Still Friends !
It's been 40 years, but some of us have still found time to get together!
Martha Jackson, Laura Faulhaber, Patti Larsen, Deedra Johnston, and Linda Jackson
during a few of their trips
Rick Reynolds, John Whitson, Pete Springer and
Charlie Romero
Debby Sanchez, Laura  Faulhaber, Gloria Simpson, John Brown  
and Mike Glenn.  We met at Wecks in Texas for New Mexican food
What a cute group of old people !
Rick Harrington, Rick Reynolds, Bill Kraemer and Charlie Romero,
body guards for Janie Bryant
Mini-Reunion in Arizona!
Janet Stump, Penny Matlock, Joey Gutierrez, Dean Hart
Some of the girls from Farmington
Lenora Yates, Cathy Blair and Janie
Once a stud always a stud !
Mini Reunion at  Pati's  beautiful home
Mini - reunion lunch in Texas on Saturday, August 16th 2008