John Sweeney
Gordon Hinds
Larry died July 17, 2000 of a blood clot that  developed 3 days after knee surgery.
He was only 49 years old

Larry was part of a band called The Missing Link. I played the Keyboard and Larry
was the Rhythm guitarist. DN 68 grad, Terry Romero, was also in the band as Lead
guitar. Larry's "boyish" looks and "Beach Boy" type haircut made him popular
with all the girls...He was a "Don Juan" for sure. Larry was laid back and always
played it "cool". Playing in the band was a lot of fun. After graduation we soon
began to go our separate ways. ...........  Mike Glenn
Kathy McCowan
Joe Lovato
I knew her briefly in High School. I cannot believe she is no longer with us, I did not know. She was a quiet soul,  
and was witty and funny when she wanted to be. I am saddened at the loss…………..  Elizabeth Gurule

We lived down the street from each other beginning in early elementary school.  I enjoyed some fun times with
her and her twin sisters (who were exactly 1 year and 1 day older than me).  As we all got older in the
neighborhood, we didn't see each other much because the Mieras went to a private school.  Agnes was only at
Del Norte for the last couple of years.  I have some special memories of her and her family.  I would have loved to
have spent more time together..................    Carla Mercer
Agnes Miera
Jerry Bahr
John Sanchez
Mayfa Nagurski
LuLu Jaramillo
I remember Alvarado Park, on the border between the Mark Twain and the Cortez Elementary districts, as
being one of the main sports venues for  pre- junior high athletes.  All summer it was baseball and all fall it
was tackle football. The only girl that always showed up and held her own was Lulu in baseball.  She was
better than a lot of the guys...........Tim Conklin
Jay Conley
Charles Melidones
I have some very fond memories of Joe from high school….He lived close by, so we would ride to school
together some days in his big 1965 Ford..Cruising in that car became something of an everyday thing it
seemed……Joe was an incredible artist and a great friend, always laughing. I am saddened to hear of his
passing!......................Dean Hart

I had no idea Joe was gone until I read it here. I remember him well. We had common interests where
cars were concerned, and we had mutual friends at Del Norte, including Steve McLelland. I bought a
turquoise and white 1959 Ford from Joe just before my senior year. I agree with Dean - Joe was an
amazing artist. I remember at some point after high school, he painted a portrait of Thomas Jefferson on
the side of his garage. I would make a point of driving by it whenever I was working in the neighborhood to
see if "TJ" was still there. Joe had an infectious laugh and was usually smiling. He was a great guy. - Tom
Harrington, Class of 1967
I have such fond memories of Jay from our junior year when he was still at Del Norte. He was just a
sweet, fun person to be around and we had some great times together. I am so sorry to hear that he is no
longer with us................Pam C

Jay and I got to be friends in our sophomore year.  I think we both had A lunch and a few classes
together.  After he left I heard rumors that he had married a millionairess and was on top of the world.  
Too bad that he died young. He was a great hombre......Tim C
I did not know Mayfa very well, however we did have a typing class together. I so admired her smile.  I thank
her brother for sending me pictures of Mayfa and of her two sons, in her younger years.  I know her sons miss
their Mother daily. She was just taken at too young of an age.  Janie Bryant Banes
He was my neighbor growing up. He was funny, kind and such a good person. We would have block parties
and play kick ball, baseball etc. He is truly missed by all who knew him........Elizabeth  Gurule

John and I grew up in the same neighborhood and have been friends since grade school.  I could always
count on John to be there when I needed someone.  He was a hard worker his whole life.  He had to retire at
a early age when his cancer took it's toll on his body.  John passed away in 2007, just 8 days before he
would have been 57.  I miss him daily.............Jerry Kennedy
Katy was a good and gentle soul that helped me through a crazy time.  I don't remember much about high school
but she was my roommate after my divorce at 20 years old.  We had such a great adventure going to Mexico City
first on a bus (for over 26 hours)...trying to find a hotel during the same time as the World Cup Soccer
Championship (we hardly knew any thing about soccer in 1970)...and I only had one year of Spanish and Katy
didn't know any but was a willing learner.  I remember a mariachi taking a special shine to her and serenading
her late one night (I can see her now on the balcony with her big cozy bathroom wrapped around her.)  After a
whirlwind in Mexico City, we took a passenger train to Tepic (then San Blas) which really slowed us down.  We
had to share an upper berth at night and keep alert enough to avoid the conductor sticking his hand under the
curtain and patting around (don't recommend it!)  It was a beautiful time in San Blas with fresh bananas and Katy
didn't have a backseat or a windshield because the owners had hit a cow earlier.  The driver wore goggles so
when we passed the bee hives he didn't have to worry (but we were swatting for quite some time.)  We had
beautiful sunsets in paradise (Mazatlan) and some silly exchanges in Spanish to friends we met (Katy kept trying
to say she liked monkeys. )  I have no idea how we got home.  After I moved to Tucson I only saw her one more
time at a local Circle K.  She was buying something for herself to drink alone that night and I remember how
happy she looked when we was a beautiful and also very sad smile. She told me that she had been
very troubled over the years.  I'm sorry I didn't spend more time with her.  
She'll always be in my heart.............Sara Wakeland
Dusty Darnold and I spent a lot of time with Jerry at either Jerry's  house or Dusty's. I remember Jerry's
mom had a spoiled rotten poodle that used to bite Jerry and his mom wouldn't do anything about it. I
didn't know the poodle was the queen of the house so when it bit me, I launched it across the room.
Jerry laughed so hard he cried and was introuble with his mom for "letting me mistreat her precious
dog" but he told me that was one of the greatest things he had ever seen. Needlessto say we spent
most of our time at Dusty's or my house after that. I wasdevastated when his sister called us and told
us he had passed away,Sure miss him…………Doug Shoaf

I remember Jerry all the way from elementary school!  I remember one time I tripped on someone's
foot when leaving class (this was elementary years).  There was a rear exit from the classroom and a
couple concrete steps from the building down to the ground.  I tripped over someone's foot.  Jerry
helped me up off the ground, me with my skinned knee, and was about to slug whoever's foot it was I
tripped over.  Luckily I was able to stop that from happening.  Such a sweet, quiet guy is what I
remember of him. ...................... Charlenea (Hendry) Ellis
Denise Hagan
I remember meeting Denise Hagan sometime after graduation in one of the hospitals
where she worked as a respiratory therapist. I worked at a company that repaired
respiratory therapy equipment, so.....we had a common bond of sorts. Even though I did
not know her in school, we became good friends through our working relationship. I was
sorry to hear of her passing.............. Dean Hart 7-1-09
Cathy Blair
Cathy, what a sweet dear friend she has been.  In high school, we would go to lunch together and ponder,
should we eat cafeteria food or go to the snack bar, then where to sit. What fun times. After high school, we
went our own way. Years later, we ended up in the same town where we could reconnect our friendship.
She was a very giving and loving person, and a courageous fighter until the end. I am so thankful that I was
able to be with her especially when she got so sick.  I will miss her dearly, but know she is in a far better

I remember Cathy as a quiet person. She had a sweet personality. In looking back I am sorry that I did not
take the opportunity to know her well. It seems that when you are in high school the last thing you think
about is dying at a young age. I saw Cathy at the reunion and she looked good. I am so glad she had the
opportunity to attend. What a blessing that turned out to be. I am grateful that Janie reconnected with Cathy
and was able to solidify a bond of friendship. I believe that God allowed these two to be  together again. Cathy
suffered with her cancer. Through it all Janie was there with a visit, a kind word, a meal, a soft touch and
gentle presence. This is what life is about - caring for others and meeting their needs. Cathy is a at peace
now. She suffers no more. Cathy enjoyed her last reunion as a DN grad. We will miss another '68 friend and
fellow graduate......... Mike Glenn     
Glenn Parker
Marvin Elmore
Lynne Machtinger
Bill Alexander
Tom Lindenborn
Sandra Loy
Paul Lujan
Jack Koester
Kirk Felsman
Jody Rhoden
Leta Wintermute
Mike Crnich
Claudia Harms
Bill Pace
Terry Romero
Christy Wilcox
Helen Edmonds
Mel Finley
Marty McGuire
David Brault
Jeannie Davis
Bill Pace was an electronics wizard.  Back in junior high school he built an automatic dialing machine from scratch and
we installed a network of telephones in all our friends’ rooms in the neighborhood so that they could call one and talk as
screen in his backyard.  The price of admission always included popcorn and lemonade.  When Bill teamed up with
Hubert Beavers and David Briggs to form the nucleus of the DNHS Audio Visual Club it was pure magic.  Every movie we
watched in class, every assembly in the gym, every talent show and every sock hop was only possible because of their
combined efforts.  Bill always worked quietly behind the scenes.  Bill went on to become a master of all things
electronic and ran his own electronic business in Albuquerque for many years.  Bill literally lit up the lives of all who got
to know him.  Bill was a good friend, a really funny guy at heart, a good husband and father, and an inspiration.He is
missed by all who knew him...........
..................Cheers, Dever

I grew up next door to Bill and was privy to watch all of his electronic marvels. He decided that I would be the telephone
operator for his  initial phone system. This meant that I was to sit in a switchboard office & to connect lines. In reality, I
was sitting in a very small area made from  cutting out a portion of a bookshelf in his garage. It was sweltering and
although it was my first adventure into the world of work, the job only lasted a few days before I quit. Bill was a genius in
his own right. I heard about him across time because his mom lived next door to my parents until her death.  He lived a
full and interesting life and touched many people.............................................Peggy (Oglesby) Fachan

Electronics and Bill were inseparable. Bill, Kris Robards and myself would hang out at his parents house tinkering with
many of his electronic gadgets.....Ken Walker
So many memories of Mel Finley. The latest being the 40 year reunion where he treated Penny and I to a limo ride to the
event. He somehow managed to get the most out of the turtle that I donated to the silent auction that was sold to Mr. Rick
Reynolds. What a GREAT and generous guy! Lots of really good memories of Mel.
Will always remember you man!.....Dean Hart
Mel Finley and I were great friends through Jr. High and High School. I can honestly say he was my only friend during
worried about a thing. I felt invisible in the halls of Del Norte unless he was there. What a great friend! I remember feeling
a little jealous of guys like Charlie Romero and Chris Myers (to name two) because they were so popular and they had all
the great looking girls at their fingertips. The only girl who even knew I existed was my first heart throb and my first
heartbreak. She lived two doors down from Mel. Upon reflection on just how unique our friendship was, I only hope my
kids can have one true friendship like the one we had. It was indeed a sad moment today when I heard of his passing.
Then to find out that he passed the day after his birthday. So very sad. I love you my friend and will miss you.
Bill and I both grew up near  Alvarado Park. He was a great guy with a sweet smile. He invited me to my first sock hop
at the old Monroe Junior High School. His dad drove us and when we got there we separated and both stood on top of
the mail box and then into the tree next to it and spend time talking about life. I had not thought about Bill for years
until I saw his obituary, when all of these memories came flooding back, he is (was) a special man................Peggy
(Oglesby) Fachan
Jack Koester, Born in Santa Fe ,  Jack stood a towering 6’ 7” tall . He was a man of few words with a heart of gold.
He played football. In his spare time Jack developed a passion for driving and occasionally ran off with his older
brother Randy on the truck.
In the early 1970’s Jack served honorably in the New Mexico National Guard.
A man of generosity he would gladly give the shirt off his own back or offer those in need of a place to rest for the
night. He was friend to many and had only a few true friends himself.
Jack’s love for driving and the open road led him to follow in his older brothers foot steps as a big rig driver....
When I think of Kirk, I think of skiing. Not that I want to think about skiing....but he loved it. Come to think about it, he
was just one of those people who was happy and enthusiastic about life, about everything he did. He was just a really
fun person to be around. I'm sure he is greatly missed by all who knew him......Pam Carlson

I remember Kirk Felsman as always having a smile. But my most haunting memory is when we were in the firth grade
together. I am sure it was Kirk his father was an Air Force pilot and his fighter crashed. He was the first person I ever
knew who lost a parent.
Beverly Van Orsdol Fletcher
Leta was such a beautiful girl. She looked like a porcelain doll. I didn't know her well, but I remember her as kind of
quiet and very sweet. So sorry to hear of her passing.....Pam Carlson
Jody had a heart of gold.  She was always willing to help others out. She made others feel special. Always willing to
Jody was one of my best high school friends. She was beautiful inside and out. She was madly in love with the man
she married right after graduation until the day she died. She raised children of her own and something like 20 foster
children. She had just adopted two gorgeous little girls when she unexpectedly passed. She was blessed to have her
huge family who adored and appreciated her wonderful spirit. We lost touch for 30 plus years and had just
discovered we lived in adjoining states and were restoring our friendship when she passed. I have memories of
most of these children on the memory page, but didn't know any of them as adults. To me they will always be the
most handsome boys and beautiful girls, full of potential and life. I'm sure they are organizing a reunion right now for
when the whole class can get together again.
Claudia, always so kind and soft spoken.  I am so thankful I got to visit with her when she came thru Farmington, NM.
She and her hubby were full time RV'ers and had a wonderful motorhome.  She even had a great sewing area where
she enjoyed quilting.  A really teriffic lady.

My parents bought a house on Aztec in 1952.  My dad was in the service and we moved away but moved back to
Albuquerque.  When we returned, Claudia Harms and Lyle Kuck had moved to the neighborhood.  Rollin Robinson
moved in several years later.  Claudia became my friend and we were in the same class at Bel-Air Elementary!  We
had so much fun in our neighborhood.  Claudia was such a giving person.  She loved her family and she loved to
sew.  She considered her friends her family.  Claudia would do anything for anyone who needed help.  She was a
successful businesswoman owning and running numerous Hewlett Jackson offices in the Albuquerque region.  She
battled cancer for quite a few years, and, unfortunately, cancer won!  We will miss Claudia!
Terry, what a true gentleman.  He was part of the "group" I hung with.  We seemed to always sit together at assemblies
and go to games together.  I was blessed to have been in touch and hear his witness in the latter part of his life.  I so
enjoyed his talks and my visits with his wife April. What a lovely lady she is and know they had the most wonderful life
Terry formed a band called The Missing Link. He approached me and asked if I would like to audition for the group as the
keyboard player. We played various gigs around the city and out of town. Terry was the lead guitar player... I remember
the awesome Mustang Terry had. We played in the group throughout high school. We reconnected at the 40th.
It was nice to reminisce about the band playing days. He gave me a photo he had that someone had taken of the band at
one of our gigs. I cherish it to this day... A couple of years after the 40th Terry called me and shared he was diagnosed
with kidney cancer. We stayed in touch throughout his battle until his passing in Jan. 2013...Terry was a wonderful and
kind individual. He had a relationship with his Savior, Jesus so he is with Him in Heaven. He often spoke of the assurance
of his heavenly home....
Mike Glenn
Billy Kraemer
Jeannie was such a sweet person who was kind and gentle to everyone. Everyone who met her loved her. She wasn't at
Del Norte long so many of our classmates didn't have a chance to meet and get to know her. The people who did know
her were lucky.........gloria
Billy was crazy, fun and the life of the party. Wherever he went he had a big following. He was always ready to party! He
will be missed greatly by all because everyone knew him and loved him......gloria

Billy was always willing to help all.  He seemed to be a real rock to our class.  We talked about the reunion this year, he
wasn't able to help, due to his health, but told me he would contact ones and let them know about the reunion.  It is so sad
he is gone but I'm sure he has left many memories.  He was a Knight for sure..........  Janie

Bill was always one of the best at whatever he did, from athletics to academics. He was a generous person and a true
humanitarian. He will be greatly missed............Tim Conklin
Joann Zamora
My parents were good friends with Chuck and Cora Crinch and I grew up with the Crinch boys even though we didn't go
to school with each other until high school.I remember Mike as being not so wild as Robbie but fun loving to be sure!
Besides being on the track team together the thing I remember most about Mike during high school was that he was
one of the infamous crew who went to Juarez during the teacher strike our senior year. They had their photo taken with
a "lady of the night "and beers all around. I slipped that photo into the year book and Howard Anderson tried to keep me
from graduating when he found out! The last time I saw Mike was in 1971 when I got out of the army and was visiting
NM State where he and Steve Jackson were amoung a bunch of guys I was partying with down there. We reconnected
by phone a few years ago when he was living in Socorro. We were going to get together but it never happened and now
it's to late! Mike is another of many who I am stunned about when I hear the sad news of their passing!
Somewhere I have a photo of Mike and I at about age 5 in our 3 piece suits complete with hats. I think we were headed
to be on the Dick Bills show!............Rick Reynolds
Marty was my first and one of my best friends at Del Norte. My family moved to the DN district my sophomore year. Marty
lived up the street from us. We remained friends into adulthood. I will never forget the blocked punt and recovery of the
blocked punt at Wilson Stadium, I think it was against Manzano, but not sure on that. He was player of the week  and went on
to be a great COP at APD. He raised two great kids with Cindy. He fell on some hard times a the end but I will always think of
him as one of my Best Friends. Rest in Peace. ......... John Brown

Marty  was an absolute great guy. He was always a gracious person and was a good team mate of mine and a friend that
always had my admiration . Good Man!.........
Melvin was crazy.he and I worked the snack bar togeather at lunch.the first time I needed to go to his house .he said I
wouldn't have any trouble finding it.he was right.all along the high way he had put signs with arrows  to melvins house.
................. rollin r. robinson
The first thing that came to my mind was a slumber party at Sandra's where we rolled her parent's car out of the
driveway, after curfew, of course, went to another party, had some alcohol (yes me) and snuck the car back in. I
marveled at just how many rules I broke that night!! She was so much fun to be around!!....... Susan McCreary Couch.

Sandra Loy was a sweet caring person who just wanted to fit in and bless her caring heart........
June Heidrich
Rick Turney
Donna Rounsville
Sandi Burke
Dennis Green
Dorothy Sutton
When I knew her in high school and in our twenties, June was one of those amazing individuals that seemingly could
succeed at any task she put her mind to. She could tackle a crafts project for school or church, create a beautiful garden,
prepare and serve a delicious gourmet dinner to a room full of guests, study for a class and comfort a distraught friend –
all without “breaking a nail”. June was an amazing, strong and determined person as a teenager, young adult and wife of
a Methodist minister serving so many communities throughout New Mexico. I heard that she even was the town
ambulance driver when needed! She had just the right amount of glamour, sophistication and a fun can-do spirit that led to
a life of adventure and achievement.................................................Janis Marsh Gasparich
Tom was a good baseball player and always had a good attitude. His attitude in life was positive and it is a shame he
died at such an early age
Joanne  was one of the sweetest people on earth. She was always showing a smile and giving good feelings to
Rick was my husband for 46 years but we went together since our sophomore year of high school so we were together
for almost 50 years. He passed away on July 7th of 2014 and I can tell you I miss him more everyday. For the last 10
years of his life we had visited almost every state in this great USA. We wanted to visit them all but since he got cancer
he didn't have the driving stamina he used to. We had a lot of good times together and raised 3 wonderful children
Bill,Leslie and Michele. We also have three wonderful grandchildren Mary,A.J.,and Jacob who are all pretty grown up
now. Rick was a hard worker he worked up to the day he died as an inspector of new water and sewer lines in Fort
IN Loving Memory................. Margaret Turney
Glen was my husbands cousin, I was in science with him and he was my partner. He used to do all the disecting for me
and helped me with the work or I wouldn't have passed that class, He was a really nice guy......  Margaret Turney            
I have known Donna since the 7th grade we did everything together when we were growing up and we got into a lot of
trouble but we had fun. After we both got married we still stayed friends. Before she passed away we only lived an hour
and a half away from each other so we visited each other a lot sometimes spending a week together laughing and
shopping and just having fun. She was the best friend I ever had and I miss her every day. She was there for me when
Rick was so sick with cancer and I needed someone to talk to....... Margaret Turney
Stephen Neumon
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Linda Larson
Linda and I have been friends since our Sophmore year in high school. She and I were both new to Albuquerque and
luckily Barb McLaughlin and Eloise Rakoczy adopted us as their friends.  We all went our own ways after graduation, but
did stay in touch through the years.  In the last several years we have become re-qcquainted and made girlfriend trips
with Barb and Ellie.  Linda was a strong woman. She fought stage 4 colon cancer for 6 years.  In this time, put her 2 sons
through college, lost her husband to cancer and still finished her college education and received her teaching certificate.  
Linda was an inspiration to us all.  Love her dearly and will always miss her............. Janie Banes

I only Linda for about 8 months but felt I knew her much longer. She was really a special lady that will be missed by all
who knew her. R.I.P. Linda, God is watching over you. Your friend always................ Donnie Brown